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 Are contact lenses bad in the long run?
Most of the people Ive asked about contacts say that 10 years is the average limit. After 10years of wearing contacts you cannot wear them anymore.
Are they talking about the hard or soft ones?<...

 how to make eye contact again?
there is this guy in my gym class. A couple weeks ago we made eye contact constantly, now it's not so much. He knows who I am and he looked at me all the time. How can i get him to make contact ...

 Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Natural Touch contacts in Hazel?

Additional Details
lol. i know.
but they're kind of expensive for me to buy and not like.

none of the optical places in my area have them =[

so i'...

 What is wrong with my eye?
I noticed this earlier when I was putting my contacts in... It's a red dot in my eye. I was shocked to see it because I didn't feel anything throughout the day, and I don't feel ...

 One Eye Blindness episodes!!!?
SO about three weeks ago i noticed my vision was not 100%. It was hard to focus sometimes and everything was brighter and more of a glare. So i go to my normail doctor and everything is fine. Then i ...

 where to get contacts?
i have a prescription and everything.. but is there anywhere i can go without a parent and without needing a slip to just get my contacts? or do you HAVE to have a prescription for them?
oh and ...

 My son is 20/70 in one eye and 20/70 in the other. Which number means farsighted and which means nearsighted?

 Thinking about trying contacts again?
Back when I was 16 I tried out contact lenses, but I couldn't get them in my eyes. My eyes just shut closed whenever I tried to touch them. I'm 19 now, and I'm thinking about them ...

 New to Orthokeratology?
Ok so i had Orthokeratology because i needed to play soccer. They felt a bit weird at first like something hard is in my eye. Not exactly painful. When i wake up my vision is better (i was blown away)...

 Is 80 dollars good or bad for eyeglass lenses?
I'm new to all this---

is that high? Eyemasters is having a sale- i can get two pairs of frames for 100 dolllars but the lenses are 80 dollars for each pair of frames....

 White of the eye is black!!?
I woke up today and my right eye hurts only in the left of it though
i checked all around my eye and my eye lid but i couldn't see anything that would make my eye hurt like this,


 huge glasses?
I'm afraid of my friend....he has humongous glass that are thicker than bricks. I'm afraid he may zap me and I'll be cooked. His eyes are enourmous!!! How can I avoid from this ...

 What causes sandy-gritty sensation in dry eyes?
It's often described as a sandy-gritty feeling LIKE an eyelash or speck of dirt in the eyes, but what actually causes it?...

 Would weekly contact lenses last longer if used less often?
I'm wondering if it's okay to use weekly contact lenses only one day a week for many weeks or do they deteriorate over time? (times used vs. time since the first use)

I've ...

 Were or what can i do to find out my eye power without going to an optician ?
Hi every1! i want to order colour contacts online it is asking what is my left and right eye power it has a long list saying numbers such as:

 whats it called when you see tiny white flashing dots. but they're not actually there?

 what illnesses or diseases can make eye floaters worse or become more disturbing?
what illnesses or diseases can make eye floaters worse or become more disturbing?...

 How can I make myself have better eyesight?
I am 14 yrs old and have eyesight of -3.5 Is that really bad for my age? What can I do to make it better?...

 I recently had tear duct plugs put in and my eyes are still dry and I am still miserable.?
Should positive effects be seen immediately or can, in some cases, the restoration of tears take some time? Any good information out there on dry eye and what will work if, indeed, the plugs are not ...

 how can i naturally regain my eye-sight?
i can near sighted and i want to know how to restore my vision without glasses or laser eye ...

pinkky (:
How to get rid of contact lens air bubbles?
I just got contacts a few days ago, and my contact in my right eye goes in perfectly, but when I try and put in my left side I get huge air bubbles in the lenses. I tried patting the contact, closing my eyes and massaging, blinking, and even sticking two fingers into my eye to smooth out the contact!
Is there any other way to get rid of the air bubble?
All help is appreciated, thanks!

I heart beets
usually when i get a bubble, the lens just pops out, and then you have to start all over again. Try rewetting the contact and when you put your contact in, move your eyeball down and the contact should "snap" into place. blink a few times and you should be good.

b i o t c h
This happened to me after 2 weeks of wearing my contacts. I put it in, pat on top of it with my finger gently a few times and gently close my eyes squeezing the bubble part and it goes away! you just have to get used to rubbing your eyeball on top of the eyelid. keep playing around with it and it should work for you too.

hmm. interesting. sounds like a possible fitting issue. have you brought this up to your eye doc?

most bubbles quickly self-resolve, unless the lens is too steep

Heather Holland
I was told that once the lens is on your eye, while holding your lids back, continue to shift the eye up and down, left and right. Once you move your eye around, it pushes any excess air out of the lens. You move it in all directions to eliminate any remaining air bubbles. If you immediately let go of your lids after placing a contact on your eye with an air bubble behind it, the closing of the lid can cause the lens to pop out at times.

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