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 Is it true that we see things upside down? why?
Why is this so? If our eye lens is a biconvex lens not a concave lens which makes the image upside down, so does this mean that a biconvex lens also flips images?...

 My eye doctor said, "I'm going to order you a BOX of contacts" What did he mean? A box with multiple packs?
or just one box? How many are in 1 box? Thanks....

 Does getting glasses make your vision worse without them?
Hello! I've had glasses for about 4 years. I decided I needed glasses because my vision was slightly blurry, so I got them. I've updated my prescription once since then, but it seems like ...

 Visine doesn't work anymore!?
okay well i went on vacation for a week and didnt smoke any weed..and usually i smoke alot so my eyes would not rele get red before i went on this vacation. Now whenever i smoke they get so red and ...

 how long does anti glare last on eye glasses?
I have this on my glasses, and it has turned a blue color. My glasses are only 1 year old, and they want 360.00 to replace the lenses....

 Is a scratch on your eyeglasses bad for your eyes?
It seems like I'm looking right through the scratch and so don't really notice it.

But is it bad for your eyes to have a scratch on your lens, or does it not really matter?

 What is the best advice you can give me regarding glaucoma?
What do I need to know and where can I find this information?
Additional Details
I have open angle glaucoma....

 What can I expect to pay for color lenses?
Obviously, it's different for everyone..
but can someone throw an approximate money figure out?
(This is for cosmetic lenses only..not for vision correction)
Additional Details

 I need glasses but have no money to pay?
I had progressive lenses, mypuppy chewed them up. Contacts are actually cheaper but I am awaiting disability and have no job, no income and I have no glasses or contacts. I know the prescription I ...

 What can cause temporary blindness?
I am only 16 and i have been having episodes of temporary blindness. This has been going since about March of this year. I've been to eye doctors and they all seem to say it's ocular ...

 Contact lenses questions?
I'm planning to get contacts but my sister and my best friend warned me about `bad` things about contacts.

1. Do they make your vision worse?
2. Can you scratch your eye, making ...

 can wearing contact lenses too often, make your eyes worse?
i really need my eyes to get better. the past few years they've been getting worse. what can i do or eat to make them better?
Additional Details
i'm 21, is that young?...

 Should 'The Green Eye' Go to bed?

 I want to go to Optometry school but dont know what majors I should select during undergrad.?
I'm a highschool junior and would like to know good choices for majors If i want to get into optometry school
Additional Details
John E- why do you think its a waste of time?...

 If I wear glasses in my eye then does squint eye will recover?

just out of curiosity would you rather have framed glasses or frameless glasses. I would probably go for frameless because they aren't as noticeable from a distance, and they are good for people ...

 Have you ever had laser surgery to fix a hole in your retina?
I'm 17. I'm severely nearsighted. I'm a -9 power in my right eye and that is the eye the has a hole and possibly a tear. I'm going Wednesday for the surgery. could you describe ...

 Can looking at a computer moniter for too long make your eyes longer?
I know that looking at a computer screen for too long can cause eye damage, like nearsightedness, but does it make your eyes longer?...

 How bad are my son's eyes?
I took my son to the eye doctor, he is two years old. His right eye was crossing. I was told that he has Strabismus. I took him back and found that his eyes are getting worse. No one has ever ...

 i have a red dot in the white of my eye. should i be worried?
i have this dot on my eye. it has been there for 2 days. my eye sort of burns and gets a little blurry sometimes. is this bad? or will it go away soon?...

♥ Think Pink ♥
How long does it usually take for your eyes to go back to normal after being dilated?
I was dilated around 6hrs ago, and I can see "some" color coming back but they are still pretty dilated!
Additional Details
Quince - I have but my pupils always returned to "normal" within a couple of hours..

I did have a glaucoma work up so that could be why?

My theory always is feel around with your mouth, you can't go wrong there..

A few hours. Up to 5.

David C
You should be back to normal in an hour or so.

It varies.

But have you never had an eye exam before?

For a normal eye exam, you should be back to normal in 12 hours.

If you had an extensive exam, they may have used the industrial strength dilation drops which take up to 36 hours to return to normal.

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