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 Retinal Detachment Questions and maybe others...?
I have several question about my problem for retinal detachment or may be related to it.
I am 16 with -6.5 right eye and -5.75 left eye. And it seems to be getting worse and worse.


 How to read Prescription eye glasses?
I'm purchasing new glasses from a different optometrist, but I need to fill out the prescription form.
My original optometrist emailed me my prescription information, but I'm not sure ...

 Help. Unable to see laptop at arm's length but told I don't need glasses for near vision as I am nearsighted?
When I use my laptop I can read the text with my left eye but not with my right. But I can see the screen with both eyes together. I noticed because after a while the right eye starts to ache. B...

 do I need eyeglasses?
I went to optometrists becuase i have eyestrain when reading or looking something far. My eyesight is -0.25 and +100 (+1.00) and doctor prescribe progressive lens. When I wear I feel a only little ...

 Why do my eyes do this?
I've asked this before but I didn't get any good answers.

So basically I've noticed for a long time that I will occasionally (about once or twice a month) see these spots ...

 My right eye is hurting when I blink and move it or even if I am staring?
What could this be? Is it because I cried a lot yesterday for many hours?...

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I wear bifocals and I was wondering if it would be possible to split the prescription into two - contacts & reading glasses. Can I???...

 Does using eye drops after smoking marijuana, for your red eyes, damage your eyes in anyway?

 What does my glasses prescription mean?
Ok, so in my prescription it says sph -2.00 and I know what that means
It also says cyl -0.25 and I don't know what it means. Any help?
Additional Details
btw, its for both ...

 My Left Eye is Blurry?
Well my left eye is blurry, and i thought it was from the computer at first, but now its like overall blurry &&i can only see distance, and barely read w. it.
Im going to make an ...

 Do (eye) floaters go and come back?
I know they never really go away but does/can it go for a few days, weeks or months and then come back again or is it all the time, 24/7, 365 days a year?

I was talking to my optician ...

 Why does it feel like there is something in my eye?
But when i scratch it al my eye does is get irritated and when i blink it feels like something is there but it is not....

 She blinded me with SCIENCE! What do I do?

 I hate my glasses!!!?
i hate my glasses!! they are really ugly and i want to get new frames but my mom might get mad at me because we bought them a couple of months ago. I was going to break them on purpose then make it ...

 Where can I buy non prescribed colored contacts online?
What REAL/AUTHENTIC websites sale freshlook contacts or baush & lomb contacts? (not prescribed)
And does anybody know if I could buy non prescribed contacts from an eye doctor place?
If ...

 When were color contacts invented?

 Is it impossible to improve your vision naturally?
i dont think it ...

 can putting honey in your eye cause blindness?
ive heard it is a good natural remedy to clean the eye and lighten the color?

is this true or can it cause blindness?

like is it bad for your eye or good?/...

 Will I go blind if my eyesight keeps worsening?
So I've noticed over the years since I was 14 when I started wearing glasses that everytime I went for my check-up I would have to get new pairs of glasses because my eyesight got worse each ...

Farty McFart
My glasses don't seem strong enough for me anymore?
But it's only my left eye where I can't see properly when I'm far away with my glasses. Does that mean it's gotten worse? Will my eyes get worse if I continue use of this glasses then?

Yes Jst go 2 ur eye doctor and ask for a check up..N test ur eyes..they will give yoh stronger n better glasses x]

You should go for an eye test every couple of years.Eye sight can deteriorate with age (even with young people). Book an eye test today.Look for money off coupons for opticians in the local papers too as they can offer good deals like a second pair free, or half price.

Yes it's means your eye sight is getting worse - time for an eye test, and some new glasses.
It's quite normal for your prescription to change over time.

Mark J
ideally you need to get your eyes checked every 2 years or so, some people may require annual checkups.

its nothing to worry about, eyesight does change. if you need glasses from an early age you will find the prescription increases till around your 40's and then it will start to decrease again as differnet factors come into play.

wearing your glasses or not will not affect the rate of change, so it is not wearing your glasses that has caused your eyesight to change its your body. wearing an outdated prescription will not coerce your eyes to stay at that prescription level, all it will do is make your worl slightly fuzzier as it get increasingly out of step with the corrective prescription.

so go get a check up
if you are worried there may be something more serious, go get a checkup, mention any problems you think you have to the optician, they should be able to tell you if its anything to be concerned about, and if so will arrange an appointment with a specialist

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