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 Question for people who wear contacts?
So like i just purchased these contacts . its not for seeing, only for cosmetic purposes! HOwever i dont konw how to put it on.. im scared i might poke my eye. I dont have a problem poking the white ...

 I have a pair of glasses and contact, should they be the same prescreption?
should they be the same thing? (like the prescription)...

 Why do I see blurry when I wear my coloured contacts?
Hey Guys!

When I put my coloured contacts on... I see blurry .. I can't see the way I see when I don't have them on. Is this the way is suppose to be? Or what should I do to make ...

 Who should I go to if I think I have pink eye?
I think I might have pink eye, but I don't know if I should go to a doctor or an Eye doctor....

 vote for people with contact lenses.. good, or no?
please only if you use them not if your friend or you THINK theyre good, or if you have to at least tell me if you dont actually use them....

 Does not wearing your glasses make your eye-sight get worse? (short sighted)?
Additional Details
WOW so many different answers -- I am really confused
thanx 4 all ur ...

 Eye Makeup and Contacts?
I've moved across country and switched to a new optometrist. She says that I need to take my contacts out before I wash off my eye makeup, but my previous doctor said I should do it afterwards. W...

 Can i wear astigmatism contact in non astigmatism eye?
I don't have non-astigmatism contacts for my other eye so can i just but an astigmatism contact in my non-astigmatism eye? or would that be bad?
Additional Details
i forgot to note ...

 One eye stronger than other?
My right eye is 4.75 and hasnt changed in a awile meanwhile my left I is bordering on -10.00! and seems to be getting worse is this common . I am only 19...

 Where can i get contacts for my eyes?
me and my friend live in cicero,ill.
we were wondering were can we get contacts, and a low price maybe under 15 or 20 $'s with colors such as:
green, hazel, dark blue, light blue, and ...

 How bad is it to sleep in contacts when its not made to?

i accidentally slept in my contacts and they were the kind where your not supposed to / my doc told me not to sleep in them but the contacts are good for wearing 12 hours at a time before ...

 How should the 'perfect' contact lenses feel?
What should i be aiming for, comfort wise?...

 Is something wrong with my eyes?
When I stand up my vision gets all black and i feel really dizzy for at the most 10 secs is it something to do with blood? HELP ...

 I just got back from the eye doctor. I have huge pupils and I see very poorly?
Hi guys, I went to the eye doctor this morning to check my vision. Everything was fine, and they dropped some eye drops into my eyes so that they would dilate and so they could check for anything ...

 I have two small grey dots floating when I loom round with my eyes?
they arn't actually visible if you look into my eye but when I move my eyes around they move with it, I've had them ever since I can remeber but they're really starting to annoy me ...

 what are the pros and cons about having contacts?
i really want contacts, since i've been wearing glasses for such a long time. (im 17, and i've been wearing them since i was 9)

so please tell me pros and cons, & be honest<...

 How do you get rid of the hiccups?

 i really want contacts ! can i wear sunglasses then ? if yes, why ?
do you think it is a good idea to wear colored contacts since i already have glasses ? & does anyone know tips to improve eyesight ?...

 Do you have floaters in your eye?

 what are the chances of something bad happening During or after laser eye surgery?
What are the chances of something bad happening during laser eye surgey, like seing red spots, bluriness ...

How long should it take your eyes to come back to normal after they are dilated with drops from the eye Doc?
Is it a problem if they are still dilated (not fully but still enough to notice) 19 hours later? I even had the dilation reversal drops.
Additional Details
20 hours now. What I mean by noticeable is not what I see in the mirror, (though my pupils are huge and I can barely see my iris) but noticeable by how I see.

My doc told me that it would take 24 hrs to return to normal.
Just avoid going into the sun. Stay in dark rooms or dim rooms. Dont attempt reading anything or even watching television until your eyes r back to normal. Avoiding to do so may result in serious eye damage.
Don't worry the dilation drops just paralyze the musle tissue in ur eye that automatically make the pupil smaller in bright light and when the effect of the drop wears off (takes longer than most for some persons) u will be back to normal.
Hope i helped. :D

It depends on what they dilated you with. Different dilation drops will last for different amounts of time. You can call your eye doctor and ask what they gave you. It sounds like the dilation drops are wearing off so I probably wouldn't worry about it.

Cut your eyes out.

Cat lover
When Doc drops his balls in your eyes, you won't be back to normal for a year.

Is Doc feeling alright? He usually aims for the mouth.

Bozz Mozz
never see an eye doctor for a rotator cuff problem.
Geez, HMOs these days

Your doctor might have used a stronger dilating eye drop like cyclogyl, which can leave your eyes dilated for up to 24 - 36 hours. Instances when the stronger cyclogyl drops are used include : during LASIK pre op exams, on most people under 18, and sometimes in cases when a patient has signs and symptoms of a retinal detachment.

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