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 im new to contacts and i dont know if my right contact is still in my eye, but its huting?

 How to make a reverse color blind sign, image etc?
Hi to everyone who reads this.

I am colourblind and forever seeing that there is signs made for non colourblind people to see what colourblind can people see.

Many a time ...

 What kind of glasses does taylor swift wear?
Not the ones in the You Belong With Me video but her actual ones. I really like them and need new glasses so I wanted to try some one. Here are some links to her wearing them.

 how long can you hold in a didgery-doo (poo)?
crikey mate? its been 8 days and im going for guiness record

how long can you lil skippers hold them turtle heads for
Additional Details
iv got a bag for sandwhiches im sure i ...

 I have a birth mark in my eye but not really because i just got it is that normal?
i got a birth mark in my eye i think its called a Iris Nevus but i just got it i think a few weeks ago my friend saw it and was like wtf whats that in your eye? is it normal to get this?...

 Where to do a contact lens exam and purchase contacts? (Walmart, JCPenney, or LensCrafters)?

 Does a blind person close their eyes when sleeping?
It's something I've always wondered since I was little. If a person is blind, do they close their eyes when sleeping or can they doze with their eyes open?...

 i see weird figures in my vision!! are my eyes messed up?
whenever i look at the sky i see weird shapes in my vision, these shapes are black and they're very difficult to explain what they look like, what are they?...

 Is something wrong with my eyes?
The other day in lunch My eyes started like pulsing. But it was weird my eyes were dilating and shrinking very fast to the beat of my heart, i felt very dizzy and I was in the same lighting the ...

 Glasses in front of the computer?
So I went to get new glasses the other day - basically to take a lot of strain off my eyes because I sit in front of the computer all day. I have a slight - very slight distance problem. The doctor ...

 Getting contacts?
I'm going to the eye doctor today to see if I'll be able to get contacts.

What are they going to do? Like, are they going to dilate them? My mom told me they might do that, and I&...

 Eye contacts on roller coasters? Tips for glasses to stay on during roller coasters?
Hahah, sorry if the question seems a little.... on the dumb side, but I'm kinda curious! And I'd like to know.

Is it okay to be wearing contact lenses and not worry about them ...

 my eyes keep going out of focus ?
you know when you make your eyes go out of focus and everything goes all blurry and all the lights blend together ? when i look at a tv or a computer my eyes do that every now and then ... they just ...

 it feels like my eyeglasses are resting on my nose and they arent. its giving me a headache. how can it stop?
its been going on for 4 days. i just feel pressure on my nose like my glasses are actually on them...it wont go away. its giving me bad headaches...is it a phantom pain or what?...

 I have used ointment for a swollen eye and now my sight is really blurry?
I have used an oitment to go in my eye from a doctor because of swelling and a sty.

However after I used the ointment, my vision in the eye I apllied it to has gone really blurry. I can ...

 What could cause these problems with my vision?
I am not sure if it is in my eyes or my brain. Appears as a semitransparent layer of static laid over my entire field of vision. To add to this, I see glowing outlines around everything that has a ...

 Why is my vision blurry even when I'm wearing my glasses?
Is it probably because my glasses are old (about a year or so) or is my vision getting worse? :( i'm quite worried...
thanks for any ...

 how much do non prescribed colored contacts cost?
i have 20/20 vision and want contacts cause ive never liked how dark and ugly my eyes are. so...
are the ones in walmart safe? (since almost everything at walmart is cheap)
do different ...

 Calculate Pupil Distance (PD) for frames?
I'm looking at a bunch of frames on eBay that don't have the PD measurement; however, they do include a eye/bridge measurement. Is PD = 1/2 eye + 1/2 eye + bridge = eye + bridge?

 How long does it take to recover from chalazion removal?
I'm having a chalazion removed from my lower eyelid on one eye. How long will it take to heal? and look normal? Also does it hurt?...

I can't see 3D movies....?
Okay, so I don't get the full 3D movie effect. It makes my depth perception a little bit sharper in the movie, but nothing pops out, ever.

Why is this? I have a mild astigmatism, but most people do. I've also never been tested for stereo vision problems, but I've never noticed a problem with it either....

So what's up? Can some people just not see the 3D thing?

same. i was always confused why nothing was shooting at me it was just like a regular movie but in 2 colours

I can't see the 3-D either. For me it's just seeing through 1 red lens and 1 blue lens. I do wear glasses and I'm near-sighted, but I'm not sure if that's why i can't utilize the 3-D thing. I just hope all "3-D" movies have regular versions or I'm out of luck....

i had this probelm the other day then i realized i had put the DVD on the wrong side =p

I can't see it well either. I have strabismus and I know that is the reason for it. I usually see two slightly overlapping images during the 3D effects. I will occasionally see an object in 3D, but not often. The 3D also messes with my brain too. I have depth perception issues when I leave the theater and will occasionally get a headache after the movie. I have moderate astigmatism, but I know that is not the reason for my issues with 3D.

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