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 How much does it cost to get new lenses for my old frame? single focal?

Well I've been looking up nystagmus on the internet and all the cases dont seem as severe as mine so im beginning to doubt if i even have it....Well I have a very sudden horizontal eye movement, ...

 poked in the eye with a stick.?
I was once poked in the eye by a stick as a child, after the many splinters were removed, I woke up the next morning and found that I had a dark stain where my injured eye was. What could this be? ...

 Tilex Bleach in Eye?
I was cleaning yesterday with Tilex bleach and must have rubbed my eye afterward because my eye started burning. I washed it out with water several times last night but it didn't help. When I ...

 Name for eye disorder Opthamologist sees but causes no problem with my vision?
I have used just about every search engine I can think of and can't find the eye disorder that I have; and am embarrassed to call my surgeon to ask him what I have.When he looks into my left eye ...

 Can I pick up my free trial pair of Freshlook Contacts at my local Costco? Or where else could I pick them up?
I went online and got the free trial pair certificate for the Freshlook contact lenses and I printed it out. Now where would you recommend going to pick them up?...

 Did any 1 else see something shoot past them out of the corner of your eye?? cause me and my sister did?? any1?

 contact lense and pink eye?
i wear contact lense and i had not wore them in few days due to pink eye i was wondering when is good time to wear them again... thanks!...

 If lasik and lens are new alternatives for glasses, then why don't many doctors do it and stick to glasses
just ...

 Why do my eyes get blurry?
Why is it that when I get away from the computer and I go to watch t v it's blurry ?...

 What should I do?
It's been a month and a half since I went with a prescription from my optomologist to an optical outlet to purchase a pair of glasses. I paid $425.00 for the total cost with my master card. E...

 What happens if you accidentally point a lazer light at your eyes?
I was playing with my aunt's mini lazer light thing that attaches to her keychain. And I was a complete idiot by not reading the instructions on it and was playing around with it. And I have ...

 How do I improve my eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery?
Hey guys, I'm only 19 years of age and I have really bad eyesight. About 1 year and a half ago, both my eyes were -2.50 each and I have astigmatism on top of that. I'm getting fed up with ...

 Eye rest help! HOW?!?
I am very serious in nearsightness (about -6) and need help!!! And I can't even FEEL when my eyesight goes worse. So I don't really know when to rest. I usually go for 15mins work, then 15...

 How to look NEAR and FAR?
I heard from someone that if you look NEAR and FAR continuiously, your eyes could get better. What does it mean and HOW do I "look NEAR and FAR?"
Additional Details
These are ...

 does a brow lift change shape of brow or just raise it?

 What to expect while getting Lasik Surgery?
I am getting Lasik surgery on Thursday and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect the day of surgery? I'm not worried about the results, just want to know what will happen and what ...

 How much do acuvue contact lenses cost?
I have myopia, i wear glasses because i cant see far away i was planing on getting contacts and i heard acueva is a good brand, so i was wondering how much do acuvue contacts for myopia cost, i hope ...

 Is it okay for me to use Opti Free Replenish Rewetting Drops even when I dont have contacts on?
my eyes are really dry right now & i dont have any other eye drops!...

 Recently became short sighted - Reasons???
I'm 14 atm, and ive had 100% vision since i was 11.
I started using the computer alot when i was 12 and i had no problems until the start of this year when i went for a check-up he said i ...

Is it possible that your eyes get smaller from lack of sleep?
I've been going to sleep later these past few nights, and I swear my eyes are getting smaller! Is this possible or am I just being paranoid?

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no they are just swollen around the eye area. brew some herbal tea, cool the teabags and put them on your eyes while you sip a cup of tea and go to bed. your eyes should be fine in the morning.

Lack of sleep causes puffiness and swelling around the eyes which makes them appear smaller. Get some rest and use some good eye gel or put cucumbers on them.

smart one
there is no way ur eyes can get smaller due to lack of sleep
lack of sleep only causes faints, headaches, eye weakness, swelling, and black colour around ur eyes. if u think ur eyes are gettin smaller thats probably in the point of view or u must have some reflection?! ur perfectly fine!

They don't shrink in size. But they can look smaller. When you don't get enough sleep, your eye lids want to shut and can make you look like you are squinting. That is probably why you think your eyes are shrinking. Get some sleep :)

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