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 is there a phobia name for Pink Eye?
i know its a little out there but i have had a huge phobia about pink eye since third grade health class. So whenever someone says im kidding and making it up, they always ask if its even a really ...

all i did was lay down for a lil bit and my right is all blurry i cant see a thing and it hasn't gone away for the passes 10 mins i don't no what to do im ...

 Does lifting weights cause eye strain & blurred vision?
I have 20/30 non corrected vision. But, whenever I lift light weights while working out my 30 eye becomes blurry. Why?...

 why do the eyes move rapidly when in rem sleep?
what causes the eyes to move rapidly?...

 I vomitted 5 times and now my eye is swollen, is this life threatening, maybe some type of hemmorhaging?
I vomited in the morning and my eye hurt afterwards, but it went away for about six hours. Then all of a sudden my eye started to feel like it was swelling up. Me and my friends concluded that it ...

 Have you ever gotten glasses or contact you cannot see out of?
I have gone to the same eye doctor for quite some time. Two years ago I got glasses and they were not right. I could not see out of them. He adjusted the prescription without seeing me and they put ...

 Is this a normal prescription, for a 17yr old?
hey guys,

i have just had my last eye exam last October, i am near-sighted, and the prescription is : this is for contacts

OD(right) -5.75 PS
OS(left) -4.50 PS

i ...

 I have very fat eyes, and they embarrass me greatly. They are also very heavy, and difficult to carry around.?
I keep tripping over them, and weigh my head down.
When i go on webcam, all you see is eye, and it is very off-putting for my gentleman-friends. Is there a way to shrink said fat eyes, or at ...

 What do you do if your eye falls out of your head?
My eyeball just fell out of my head, and its hanging about an inch down. Is that bad? What should I do?...

 What are the Functions of vitamin C?
-Explain the function of vitamin C that plays in the body.
-How does vitamin C fulfill this role?
-Does vitamin C have any specific characteristics that enable it to fulfill this role?...

 If you dont wear glasses do your eyes get worse?
I have recently not ben wearing glasses for like a couple months I was just wondering if this was a bad thing? I am considering getting contacts so don't give that as a awnswer....

 is it bad for your eyesight to wear window glasses on your eyes?
[[window glasses are glasses made out of the glass made to make windows; not perscription glasses]] could it ruin your sight or will it remain neutral; unchanged?

-tHANkZ !...

 PLEASE HELP! 10 POINTS! How do you decrease an eye grade?
I really want to use contacts, but my grade is close to 300 which worries me. I got really caught up with computering, and maybe you guys could suggest food, tips, etc?

PLEAAAASE!! <333...

 my mom won't let me get laser eye surgery!?
She says that it's still a new technology and that it hasn't even been one generation!
It's not fair!
I called the office place and they said i have to be 17 because thats...

 Air optical lenses?? Answers pleaseee?
I am getting those tomorrow.
I forget who they're by. But it begins with an S.
How long do you have to wear them until you get used to them??
Thank youuuuu:D
Just some info ...

 Is it true that eating butter or margarine makes your eye sight worse?
I just wondered because people have been telling me this....

 Wearing 3-D glasses...?
This is kind of a stupid question, but is wearing 3-D glasses bad for your eyes when you're not watching a 3-D movie?
Additional Details
Haha i wear them cause they have a ...

 Remove scratch-resistant coating from glasses?
Is there anything that I can use to remove the scratch-resistant coating from my glasses? My son accidentally put a large scratch in the scratch-resistant coating and now it is peeling or flaking ...

 Do all dishwashing detergents produce the same amount of bubbles? Clean the same number of dishes?

 Extremely Painful Eye ache/eye strain?
For about 3 days now i have had a really horrible feeling in both my eyes. When i even start to rotate my eyes to the sides, it hurts like hell and feels extremely dull and achey if you know what i ...

I cannot see out of both eyes, Why not? I can only see out of 1 eye at a time, But not together.?
Went out after dark couldnt see nothing but a blob of colors, whats happening? Dr said it was Bell's palsy I think I had a stroke. Any Ideas? ty

get ur retina checked.

Bell's palsy is a problem with the facial nerve on one side of the face. As a result the face sags on that side.
It does not relate to seeing a blob of colors.
You should see an ophthalmologist to find out what is going on.

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