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 How much are colored contacts?
I am going to get them but I want to get purple :D How much do you think it would cost?

Thank you!!!...

 What is a good way to relax my eyes when I'm not wearing my glasses.?
I currently only wear glasses when I need to read stuff far away. My vision is good enough that I can walk and see where I'm going and recognize faces within 20 feet of me. But my eyes always ...

 I read that the color red isn't as hard on my eyes as other colors are -- is this true?

 Is it bad to squint your eyes?
I have a habit of squinting my eyes even when there isnt any sun, like when i'm talking i'll do it and not just a little bit to the point i almost look asian lol - is it bad? Like, could ...

 Laser eye treatment.........has anyone on here had it? Was it successful? Painful? Take long to do?

 can you eg tlasik eye surgery if you eye arnt typiclly bad but old?

 i have under gone a laser surgery for estigmatism . what other advice on post operative care you can give?

 What are all these bubles I am seeing?
You know when you see these little bubles. When yoy try to point one out it dissapears. What is this caused by and what is it called....

 what after 16 weeks of useing LATISSE do you quit or do you have to keep using it?

 Whats the difference between contact lenses manafacturer's?
iam going to get some coloured contact lenses because i dont like wearing glasses.

There are so many soft lens, biofinity , aquafresh etc etc etc.

Whats the difference between ...

 how do i remove my contact lenses? I've forgotten to take them out for a few days. HELP!?

 What are the little transparent dots i see that float down when i look up into the sky?
Whenever I look up into the sky I see these little transparent circles that just float down constantly. The only time I see when if when I do this. What are they?...

 what part of the eye catches light, so a person can see better?
I have had this eye problem for at least 10 years. I am on disability because of it. So it's a serious problem !!! I have been to MANY eye doctors & neuro eye specialists. Noone seems to ...

 i have a noticable zit and stye on my eye and im scared?
what do i do should i go to the do should i go to the doctor my mom says its not ...

 i'd know it if my contacts were in backwards right?
they are killing me today...I havent worn them in years..they felt fine yesterday..i am waiting on my box of new ones to get here..wearing temps..and it is about time to switch out its just amazing ...

 Can vision get worse after Laser Refractive Surgery?
It's in my genetics for my vision to keep getting worse, but if one gets laser eye surgery at age 16, could vision possibly get worse after the procedure?

Also, does wearing glasses ...

 There is a white ring on top of my baby's eyes, what is it?
He had that since he was born, he is 5 weeks old now. The health visitor told me to wait another few weeks before notifying the doctor but I am worried. Any ideas?...

 Is a pupillectomy reversible, if not how do you cope?
I have had a few surgeries and as a result my pupil was very small so my doctors permanently dilated my eye so they could monitor my eye and now I am photophobic. What can be done to help me cope ...

 eye glasses question?
I got my glasses one and a half weeks ago and I've noticed that I can see my own eyes reflecting on them and I get really annoyed of it. I am new to eye glasses. Is this normal or do I need an ...

 Seeing small flash on occasion (also have a lot of floaters) What kind of eye exam will be done?
Who should I see? My regular doctor sent me to an opthamologist, but he didnt do anything, he didnt even tell me that the spots I am seeing are called "floaters" I had to google my problem ...

Is my eye okay from super glue vapor?
Just using some super glue and I felt my eye water from the irritation from the vapors. So is there now micro amounts of superglue in my eye? Will it eventually go away, like if you had super glue on your skin, your skin rebuilds so the top layer of your skin slough off. So does your cornea right?

when your eyes tear up its your bodys way of protecting yyour eyes. most likely you will be fine if they are red or sore see a doctor.

ask a doctor

The glue is heavier than air, so it wouldn't have micro droplets of glue in the vapor just floating around. The " vapor" is just a strong smell that irritated your eyes.

Don't worry , you have no micro amounts of glue in your eyes.

Eyewear2u.com - Optician
Footprints answer is not technically correct. Smell is the result of tiny pieces of a substance in the air, which is why you can smell what something will taste like before you taste it. However, this amount is minuscule in most cases and only causes eye irritation. While tiny amounts of superglue have indeed been getting in your eye, they were on a molecular level and were most likely flushed out when your eyes watered, so don't worry about it.

Andrew Morris
Optician - http://www.eyewear2u.com

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