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 Can you put hydrogen peroxide solution in contacts?
i have color contacts and don't have a solution?...

 are your colored contacts supposed make your sight funky?
i just got colored contacts and i see the rings and i cant see clearly.
is it normal?
please ...

 How can I change my eye color naturally without using contacts? ?
I have the plain ugly dark brown eyes, and I want them to be a cute green or hazel......can you help??!!...

 lasik eye surgery good or no?
Im thinking of having eye lasik surgery. I personally have astigmatism and know the risks etc.. but mainly want to ask people what complications they had or none and do they think it was worthwhile ...

 Do contact lenses fall out of the eye?
like seriously on what occasions do they fall of or is it just random. has yours ever fallen ...

 Floaters in eyes a problem?
I've had floaters in both of my eyes for as long as I can remember (I'm 20 now)--the squiggly worm looking things in my line of vision. Most are clear but some are darker. I'm not sure ...

 getting used to glasses?
Ive just got glasses, and they feel uncomfortable 2 wear, they kinda irritate the top of my nose where they sit, i dont think they're 2 tight, but ive had 2 take them off because they've ...

 How do blind people see?

 How does a person have two different colored eyes?
I have two different colored eyes. I always thought it was because i had a cataract in one of them, but now I'm not sure if that's the case....

 My sister and I have different eye colours?
My sister and I have the same parents and everything but she is older than I by six years. I thought siblings usually have the same eye colour because they are fully related and have the same parents ...

 Should I get glasses?
I know that I have some trouble seeing road signs in the distance and have a bit of difficulty reading the tv from a distance. I wanted to get my driver's license soon. Should I get glasses ...

 How do you rate optical express opticians for service/price etc....?
or would you use a local opticians or use specsavers or another high street ...

 Can I take my old prescription glasses to a frame or optical store and have them put old lenses in new frames?
Will they do this? I tried at one place a while back and they required the prescription because they wanted to make sure my prescription was current...(which I don't have)....

 lazy eye question ?
i have a lazy and was told an eye patch would help the only problem is the genius who suggested it didn't know which to put it over.any help would be appreciated.
Additional Details

 Do i need a new eye exam to switch contact lense brands?
I went to walmart where i bought my contacts and had my eye exam there in September of 2007. I have only one pair of weekly contacts left and i want to switch to monthly. I went to the optical area ...

 If you cant see clearly and the eye doctor says you need glasses can you just put on contacts instead?
Ok if they eye doctor prescribes glasses, but you dont want glasses can you just go straight to contacts?...

 If I'm nearsighted and have glasses, do I have to wear my glasses while I'm reading?
I recently just got a new prescription (I can't remember what it is), but I have about average nearsightedness. I was told to wear my glasses constantly, even when I'm reading or at the ...

 i got a bug in my eye when jogging?
i was jogging i ran into a bug, my eye not red or anything. should i worry? it hurt bad it actually got stuck in my eye i was thinking i was going to have to have surgery to get it out!


 Where can I go for an eye exam if I don't have insurance?
I went to Wal-Mart last year, and really didn't like it, what are some places where I can go for a decent price to get an eye exam so I can get contacts and glasses?...

 is it okay to wear expired contacts if you didnt wear it a lot?
When contacts expire what happens to them? I have monthly contacts and I always find myself only wearing them on certain occasions of the month. I always keep them in the cleaning liquid and clean my ...

How long can I really wear one-day contacts?
I want to know if I can wear one-day contacts for maybe two consecutive days but only 4 hours each of those two days. If so, do you think it would be a good idea if I saved them in my contact container for a week and then wear them for another two days only 4 hours each. That's eight hours a week for two weeks for a total of 16 hours wearing them. The thing is I dont want to buy regular contacts cause I only really need them twice a week for four to five hours and I dont want to keep regular two week contacts because of the chance for protein buildup and bacteria etc if they are sitting around. I dont want to wear my glasses when I go out. Btw the contacts are freshlook color blends if that matters.
Additional Details
As an add-on to the question, does anyone know how long I can keep the two-week long contacts if Im wearing them for the same period of time (Four hours for two days a week). Could I keep them for up to 4-6 weeks?

I've read that two-week disposables are actually the same product as one-day disposables (what a rip-off, right?). Because of this, as long as you have a solution intended for killing bacteria and preventing protein buildup, you should have no problem using them for two weeks in the way you describe.

I heard that one-day lenses can last up to 1-2 weeks.

uuuuhhh mabe 24 hr. ask ur doc.

Generally speaking 1 day of lens wear is 8-14 hours, so wearing dailies for 4 hours a day means that you should be able to get 3 days wear out of one pair.

If you're thinking of doing the same with weeklys 2 weeklys or monthys, then once they start to feel gritty thats the time to throw them out and use a fresh pair

If you're careful, you can do at least the first half of what you're describing -- wearing them for a short period of time on two consecutive days. It's important to use a proper cleaning / disinfecting solution, not just saline, for cleaning and storing them in between. Leaving them soaking for a week probably isn't the best idea, and the daily disposable lenses tend to get weak if you're handling them too much, so I wouldn't recommend wearing them again more than once or twice a day or two apart.

To clarify what some of the above posters have been getting at:
One-day contacts are often made of the same material as the biweekly or monthly kind, but they aren't made as durable. (Monthly lenses are thicker, and most of them have surface treatments to prevent bacteria, proteins, etc from building up, as well as to keep them moist and comfortable longer.) I've seen more than one person try wearing daily-disposable lenses for a month, and they end up dissolving into pieces one day when you're trying to remove them. They are absolutely not the same thing, nor are they interchangeable.

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a few hours

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