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 What is the best place in the world to have a eye laser surgery?
I mean, a country, a city, a specific hospital that has a very good reputation in eye surgery.

I wear contact lens, and sometimes I prefer to wear the glasses.

I suffer of ...

 what are different ways to protect my eyes from radiation from laptop/computer?
being a IT professional ,i need to sit in front of my laptop for long hours.that long hours may be more than 12 hours .sometimes during the last phase of projects those hours can grow furture.

 What's this skin type stuff on my eyeball?
I have a piece of what looks like skin, about 1mm x 10mm long, on my cornea. Its a kind of ivory colour and is actually attached to the cornea. When I first saw it, it looked like a stringy bit of ...

 Anyone know any special tips for aiding in inserting contacts?
I always take about 15 mins per eye. I have a really hard time getting them in....

 Accidentally poked my eye while wiping off mascara?
Yesterday afternoon I was wiping off mascara on my lower lid when I accidentally grazed my eye with the tissue paper, today my eye is still a little sore and watery. Do you think it's serious? I&...

 How can I make my eyes brighter if possible?
My eyes are a so-so blue color. They look duller with the small hint of brown and green in them.
When people ask me, "What color are your eyes?" I describe them as "Dirty paint ...

 can a praying mantus really blind you by spitting in your eye?
I just saw one on the front porch and briefly looked directly at it's face. That reminded me of hearing that they can blind you, but I'm not sure if it's true....

 If I wear glasses with a lower perscription, will that hurt my eyes?
I found these sunglasses with a perscription that's lower then mine. Will wearing them hurt my eyes?...

 Stepper eyeglasses ?
Anyone heard of Stepper brand eyeglasses? I was looking at some rimless titanium models and they are pretty good but i can't find any info on the on the net. I was just wondering if anyone has ...

 I have goobery white stuff in my eye?
Ok so I think it's an eye cold but if it's not I want to know what.
Stuff I did over the weekend:
Rode ATV in mud with friend
Threw the dog's frizbee
Hung out in ...

 Urgent Medical Help Needed!!!?
Ok, sorry this is a little bit of an essay but it's really urgent. =/

My mum has had a red lump under one eye for months. SOmetimes it's swollen, sometimes its extra red and its ...

 DMV Eye Test?
I am going to get my learners permit from the DMV soon and I was just worried about the eye test I don't know if I will pass it. I know you have to have 20/40 vision to drive, I have ok vision I ...

 Whats the difference between these two colored contacts?
OK i would like to get Acuvue chestnut brown contacts but i would like to know what is the difference between chestnut brown and brown contacts are they the same. I would also like to know if this is ...

 I get mucus in my eyes constantly, why? And it looks like a piece of thread,?
Ive seen the answers for Pink Eye, but I don't think it applies. I do get irritation from time to time, but usually, after washing my eyes, ill strat to get mucus after 4 to 6 hours.


 is it true that nearsided ?
people with a prescription of minus 5 are in greater risk for retinal detachment is this probably a myth?...

 Polycarbonate or 1.67 high index?
Should i buy polycarbonate or 1.67 index lenses? I want to know if polycarbonate will be thin or thick for eye correction.
Spherical Cylindrical Axis <...

 Can I have glasses with both anti reflective coating and transition lense?

 Weird temporary blindness?
I'm not so sure when this started, but sometimes after laying/sitting for a long time and then get up my vision will go back, and slowly return from the center radiating outwards. It's not ...

 What is wrong with my eye? Could this be a stye?
Well the other day my bottom left eyelid became a little inflamed and red, and it only hurt a little bit. Well I decided to leave it and see if it would go away but now my top eyelid is red and ...

 i saw a flash of light?
i have differnt times this has happened.. im smart enough to know it can be anything and should see a dr but anyone else get these? some time it's like i see a spark or a speck of light red or ...

Sarah Sarcasm
My eyes hurt when I look at the computer too long, but my job is looking at the computer?
Any advice? I am literally staring at my computer for 10 hours a day. My vision goes blurry and I get headaches and my eyes just kill me, any tips on what I can do?

try sunglasses!! :?)
-sincerely AfroGirl

try rubbing the tips of your fingertips on your eyes in a circular motion or try using some eye drops.

Put a UV screen on your computer to protect your eyes. If you are using eyeglasses, ask the optical shop to have your lenses coated with double UV protection. They are really a great help for people who use computers for many hours.

Courtney L

Dr. Bill
is a web site devoted to your problem with tips on how to overcome the eyestrain from computer use.

β€’ Wear sunglasses

β€’ Lower your screen brightness

It sounds very much as if you need to get some glasses. An optometrist can help you find the right lenses for viewing the computer screen (which is different than regular reading glasses, due to the distance).

β–β–€β–€βœΏβ–€β–€β–Œ LIL BEAR β–β–„β–„βœΏβ–„β–„β–Œ
They make these dark screens you attach to your monitor and it blocks out some of the light so it doesn't hurt your eyes. You can also try adjusting the contrast on your screen to make it a little darker.

Betty Boop
go see ur eyes doctor

Penguin Gal
Take frequent breaks
Make sure your computer is at least an arm's length away from your body

Think about switching jobs, this will damage your eyes. Make sure you have good light to work in. Every hour at the least, take a few minutes for a break from staring at the screen. Go outside, close your eyes, and do some simple eye exercises like palming. Palming is when you rub your hands together, and then just put them on your eyes. It rests them. When you go home, put a cold gel eye-patch type thing on. This greatly helps. Taking frequent breaks and working in good light will do wonders.
I hope this helped!

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