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 What's so great about Polarized Sunglasses?

 Can blind people dream ?!?
People who were born blind, who haven't had the chance to explore colours and scenes, who haven't experienced the sense of sight.

What do they dream of, if they actually can ...

 What do I do when I am taking out my contacts and they get stuck to my eye?
This has happened before, and it is very unconfortable. It feels weird, and then I start to panic. What are some ways to avoid this?...

 Why do so many girls have a problem with wearing glasses?
I've been stuck with glasses fulltime since I was 10 years old and to be perfectly honest they aren't a problem at all. I love choosing new ones, and whenever I do most of my relatives ...

 Is it okay to wear mascara on the same day as an optician's appointment?

 Contact lenses or glasses?
I've had glasses for 4 years but I haven't worn them. My eye sight is getting really bad. I hate wearing them because I just look like a geek. Are there any contact lenses (like ...

 What are some reasons your eye might be twitching?
I cant tell if its my actual eye or if its the lid twitching, but either way what are the reasons for it?...

 What do you say to your mom when she is rapidly becoming blind (advice)?
This morning I was awakened to the sound of my mom knocking on my door. I thought she noticed I was sitting up in my bed looking at her but she didn't. She kept knocking and knocking with the ...

 My left eye keeps twitching?
My left eye has been twitching multipul times a day for about a week. It is slightly blood shot but my vision isn't any worse and it doesn't hurt....

 How did your lazer eye surgery go?
I'm thinking about having it done...but...idk.
Your thoughts?
Additional Details
and don't tell me 'lazer' is spelled improperly. I don't care. Thanks....

 Tips to keep good eye sight?
Im 15 and i think the TV and comp are taking there toll on my eyes.
I can read and see but still, in school when im reading and looking down they hurt a little.
Any things i can do to keep ...

 My eyes have sunk in and look small how can i fix it?
*sigh* i used to have such big eyes but now they'v such in and look small and i've got eye bags
how can i fix it?
or at least get them to look big again, cus i don't mind the ...

 Should I wear glasses or contacts?
I have glasses and contacts but I want to know which one to wear to school....

 Where can i black contacts the cover your whole eye???
So it looks like my eyes are completely black.

i want to know cuz i am gathering stuff for my halloween costume. =]
Additional Details
Oops sorry i mean BUY black contacts, ...

 okay, i get headaches when at school?
It is usually when i read for about 5-10 minutes without a break, and i get headaches all the time at school. I think it is mostly when i read things, and i do write with my head really close to the ...

 I'm considering Lasik eye surgery. Does anyone who has had the surgery have good or bad things to say?

 How can I get perfect eyesight without glasses?
I do not want contacts, I just want perfect eyesight. I already wear glasses and I cannot see things far away. Any exercises I can do?


 can someone cheak their eys for me plz?
Um..In the pink bit can u see if there is a line in urs? thanks! its urgent!!!
Additional Details
ok.. look in your eyes and can u see if there is a line in that pink bit of your ...

 Can your contact lenses last a year?
As in you do not take them off and change them for one full year? Is there such thing as that? Even if it was really expensive? By the way, it's colored contacts....

 If I don't wear my glasses all the time, will it make my eye sight even worse?
Some people say that if you have glasses and only wear them sometimes, it'll make your eyes worse since you're not wearing it all the time. Is this true and why does it make your eyes worse?...

Michellee ;]
How do you know when you're going blind?
my vision is a little dodgy and when i watch things on my iPod or MP4 i cant read the texts. i really dont want glasses though because im getting bracis and im going to look like a big GEEK.

ok maybe not since im 4th prettiest in my year... also im 13 is specsavers free in the UK.

When you can't see.

You just need glasses. Get a check-up at your optician first. Spec-saver sell quite cheap glasses. I've seen £25 advertised. Don't know how trendy they are though. A lot of people especially girls wear contact lenses. They're not much more than glasses and are easy to use.

Badboy 2k
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcbpsYj1LXw you need inspiration

Gerry Attrick.
Your eye sight is precious; more important than what you look like. Get a check up. There are stylish glasses available, if you have to wear them. The test is free, not the glasses.

What Laissez_Faire said.

It is better to go to an ophthalmologist. They will examine your eyes and take into account your symptoms. They can properly diagnose your vision porblem. We cannot here on yahoo answers. We are not doctors and should not replace your eye doctor. Once you get a diagnosis he/she will perscribe the proper treatment for you. If you don't know where to turn ask your primary care doctor to refer you to an eye doctor that takes your type of insurance. Headaches and loss of sight needs to be taken care of by an eye specialist, not someone who makes glasses. See a specialist now and let us know how things go. Best of luck.

u won't go blind, u just have bad eye site..if u get sprayed with anything bad like bad chemicals..then u might go blind but not from watching too much tv or reading too much and whatever..XD

Cotton headed ninny muggins
you need to get your eyes checked if your having problems. The longer you leave it the worse it will get. You can get contact lenses if you do not want glasses. You seem pretty confident in your appearance though, so if you are the 4th prettiest, i doubt some fashionable glasses will do any harm.

Eye tests are free for you at any optician (inc. specsavers) as you are under 16. They will remain free until you are 18 if you stay in full time education. You might also get an NHS voucher towards your glasses to help pay for them, I get one worth £35 (well not any more because I've just finished school but you get the point).

just 4th prettiest! do they have a poll? bracis will make your teeth nicer later on in life and glasses will help you see so that you can make sure you are picking at least the 4th best good lucking lad in your year, otherwise you'll be picking a geek!

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