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 What are Prism-eye-glasses?*SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY*?
i just got glasses four days ago. and when i went to get them the eye doc said he prism-ed them "1/2 B I" both eyes. and .75 of magnification.

can someone PLEASE tell me what ...

 How often do you need a new prescription for reading glasses?
I just stepped on my old pair of reading glasses that were from almost four years ago, which worked fine, and which are still serviceable, if not slightly out of alignment. Since I'm living in K...

 Colored contacts- Left eye and right eye, what's the difference?
It's Acuvue and I don't need a prescription. I'm getting nonprescription ones. They have a box for left eyes and a box for right eyes.

Can I just buy the right eye box and ...

 Is it worse for your eyes to focus on a dim or bright computer screen?

When I stand up i have a head rush (okay) but i can't see nothing. I start to see red and all different sorts of colors. it'll go away in a couple seconds but i still need to know what to ...

 Colored Contacts Help Please?
Can I get colored contacts if I dont wear contacts or glasses? If so, what are the procedures. Please help....

 Does anyone have a red iris (eye color part)?
I've just seen this final fantasy trailer..xD and that guy had red eyes. Does anyone in the real world have it? besides people with blood shot eyes or red eye in camera.

For some of ...

 Whne your wearing your contacts and you feel them weird is it becuase they are dry?

 Eye pain due to sleeping on my front?
Does anyone else suffer from this? I sleep on my front. My head is turned to the right. My left eye is then pressed into the pillow. When I wake, the pain in my eye is so bad that it is painful to ...

 What other options are there besides toric lenses or eye laser surgery?
I have been fitted with toric contact lenses from CIBA Vision, because I have astigmatism. However, the lenses are not at all comfortable. One is absolutely irritating. It seems I constantly have a ...

 Can you surgically change the color of your eyes?
Like get eye surgery that changes the color?


Angie :)...

 I need glasses badly and need to know where is it cheap to get eye exam + glasses in OKC, OK?
I'm living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I don't have insurance, and I need to get glasses and get the eye exam, but I need it all cheap. Can someone tell me any suggestions, and please ...

 Can wearing 3D Glasses constantly damage your vision?
I bought a pair of "3D" sunglasses today. Here they are:


 Eye sight test........?
Recently I got an eye test done for drivers ed, my score was like 20/40, I'm confused because just a couple years ago I had a test done and it was 20:25 so I think it may have been a bad test, ...

 I cannot see out of both eyes, Why not? I can only see out of 1 eye at a time, But not together.?
Went out after dark couldnt see nothing but a blob of colors, whats happening? Dr said it was Bell's palsy I think I had a stroke. Any Ideas? ...

 Has anyone had or know someone who has had retinal detatchment?
Does it hurt?
If you can let me know in your answers, I'd be grateful....

 Can I watch Avatar in 3D with one good eye?
My right eye works fine but in my left eye, I can only see through my peripheral vision, My central vision just does not work. I was born like this so my brain has adjusted to using my good right eye ...

 Left contact troubles? What is the best solution to use?
I am having major problems with my left contact--just my left one. I'm on a Fresh Eyes program through my doctor, where I get a new set of contacts every 2 months, and this ends up happening to ...

 Is it bad for your eye-sight to run and read at the same time?
Sometimes i like to read when i run on my treadmill , that makes it not so boring while i'm running 4 miles , my question is it bad for your eyes to read and run at the same time ?


 does natural vision improvement work?

My vision is 20/20 but it looks like im looking through some veil-cloth or a bunch of pixels?
it's very subliminal yet everything to my vision, I do not experience this vision when im looking at something with a lot of light. So when I am in a completely dark area I see these billions little particles that are white looing its kinda like looking at gas fumes or closing your eyes shut real hard with your head/eyes on your arm.
Additional Details
O yeah can anyone tell me what this is? an exact name maybe that'd be real nice..

I recommend seeing your eye doctor very soon. Typically this is called a vitreous floater. However, the symptoms for this and a retinal detachment are very similar. Vitreous floaters resolve on their own and their is no treatment for them. However a retinal detachment is a serious condition which needs to be looked at sooner rather than later.

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