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 i am used to staying up til 3 or 4 am how and thats about every night how can i start going to bed early?

 what can one do to help clear floaters without laser eye surgery?
what kind of eye drops could one use?
what vitamins and supplements could one take?
would eye exercises help?...

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 Can your vision change from watching television or looking at a computer monitor over time?
I think I may need glasses because my vision has become very blurry lately. My mother, of course, says, "Stop getting on the computer," as though to say that effects it. I am only on the ...

 why do i have double vision?
Its mainly double vision when im looking at lettering, when looking at other household random things my vision is fine....i went to the optometrist a few mont bac and she told me my vision was near PE...

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I want to wear contact lenses but my eyesight is really bad, can anyone wear contacts or only some people?...

 My contacts are stuck in my eye?
My contacts are stuck in my eye, I can't see it anywhere, but I know it's there. How can I get it out?
Additional Details
Edit: So I went to the hospital today, and I actually ...

 What to eat to make my eyes sight better or stay the same?
I have myopia, short sighted -0.75R -0.75L. I'm 13 and would like a list of things that i can eat to improve my eyesight or keep it the same. please help... I might consider laser eye surgery in ...

 my 7yrs old daughter has astigmatism, does she need to wear the prescribed eyeglasses all the time? thnks?

 If you spin REALLY fast then look your up with your eyes do you see your brain?

 The vision in my left eye isn't as good as my right eye. Does this mean I should get my eyes checked?
My left eye's vision is slightly blurred and my mom thinks I should get them checked. Really, though, it's not that extreme so I feel it'd be a waste of time. I don't mind getting ...

 How dangerous is it to get Lasik?

 Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?
Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?
Does laser eye surgery last forever?
What if you have big holes in your retina from myopia?
Can laser eye surgery improve my ...

 whats the best brand for contacts?
ok im about ot get contacts but i need really good ones i need a great brand ...

 If I've broken the arm on my glasses.....?
Can I go into any opticians and get it fixed? I'm 18 and at University so do I get it for free? The arm isn't broken, it's just bent, so would they be able to fix it while I wait? T...

 I don't want to stay with Specsavers anymore. Can you recommend any others?

I'm just not very happy with their customer service anymore. I don't want to go to another Specsavers branch because there is only one which is more local.

What do you ...

 really dry eyes? Don't know what to do?
Just recently my eyes have become extremely dry and my doctors prescribed me acuve oasis for dry eyes, and I put in a lot of eyedrops but my eyes are still really dry. It's becoming quite ...

 Are gray eyes considered a rare eye color?

 Is it dangerous for small children to wear glasses?
I heard that 20/20 eye sight doesn't even develop until 2 or 3 by my eye doctor. The other day I saw an INFANT wearing tiny glasses. This made me so sad, because this can keep eyes from ...

 Small red veins in eyes (I have hard contacts)?
I just got my hard contacts about 4 or 5 days ago. And today I noticed in the mirror before I was going to take them out, that I have some small red veins showing in my eyes. I dont know if this is ...

How long do you have to wear glasses before you can get your contacts?
my dad wants to take me to the eye doctor because he thinks my eyes need to get checked out. Personally, I don't think my eyesight is that good, but not horrible, and I think I might need glasses. But I do not want glasses; I want contacts. 2 days ago, I told my friend (who has glasses) about my situation, and she said that you have to wear glasses before you can get contacts, but how long do you have to wear the glasses?

Contact Lens King
This is a misconception. If your eye doctor is asked about this he/she will be glad to accommodate you with lenses. Development of new contact lens materials in the past few years has encouraged eye doctors to recommend contact lens wear to children from 10 years of age. The one thing that you will hear is that everyone who requires a vision correction should have a pair of eye glasses even if they prefer wearing contact lenses. This is to make sure to have a back up in the event of an eye problem or a lack of replacement lenses.

it depends why you need glasses. Do you need them all the time, just for reading, to see far. Usually contacts are for all the time. Getting contacts kind of depends on you and your parents decision. I wear contacts, I used to wear glasses just to see far but i wore them all the (which is not good it makes your eyes worst) But contacts are much easier except putting them in every morning.

you can go right to contacts... why would you have to wear glasses first? ive had contacts for 8 years now. its a good idea to own glasses, incase something happens to your contacts.

you dont have to. but it helps if you have a pair of glasses as backup.. my contacts (even tho they are the right rx) aren't as clear as my glasses.

I never really wore my glasses. I got the contacts pretty quick, although my sight wasn't that bad at the beginning. They irritated my eyes for the first week or so, but recently my friend got them and said they didn't hurt at all. You can't feel them (unless threesis dirt in them or something) and I've had them for so long I forget I can't actually see! They are such a great invention! I definitely recommend them and good luck with yours :)

p.s. I was 12 I think when I started wearing contacts, so they probably will let you if you aren't 15 yet if you say you are responsible. Also I've slept with them in twice. I'm not blind yet :) . Obviously its not the best thing to do though. One time I didn't notice and put another pair in. Then everything was cloudy and I thought I was going blind/had cataracts.
Anyway that was a nice pointless story...

Hi you don't have to wear glasses first, i only got contacts at 21 as i was told by an optometrist that my eyes were to bad to wear contacts, meaning that didn't make a script high enough, ifinally went and asked and said of course i could

my eyes are on a 7 script now and when i get to 10 i might start to have problems finding a brand that makes them that high, but hopefully by then they will make them with a higher script.

good luck

You do not have to wear glasses before contacts, at least I never did.

You don't have to wear glasses first. I wear contacts and have never worn glasses.

That's not true, Opticians recommend that you be at least 15 years old when you start wearing contacts. And you do not have to first start off with glasses, my brother was 15 when he first realized he had poor vision, the Optician recommended contacts to reduce the growing problem of poor eyesight. And it has worked! The condition has not progressed like my other brother who has only wore glasses.
You should be at least 15, because then you can be responsible enough to take care of the contacts, and it'll be easier for you to put them on(which is very similar to putting your finger in your eye). If you're younger you'll find it a lot harder to do this, and could poke your eye causing serious damage to your eye.
It's up to you if you're mature enough to handle wearing contacts which includes proper care of your eyes, not sleeping with them in - because it can cause blindness-, using the liquid thing... You'll be ok. But if you're not ready for that go for glasses!

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