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 swollen upper eyelid?
basically a few days ago i felt like my upper eyelid was going over my eye and thought that it was ptosis but now its sort of swollen it looks like ive bumped into something but isnt red or anything, ...

 how much less is the number for contacts?
so say i got a glasses precription and i want contacts so since contacts are like right on top of ur eye, how much less is the precription for contacts than glasses.

.50 or .25?...

 why do i have pain on the top of my left eye?
it's like a head ache but its on the top of my left eye...i have a cold right now and this only ever happens when i first wake ...

 do they come like this?
do glasses come in yellow with green dinosours on them or like kool stuff like ...

 Damaged eyes by coloured contacts?
OKAy well i wore my friends conacts today for like 3 hours for fun they werre coloured bu they were proscribed for her so it weas kinda blurry for me unless i focused
will this ruin or dmage ...

 am i going blind? Help please?
Lately i have been seeing like dark and bright lights in my vison. They leave very quickly and they don't occur too often. i also frequently see black and white fuzzy dots in my vison on a ...

 Deteriorating vision?
When I was younger (like 6 years old), I got a tiny splinter of metal in my left eye. It didn't stab my eye- more like laid itself down on my eyeball. I was young and just thought it was dirt ...

 Am I colorblind to gold?
On the computer I can see the difference between gold and brass perfectly fine, but in real life, I cant tell the difference between the color my dad's gold wedding ring and these brass or ...

 I'm having problems focusing on things with my eyes?
if i try to look at a clock, it's fine for 1 second, then after that, it get all blurry, and it's hard to focus on it. also, if i look at someone who's farther away than 20 feet from ...

 HELP can you help me read my contacts prescription so I can order them online?(scanned prescripton inside)?
I have a hold in my right one from my stupid fake nails ='(
Here is a scanned picture:
It ...

 What is a chalazion/stye removal like? (procedure, recovery etc.)?
I'd like to hear from someone who has actually gone through the procedure. I scheduled one for my chalazion - but I wanted to know a few things:

Do you feel any ...

 Is it normal to "black out" every time I get up from sitting or sleeping for a long time?
I don't black out, but everything gets very, very blurry, and then comes back in to focus in about ten seconds. It happens almost every morning. Is it normal?
Additional Details

 a pilot with a lasik surgery done with his eye, (epilasik) will he face any problems while getting a job?
i wanted to know that is epilasik surgery allowed by the dgca pannel, & pilot with such a operation will he face any problems in the future.???...

 i have a redness in my eye for about 6days now?
its only redness it start with left then the next morning the right has one now sometime i feel like there something in my eye but i dont scratch only blink to make it go away sometimes it feel itchy ...

 Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist?
If I see an ophthalmologist once a year for my eyes, do I need to see an optometrist once a year also? I wear glasses and contacts but last time I saw my ophthalmologist (I have diabetes, my family ...

 Does anyone else have eye floaters and flashers in their eyes?
I was diagnosed just at the weekend. My GP thought I might have a detached retina, but A&E confirmed 'flashers and floaters'. What do you do/take for it?...

 there is something like a string with a small dot that i see with my left eye time to time?
its like a shadow or something that comes and goes. its not permanent. not sure what it could be. sometimes i can see that even with my eyes ...

 my poor vision is embarrassing to a breaking point?
I have a vision of -13 something in my left eye because of premature birth retina detachment in my right eye. I feel so embarrassed because my glasses are FREAKING thick. Without my glasses ...

 colored contacts?
i have an astigmatism with a power of -5.75 is there any way i can get colored contacts?...

 Please help! I Have this little bump inside....
my eye. in the lower corner. and its been there for months. i think since like april. many have told me that is a sty and i thought it was but then why hasn't it gone away?
do you know what ...

What do the numbers on the prescription mean?
The dr. told me I have an astigmatism (so I'm nearsighted) and I'm farsighted too. Is the prescription below THAT bad? I'm also 6 months pregnant so I am weary of getting glasses since my eyes may change afterwards. Not sure what to do. The dr. didn't mention anything about my eyes changing since I am pregnant.
Here is my script....
Sphere Cylinder Axis
+075 -050 170
+075 -050 010

Nout B
Just looking at your spherical power (+.75 in both eyes), I might classify you as farsighted. If you were a -.75, you would probably be nearsighted. You do have an astigmatism in both eyes (-.50) but that does not mean that you are nearsighted. The astigmatism correction has nothing to do with whether you are near or farsighted. People have astigmatism because their eyeballs tend to be more "football" shaped rather than perfect "globe" shape. Your astigmatism is very light. I have had experience with patients with astigmatisms as high as -4.00. Whether you are myopic/ hyperopic/ presbyopic also depends on what type of prescription the doctor wrote for you. It could be for reading only, Mid-range, distance only, or reading AND distance, or all of the above. Your prescription in general is very mild. And yes, I have heard of pregnancy often changing the woman's eyeglass prescription.

You have several options here. 1) get your eyes checked again and get glasses after you give birth. 2) get glasses now and if after you have the baby you feel like you can't see, go back and have your eyes re-checked. 3) go to the drug store and get you some over the counter "readers" that are a +.75 magnification power. They will NOT correct your astigmatism, but they may help you see up close better for the meantime if you're strapped for cash.

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