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 Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do if your eye looks smaller than your other eye?
I know I'm not cross-eyed, I think the eyelid maybe swollen but my eye doesn't hurt...it started about 1 yr and a half ago that it started looking like this...please someone help!...

 Why do some people still hate glasses?
Glasses are so cool nowadays why do some people still have a hang up about them?...

 why is my one eye dry but not the other?
I have been wearing contacts for about 6 years now and have never had any problems other than occasional allergies. But over these last 2 years I have woken up with my right eye really dry. At the ...

 Why do I constantly feel like there's something in my eye?
It usualy feels like there's something in my eye, not always though. It happens about 3 times a day for about 5 minutes. I try to rub it out/away as if it were just something in my eye but it ...

 Cleaning chemical went in my eye? Eyelinds sting?
Yesterday around 8 at night I was cleaning my shower with those sprays that take away mildew and stuff on the shower and I was using a wet sponge with water and that chemical on it and some of it got ...

 How can I keep my eye sight from worsening?
I admit, I'm probably addicted to the computer. XD I spend alot of time on the computer, because I get bored and have nothing else to do... Right now my eye sight is L: -3.50 and R:-4.50. I just ...

 Eyesight Questionnnn:) ?
I got my eyes tested at school today...
On the paper they gave me it said both eyes were failing.
Truly I can't really see far distances,
espically if I have to see the board &...

 Do you think people with two different eye colors look weird?
Cause i have one green and one brown eye. And i hate it. :(

They kind of look like this but my brown eyes darker:

 How can we convince them to let us protect our eyes?
I live in Phoenix, AZ. If you've ever been here, you know the sun is INTENSE! We often have Ozone Alerts due to pollution. I work with a company where we are outside all day long in an open ...

 is something wrong with my eye?
About a week ago, I started to notice that the skin on the corner of my eyelid [the side closest to my hairline] is turning a light pink color

it doesnt hurt or anything but im not sure ...

 What's YOUR eye prescription?
*wear glasses not where lol stupid iphone!
Additional Details
I'm doing a survey on the average myopia prescription so if you where glasses for myopia or nearsightedness (lenses in ...

 I'm making the change to hard contact lenses. Can you answer these questions?
I've worn glasses for almost all of my 16 years and never got into the idea of contact lenses, but my eye doctor says my prescription is too unstable now to continue to update glasses. He ...

 Question for people who wear contact lenses?
I am 13 and I wear contact lenses. They are the hard ones that you never replace, you just clean them. When ever I try to put them in they really hurt and my eyes turn really red. My friend says that ...

 i cant stop blinking my eyes?
for the past week or 2 my eyes i just cant stop blinking them
if i keep them open for too long they burn

anyone have a sollution??...

 Got strange eye colour variation, anyone else got eyes like this?
Weird aha :) three colours :| and yes i'm tired


 My brain doesn't like perfect vision? O_o?
I have a lazy eye that has always been lazy (due to an accident when I was less than a year old), so it has always been off centre and weak and my brain using one eye (the good one which has near ...

 How many hours a day can you wear contacts?
I have plano contacts (non prescription contacts)
Additional Details
its plano circle lenses (colored contacts)...

 How can I legally get hold of those drops that dilate your eyes?
Me and some friends volunteer at a haunted forest during the month of october, and have always found it a little difficult to see at night when it's almost pitch black. Is there any way I can ...

 Scared about contacts?
I have glasses and everyone makes fun of people with glasses, and being in eighth grade, a lot of people have contacts. But I'm too afraid to get them. I'm scared of having to actually ...

 I have 2 clear bubbles on the inner corner of my left eye.?
They itch sometimes and at I do wear glasses and sometimes contact lenses. They are not on the pink part of my eye but when i look to the right they go under the pink part. When I look to the left ...

I forgot to take out my contacts last night. Help?
I've had contacts for about a year, and I've been very good with taking them out at night. Last night, for some reason, I forgot to take them out. I woke up this morning to realize that I hadn't, and took them out as soon as could. I then put some pretty strong drops. I'm going to wear my glasses today, just in case.

Do you think my eyes will be okay, or do you think I have a chance of developing pink eye? I'm kind of paranoid about this because I've gotten pink eye three times already since the beginning of the school year.

i don't wear contacts. but my step dad does. and he leaves his in for weeks at a time, and he's fine. Don't sweat it.

I'm sure they will be fine, just use some eye drops to clean them out, and relax. it's ok :)

It depends on the type of contacts (some are to be worn non-stop for months at a time) but typically leaving your contacts in overnight on rare occasions will not increase your chances of any eye infections.

Misties Unite
I've done that before. Scary, but not a problem. If you are getting pink eye a lot, be sure to wash and rinse your hands well before putting in or taking out yout lenses.

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