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 My Eye Color???
ok so my eyes are like a mid brownish color....can you guys give me websites that i can use, a type of contact to put in my eye that i can changes my eye color....i dont need them to be prescription.....

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i want to wear glasses but dont need them to see blurry and go to to the eye doctor!!!!!!!!!!!...

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sometimes if i get up suddenly for sitting down or laying down i see black spots starting around my eyes and going towards the middle, and after afew seconds, before it gets to the middle it goes ...

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I rubbed my eye earlier, and my contact is in my eye, but not on my pupil.

How do I locate where it is so I can get it back on my eyeball?...

 why do i find it harder to see when driving at night time?
my vision seems much better in daylight....

 is there a way to change your eye color?
and i dont mean by using ...

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I am doing some market research and was wondering if spectacles is a commonly used term in the UK, or do people in the UK just call what Americans "eyeglasses"..."glasses"?

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I just started wearing contacts yesterday, so I'm still getting used to them. I was really sanitary about it and washed my hands multiple times while I was trying to take them out. The left eye ...

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 Where could I have gotten my eye color?
I have dark green eyes but my mother has brown and my father had a light blue eye color....

 My son's left eye's pupil is bigger, should I be worried?
My son is 3yrs old and his eye does not stay like that permanently only occasionally, he has had no head injuries......

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Well do you? Because I might get contacts and I was wondering if I would have to take them off everytime I get on a rollercoaster. Also I know the can dry out on the ride if you can keep them on but ...

 YOU are my GLASSES, where are you?
lol, I kind of need some help, to find "you" give me some examples of places you might be, i am un-creative and need help to find you
-thank-you dear ...

 My husband wants to know why his eye has been twitching for like a week?

 colored contacts?
i am light complected, honey blonde, and have green eyes natuarly.....what color contacts would look good?

plz give an oppion.......

 What will The Color of my child eye be?
I have brown eyes, and my gf has blue?
what will color will it be?...

My eyes change colour!
when I was younger I had blue eyes, when I was about 11 they changed to grey, they still are now, but sometimes they have a hint of green,yellow or blue to them too!

The rest of my Family have blue eyes. why are mine so weird?

your eyes dont really change color,
they reflect off of colors that you are wearing, and also sometimes eye makeup you're wearing.

my whole immediate family have blue eyes, and mine were blue but a few years ago they've started trying green. i dunno why this happens, but I feel weird to because EVERYONE else in my family has blue eyes! hardly anyone in our family has green eyes. just blue and brown.

that happened to me too!
it is a bit strange but it is really cool i think!
when i was little my eyes were blue, then when i was about 9 or ten they changed to hazel. i am 14 now and my eyes are green!

your eye colour doesn't just depend on your immediate family, but your ancestors, grandparents and their grandparents.
its all rather confusing really!

liberals sequestered from truth
Its not wierd.You have a family member somtime in the past who maby had green eyes and the changing of colors is normal.My eyes are blue my mothers were green and my fathers were hazel.All my older brothers eyes are brown so Im different also but I like it.

The Wonderful Me
weird isnt the word its special. You're special. be proud. My eyes sometimes go fro green the grey as well. But thats it no other colours.

Take care


Adrian M
I don't think "weird" is the word. It's more like "special". You should be happy that your eyes change colour. I bet you at least 1 million people on earth would like to have your eyes.

Ashleigh h
I think its wonderful! i love being different, its such an awesome feeling. Mine happens when i wear different colors, when im wearing red, theyre grey, when im wearing greens or browns, they're green. when im wearing blue, white or greyish colors, they're grey. EMBRACE BEING DIFFERENT!!! BE PROUD OF YOUR EYES!!!

its something natural that come people have. my girlfriends eyes seem to change color everyday, sometimes brown, green, blue, yellowish, one time they were a blackish color. i dont know why it happens. just a genetic thing that has been past through your family.

Its just something your born with. You may have got them from your ancestors. My cousin's eye color changes with her surroundings. Like if she was a the pool they would turn blue.

emily t
all babies have blue eyes, and you probably had a smaller pigment cout that turned them to grey instead of blue, or the grey eyes gene skipped a generation. and now that you are older and eating different foods and such, you have different protiens and different pigments.
good luck with your special eyes =]

♥whatever it is
my eyes change colors almost daily...when i was younger they were always blue, but now, i'm 16 now, and depending what i wear, they can be blue one day, or green the day after, then grey the next. it's really weird. my eyes almost coordinate to my shirts. lol. it's normal though, a lot of my friends' eyes do it too.

my dads eyes change from green to grey its pretty cool....and my ex girlfriend's eyes went from green to light brown with green and sometimes to an amber color. i think it must have something to do with the amount of pigments we have in our eyes...

can you answer my question please...http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgBAmxlX___tYvvi_DO7oucazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080802115558AAB9yFC

i have a similar thing! i had blue eyes then green eyes, then i had two different colored eyes for a while (green and brown) but now they are kind of evening out

I don't know.... l wish mine would do that=)

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