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 I was hit in the eye and now i am seeing double!? Please help!!!!?
I was pulling up the covers on my bed and my right hand slipped. It whacked me in the right eye. Now i see double! I am dizzy and nauseas. It is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Will ...

 How do you know when there's somehting wrong with your glasses prescription?

 Is an optometrist required to give you your "eye" and "glasses" measurements for glasses?
My optometrist's shop charges 2x as much for glasses that I can buy off of the net.

Is he required to give me my glasses measurements if I get a yearly exam from him? Or can he tell ...

 How do I get my eyes back to their original color?
Ok so im doing this play where I have to cry but the only problem is after I'm done crying my eyes become red (my eyes have always become red after crying idk why tho...) So I was wondering how ...

 I got Myopia with astigmatism....is dere any treatment available that my vision bcome normal....?
So I got myopic eyes....number of both is -5.0 ,and also astigmatism 1.5 cylindrical,180* axis......Is that a pretty large no...Ma age 16 now....will I lose my vision in the near future....I am quite ...

 Is it okay if I shower with my contacts in?
Like, will something happen to the contacts or something?
Should I be careful of something or anything?...

 How often should you get new glasses?
I don't really need new ones, but I just don't like the style of the one i have now, because the last time I went to the optometrists she chose it for me and I didn't really like it, ...

 I am legally blind. What r my rights and is there transportation assistance for a person like me?
I am considering getting my driver's license but i am reluctant because I dont think that they will give it to me if I am legally blind. I have 3 kids and my family is my only means of ...

 I,m blind in one eye due to a detached retina. Will I have eye strain on a long driving trip? Wi. to Fl.?
I had surgery a year ago for a detached reitna. It was not successful and I now have coke bottle vision in that eye. We are presently in Wisconsin and have a home in Florida.. We normally drive ...

 where can you get color contacts ?
okay so i have blue eyes but i want blue contacts so that they are more noticable, i dont need a prescription though ....

 Do cat-eye contact lenses make it difficult to see?
I have glasses and would really like contacts, preferably the cat ones. I was wondering if this type affects your sight, as far as getting enough light or cutting off parts of your vision....

 Can I get lesser prescription contacts so I can wear glasses too?
Say my prescription is 5.00, and I usually wear contacts. If I wanted to be able to wear those basic 1.00 to 2.50 prescription over-the-counter glasses you can find in any department store, how can I ...

 Will my eyes turn blue?
okay when i was born my eyes were brown with a blue ring around them, now that i'm older the still are like that but its brownish green with the blue ring, so will they turn blue over time?...

 How can you get rid of eye floaters?
Are eye floaters a genetic disfunction or some kind of nutritional imbalance? I am experiencing these annoying little specks in my vision on a regular basis.
Additional Details
(added ...

 What happens if i wear my sisters contacts?
umm yeahh im getting contacts pretty soon, they are going to be for vision as well as for eye color . I've been really anxious to know how i will look like in contacts and well my sister has a ...

 What's the best way to get an eyelash out of your eye?

 Why would someone with a prescription of +1 in one eye, and - 1 in the other eye need glasses?
surely the long and short sightness would cancel each other out, this is apart from the need to help with the strain of looking at PCs all day etc. ...

 why do my eyes sting sometimes when i put my contacts in?
i put my contacts in nearly everyday and sometimes when i put them in my eyes really burn and it really hurts and when i take them out and put them back in again it still burns how can i stop it?...

 would it be okay to not always wear my glasses?
I'm near-sighted,which means i can't see far stuff.
Other near-sighted people wear their glasses all the time.
I don't want to wear my glasses all the time because my eyes...

 Why do I have trouble sleeping?
I don’t have any stress or much in my mind and I do feel tired, but I end up "half sleeping," or just closing my eyes, if that makes sense. I’m too young for any sleep medications and I...

How long does it take for the dilating eyedrops to wear off?
I got back from the eye doctor a few hours ago and she put eydrops in my eyes that dilates the pupils. When will it wear off? I dont think it took this long before.

another word for happy
How long did it take? It usually lasts up to two hours, and your doctor would normally tell you how long before they give the drops. Hope this is useful to you.

it can take up to 12

Dee R
it varies. usually 2-5 hours. keep out of bright light and sun light. i know it looks weird but it will go away of course.

I had mine dilated the Other it took 6 hours to ware off. the nurse told me she also told me the color of your eye made a difference on how long it lasted light colored eyes took longer

The average is about 4 hours, but don't be alarmed if it lasts much longer.

Those darn drops always put me out of commission for about 24 hours before my pupils get normal again.

It depends on what they used, and the dosage...and different people react differently to them also.

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