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 I can't get my contacts in. Are they inside-out?
I just got contacts a week ago, and it is still impossible for me to get them in. I have went through all 15 pairs my doctor gave me (i tried twice a day most days) and have never got one in. Not ...

 What is this strange perception where things look bigger than they really are?
I was about 4 or 5 (I'm 27 now) when I first got my chicken pox. That night while watching television on the couch, my vision or perception changed drastically. Colors were normal. No double-...

 Does anyone get contact solution bubbles in their case?
Is this normal?...

 how can i order contacts lenses from a different country online?

 disposable contact lenses...?
how long do they take to order from optical store such as lenscrafters?
how much do they cost roughly per pair? per box?
are they more expensive than other contact lenses?...

 Is there a way you can change your eye color?
if yes,how much would the surgery cost?
or just contacts.

i really would LOVE heterochromic eyes....

 What is wrong with my eyes?
i have red veins in both my eyes and i also got a yellow and brown stain in my left eye is there anything i can do about it to make it go away naturally i tried put cold tea bags on my eye and the ...

 i think i have a problem but im not sure?
for the past two years at least once a day (deends on what im doing) i have alot of trouble seeing things like there unclear or i muddle them up like i might see through but write thought or ...

 Can anyone help me with a health question? ?
I think that I am having issues with my right eye and right ear. Its like my vision and hearing is off balance. For some reason I see a bit blurry from my right eye and can hear less from my right ...

 contacts help needed?
i have really wanted to get contacts for a bit, but my dad had real bad eyes that he passed on to me and claims that contacts dried out his eyes a lot and ended up resorting to laser eye surgery to ...

 hi i've gt white Cataract?
hi every one jst wana ask iz der any think can help me jst reply me bk im 22 my eye site so pore iz der any how my eye site can go beter reply ...

 Plz help, Why do I have blurry vision and a circle in my eye?
I have a very frustrating problem that my eye doctor did not resolve. I've been experiencing blurry vision but only in one eye. I went to the eye doctor and the eye exam did not show a problem ...

 Is it possible to buy two individual contact lenses instead of an entire box?
I have other colored contacts , which I change my eye color with depending on mood , outfit etc . If I buy an entire box of contact lenses , this means I am stuck with them for 3-6 months , as they ...

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
A few weeks ago I started getting a sharp stabbing pain headache in my right eye whenever I drank something cold or a cold breeze blew in my right eye (sort of like a brain freeze, but happening all ...

 can anything happen to my eye?
i was sitting and not payin attention and someone pointed a laser pointer at my eye for a second can anything bad happen?...

 Problems with my eyes?
When i was pregnant I got stretching and pulling of the retina. So I had the floaters. Now yesterday I got a line in my vision that was appearant in both eyes, that lasted for about 45 minutes and ...

 Hair Dye in Eye...What to do?
I just colored my hair and while rinsing in the shower I must've gotten some in the corner of my eye. I flushed really well with water but it still stings and I'm blinking a lot. Advice ...

 Do I need to disinfect contacts everyday? Or is rubbing it with saline solution good enough?
Saline solution is used to clean and loosen debris.....

 When heat from a fire came in contact with my face?
it also came in contact with my eyes and now my eye color seems to have changed color it looks darker but my sight is fine and there is no pain and my eyes are fine but could someone explaine the ...

 Does heat make your eyes blurry and sticky? Why?
I am having trouble seeing through sticky blurry eyes, they're sticky around the edges, and I have to blink to make them clear, there's a little bit of residue. My cat recently recovered ...

Paper cut on eye ball?
My father was going through some papers today at work when the stack of papers he was going through sliced him in the eye. He has paper cuts on his eyeball now, and his eye has been tearing all day. He can see fine, but it is very painful. What should one do about this situation? He didn't file a report with work. Im worried about him since he has juvenile diabetes which sometimes effects the eye.

He should see a doctor. Even though it doesn't hurt, it could of done something to affect the eye.

sim e
Use some saline solution (NaCl) or other irrigation solution and raising the eye for about 10-20 sec.Your dad should feel better. IF persist the next 2 day then you need to see a eye doctor, also because he is a diabetic that may slow the heeling process.

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