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 Tips to Improve vision.?
Hey out there to all the optometrists do you know any good tips to improve vision? No matter how bad or good?...

 Differentiate between nerve deafness and condition deafness?
1. Differentiate between nerve deafness and condition deafness?
2. You preform Rinne test on subject and note that subject can't hear tuning fork when the end of the instrument is places ...

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
Every morning I wake up, the skin around my eyes feels swollen and sore. They are puffy and red for about 6hrs after I've woken up, but even after they go down they still hurt. I think I may ...

 how harmful can staring into a laser pointer be?
my stupid friend stared into a regular laser pointer for well over 10 seconds. is he going to get horrible vision soon?...

 How do I keep my eyes open when the optition is trying to put contacts in?
So like two years ago I went to try out contact lenses at the optitions but my eyes automatically shut. Any suggestions of how to keep them open or be used to people touching me?...

 Is it bad for my eyes if I run/jog while I am reading a book?
Sometimes I like to run/jog to stay in shape and need to catch up on my reading at the same time. I was wondering if it is bad for my brain and eyes if I were to jog or run while reading a book.

 How do i get rid of eye begs?
I have pretty bad eye begs and some people told me about this, what do i do ?...

 there any eye problems?
well when i looked in the mirror a long time ago(i think 2-3 or 4 years ago) i saw in my eye something that might be an eye floater spot but the weird thing is, in both eyes theres only one and its ...

 HELP! I have a pin stuck in my eye! What do I do?
I have a pin stuck in my eye, and it's starting to hurt. I don't want to sound like a wimp, but I don't know what to do. No need to panic, I'm just a bit worried, because it'...

 i can feel radiation of tvs/ electronics, what does this mean ?
i just found out i have mono a couple weeks ago and for the past 7 weeks or so i can feel radiation off tvs and computers ... my phone .. ect. and it actually hurtss and gives me headachess. what ...

 my eyes are turning colour?
hi im 14 years old and one of my eyes our watery and hurts.

my eyes are normal pure brown but they have almost complely turned green.

and no one eles in the family has changed ...

 How does eyeglasses correct both nearsighted and farsighted eye problems?
I need to understand how, eyeglasses fix these two eye problems. How do eyeglasses combine with the light path? How does it reflect or refract light? If you're an expert at this, please help me ...

 My Left eye's eye lid and bottom twitches from time to time lately! HELP :S never happened before :(?

 focal length of a telescope and where to put my eye?
hallo there. I have a telescope with 2 objective lenses,with the sum of the focal lengths being about 20 cm.In front of the 2 lenses there is a pinhole with 2mm diameter. the total length of the ...

 could i need new eye glasses?
i can still see normal with my glasses but i have some weird feeling like my eye is straining through them even though i could still see well do i need new glasses?...

 Will my eye doctor give me a prescription for tinted windows?
well i have heard that your eye doctor will give you a slip to have your tinted windows if your eyes need it and my eyes are very sensitive to the sun....

 why do my eyes change color a lot?
my eyes are blue, green, brown, black, gray, ice blue, and even blue, green, amber, orange, gray, all at once me and my friends sorta make a game of guessing what colors are all in my eyes and i dont ...

 Do I have glass in my eyes?
Sunday night, I was trying to open a candle and the lid exploded. I was a littles scared that maybe some glass got in my eye. I feel a little irritation but no pain at all. Am I just being ...

 Does the computer screen hurt/blind/impair your eyes permanently?

 I usually wear contacts, and my glasses give me headaches?
I typically wear contacts all day, most days. However sometimes I like to just wear my glasses, but I find they give me headaches. Kind of at the side and my eye area. Any idea why this is?...

How to get rid of red veins in my eye?
For months, I've had these thin red veins running through my eyeballs.

It frustrates me to no end. That, combined with very very dark blue circles around my eye makes me look really ugly.

Does anybody know how I can get rid of these long-term red veins in my eyes once and for all? thanks so much

Also, extra thanks to those who can help me with the dark-circles problem : ) thanks


Emily :)
For the veins you could search different eye drops and see if any of them would work for what your experiencing, or if you feel as though they're worse then what eye drops can fix then go to a doctor.

And for the dark circles i found a website that says the causes of dark circles and a long list of things that you can try at home to help get rid of them


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