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 Can Eye Doctors Tell If You Do Cocaine?
My best friend is a user (sad but true) and she heard from one of her friends that eye doctors can tell if you do cocaine by looking into your eyes. I myself am curious about that one. Can they tell ...

 Serious question about eyes?
We have two eyes on both sides of our head, and they arnt connecting, but why is our vison whole? Like there is no gap in our vision?...

 Do color contacts afect your eye color ?
I've been using green color contacts from acuvue 2 colors and is it supposed to affect my eye color ?...

 Can old histoplasmosis in the eye cause blindness ----yrs later on in life?
My brother was diagnosed with histoplasmosis when I was around 20yrs old and now many yrs later
The histoplasmosis residual matter is present in my right eye----could I lose sight in that eye?...

 How many of my contacts got 8 inches last night?
Just wanting to know the snow totals..........

 cause of astigmatism?
i have slight astigamtism but its getting worse also with nearsightedness,

so how can you tell you have astig? also how can u tell it is getting worse? also when does astigmatism stop ...

 Why do eye drops hurt my eyes?
So I have conjunctivitis or whatever and I have to take eye drops. Like any normal person, I was hesitant on taking them. After consulting numerous people on Yahoo Answers and real life, over fifty ...

 How to improve blood circulation around eye area
Any idea on how to improve the blood circulation around eye area? I mean permanently not temporary.

Im not sure if my eye blood circulation is not good recently. My eye isnt as bright as ...

 Myright eye keeps twitching....! Help!?
the last few days my right eye keeps twitching. Its happening quite a bit and I cant think of anything significant that wouldve caused it to happen. Anyone know any possibilities as to why its doing ...

 What are some things I need to consider before deciding to wear eye contacts?
I already know I need to consider the financial aspects of it.

I been back to having glasses for a year. If I were to get contacts, my glasses would still be the main eyewear, but like to ...

 How do I know if I need reading glasses??
Im thinking i cant see that much anymore. I cant see words far away at school....=[
Additional Details
What is the chart called when u cover one eye and read the letters? i might wanna ...

 big eye bags. what can i do?
no seriously they're huge.
i sleep around 10 and get up at 6.
what can i do?...

 What are those clear floaties I see in my eyes when I'm squinting on a sunny day?

 Why do my eyes change colors?
They change from Brown, to blue, to grey, to even green? Sometimes my eyes are even diffrent colors from each other! Any Ideas? It creeps alot of people out. They are talking to me, then they stop ...

 Eye exercises?
I recently got a stronger prescription (I am nearsighted about 2030) I want to go back to my older prescription or possible wear no glasses at all. I am doing eye exercises (vision therapy) for 90 ...

 eye color changing...(c details)?
Okay, when i was younger i used to have blue eyes and when i was born on the papers etc. it said i have blue eyes...but now when i look at them there green but on the outside of it theres a blue line....

 Is Laser Eye Surgery a good option?
I am 20, so would be ok for me to have it? What are the pros and cons?...

 What to do about Discolored Scelera (whites of eyes)?
Is there something that can be done about not-so-bright eyes? a cure-all or remedy so the need for eye-drops diminishes? I have friends with pretty eyes simply because the whites of them seem so ...

 help me please i have made lasik in my eyes from 6 months and their is some thing strange.?
i feel pain when i move my right eye to sides and up down associated with pain in the right side of my head which is like headache so please could any body tell me what is the cause of that pain and ...

 What is good for a rash around the eye?
My boyfriend has allergies and the same rash he gets on other parts he is getting around his eye and it is itching him like crazy. What are safe ways to minimize the itch?...

Hello :)
How long does it take to correct astigmatism?
I'm using contact lenses that correct astigmatism. How long will it take?

Pedestal 42
Unless these are of the Ortho-K type that you sleep overnight in, with the aim of not using them during the day (and I've not heard of them being used where the principal problem is astigmatism), they don't correct the eyes in the sense you imply.

Contact lenses correct astigmatism the same way that ordinary contacts or glasses correct short-sight: while they are being worn and only while they are being worn. Not with the intent of making the eye better in the long term.

They don't "straighten the eye out" the way braces on the teeth do in orthodontistry.

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