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 Is there anything that you CAN'T get contacts for (instead of glasses)?
Kay, so I'm 14 years old and have REALLY bad vision, and am going to the eye doctors pretty soon. I seriously don't want to get glasses. I can't stand them. I want contacts.


 My eyes don't hurt they just feel exhausted?
Lately I have been spending allot of time on the computer and one of the sides on both of my eyes is a little (just a little) yellow. When I cover my eyes with my hands they feel sooo much better for ...

 Have you ever worn your contacts longer than recommended?

Additional Details
By longer than reccomended I mean longer than one month (if they are monthy contacts)...

 Contacts | Is it Worth it?
Ok, so I'm really starting to get bad vision. Well good enough to still see. I wear glasses sometimes when I can't see the board. It's mostly I can't see marker boards or chalk ...

 Why do my eye lids keep getting crusty?
First off i would like to say that i know that i DO NOT have pink eye. But a lot of times at night i take my contacts out and when i am in bed they start to itch. so i itch my eyes and everything ...

 i cant view images with closed eyes,?
im sure i used to be able to, maybe my eyelids are thicker???...

 How do you get lazy eye?
how do you get a lazy eye
and can u get rid of ...

 Where can i find a good health insurance to pay for eye surgery?
Well I do not have health insurance and I was just wondering? Does anyone know of a good health insurance that would pay a large sum of money if I do get this surgery?...

 Do i need glasses???
When im on the computer or watching tv my head hurts alot. And when im reading like sub-titles on a tv show or a book i cant see them its looks blury.Do u think i need glasses?
Additional D...

 How to make myself have " pink eye"?
Why do I want pink eyes? Well, if I get pink eye, I won't have to go to the swimming pool or wipe the dust ( my chore for 2day). So, I would like something that would make me have pink eye for ...

ive worn them for like 4 days maybe. and i swear, i cant get them out. twice theyve been dug out. and now this.
they wont even move on my eyeball.
i can see the contact.
i added drops.<...

 I see spots in my eyes?
For the last month or so I've been seeing spots floating in front of my eyes. I went to an opthomologist who did not find anything wrong with my eyes. I do not have floaters. I have also been ...

 How do you get rid of red eyes?
My eyes aren't totally bloodshot red, there are just a few little red capillaries. Is there any miracle product or home remedy that you KNOW gets rid of this? Don't just tell me of ...

 i can't look people in the eyes anymore..?
idk why i never had this problem before and in the last couple of months i can't look anyone in the eyes anymore. Not because im really really shy or anything like that i just physically can;t. I...

 One of my 4 year old eye's is turning in toward his nose!!!!!!?
My sons is 4 years old and his right eye is turnning in toward his nose.I have just noticed this about 2 weeks ago. His daycare teacher said somthing to me about yesterday about the eye. I thought I ...

 Wear sometimes or *all* the time?
My eyesight is -2 and -2.50. How much would you wear them, would it be just sometimes or all the time? I need to know please.
My friends try my glasses and think they are strong....

 Any eye experts out there???
My optician said that my fundi have an unusal speckled appearance... any clue what this could be because she said she wasn't sure
Additional Details
well duh! I was hardly going to ...

 is £25 expensive for an eye test?
I have just booked an eyetest appointment and they said it will cost me £25 - is that reasonable or expensive?


 Some debris has made a floater in my eye. Can I use eye drops to get it out?
It's SO annoying....

 Dry dry eyes!! they hurt help ! is it my contacts?
I wake up and put my contacts on my eyes and about 10-15 minutes later my head feels heavy and i get tired!!
then after about 3 or 4 hours of wearing my contacts they get dry and my eyes get ...

One eye is better than the other eye?
My Left eye is perfect, but when I try looking with just my right eye, it is ALL blur. I can see a far distance, but it is blur. I can't read words or numbers with just my Right eye. Is this normal or no?

Yes it's normal. Although it usually happens to elderly people.

my brother is not a geek
it happens all the time!!

just like both your eyes arn't the same size, both eyes can't have the same sight. :) dont worry, i have the exact same problem

i have the same thing. i got it checked out and i have 20/20 vision (which is perfect) in my left eye but my right has astigmatism. so now i wear glasses at night.

lol have you been covering one of your eyes with bangs? thats what I did and the same thing happened. now im blind in my left eye o.O

This is normal. I have the same thing as you. Its called myopia and it can differ from each eye. You might wanna get glasses if your vision blurs alot.

You probably have astigmatism in your right eye.
Go to your optometrist.

Yeah, it's normal.
My eyes are totally different.
(Left is worst than Right.Right it prettttyyyy bad.)

Trowa B
Yup. You might need to get corrective lenses. I have one eye that does the same. Most people have this, but some tend to let it go.

This is exactly what I have had since late 2003- my left eye has perfect 20/20 vision while my right eye is shortsighted (it is 20/200 and prescription is -2.00!) With my left eye I can see everything clearly but for my right eye I can't see anything beyond 50cm of it :(

Even though most people have both eyes that have similar vision to each other, there are case (like you and I) where one eye is perfect while the other is bad- two of my aunties have this as well!

If you find your right eye is bothering you get glasses or a contact lens for that eye.

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