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 eyelash undernath eye?
I got an eyelash right underneath my eye and can't get it out. It's right under my whole eye so i can't wash it out, tried plucking it out but can't. It's too deep, need ...

 Can an eye that drifts be cured?
Does surgery make the eye stop drifting completely, even when a person is tired? What if they have perfect vision in both eyes? Does age matter with surgery? I've had this since I was about 2. N...

 how can i cure my poor eye sight?
my eye sight is -1.5 so how can i cure it. Please tell me a really good way to cure my eyesight naturally in less than a month....

 Overnight Contact Lenses For Short Sight, Do You Use Them, What's Your Experience?
Interested for a ten year old with short sight (-1), would be grateful for your comments.

e.g. does your child's short sightedness continue to deteriorate over a few years or is the ...

 Can people who are blind see in their dreams?
For some reason I was thinking about it earlier, and now I'm seriously curious! Also, can color-blind people see color in their dreams?...

 How to dialate pupils on command?
I have heard of blurring vision, tensing stomach, and thinking of something exciting. None of these have worked for me.
Additional Details
On command, without a change of ...

 Is it true that we see things upside down? why?
Why is this so? If our eye lens is a biconvex lens not a concave lens which makes the image upside down, so does this mean that a biconvex lens also flips images?...

 My eye doctor said, "I'm going to order you a BOX of contacts" What did he mean? A box with multiple packs?
or just one box? How many are in 1 box? Thanks....

 Does getting glasses make your vision worse without them?
Hello! I've had glasses for about 4 years. I decided I needed glasses because my vision was slightly blurry, so I got them. I've updated my prescription once since then, but it seems like ...

 Visine doesn't work anymore!?
okay well i went on vacation for a week and didnt smoke any weed..and usually i smoke alot so my eyes would not rele get red before i went on this vacation. Now whenever i smoke they get so red and ...

 how long does anti glare last on eye glasses?
I have this on my glasses, and it has turned a blue color. My glasses are only 1 year old, and they want 360.00 to replace the lenses....

 Is a scratch on your eyeglasses bad for your eyes?
It seems like I'm looking right through the scratch and so don't really notice it.

But is it bad for your eyes to have a scratch on your lens, or does it not really matter?

 What is the best advice you can give me regarding glaucoma?
What do I need to know and where can I find this information?
Additional Details
I have open angle glaucoma....

 What can I expect to pay for color lenses?
Obviously, it's different for everyone..
but can someone throw an approximate money figure out?
(This is for cosmetic lenses only..not for vision correction)
Additional Details

 I need glasses but have no money to pay?
I had progressive lenses, mypuppy chewed them up. Contacts are actually cheaper but I am awaiting disability and have no job, no income and I have no glasses or contacts. I know the prescription I ...

 What can cause temporary blindness?
I am only 16 and i have been having episodes of temporary blindness. This has been going since about March of this year. I've been to eye doctors and they all seem to say it's ocular ...

 Contact lenses questions?
I'm planning to get contacts but my sister and my best friend warned me about `bad` things about contacts.

1. Do they make your vision worse?
2. Can you scratch your eye, making ...

 can wearing contact lenses too often, make your eyes worse?
i really need my eyes to get better. the past few years they've been getting worse. what can i do or eat to make them better?
Additional Details
i'm 21, is that young?...

 Should 'The Green Eye' Go to bed?

 I want to go to Optometry school but dont know what majors I should select during undergrad.?
I'm a highschool junior and would like to know good choices for majors If i want to get into optometry school
Additional Details
John E- why do you think its a waste of time?...

How can I get rid of my glasses?
I have had glasses since I was like 9 years old, and I'm under the age of 14, but I'm around a -5 in both eyes. I really want to get rid of my glasses, or at least lower the degrees/power of my lenses. xD

I'm not going to go for contacts, and please don't say something like "get laser surgery" because I'm too young. >.<

Oh, and I have dark circles under my eyes, and I get an average amount of rest for my age. I have noticed though that most people with glasses have dark circles under their eyes.... o_o

Thanks in advance!!! :-)

I am exactly the same as you. I wish I could help you, but I need the same advice as you do!

The only options for getting rid of glasses are:
Laser Surgery (i know you don't want to hear that)
Contact Lenses(you don't want to hear either, but maybe you can try for 2 weeks and see, you still keep glasses)
Exercise your eyes*
Nutrition Change*
* for more information on these visit:

Orthokeratology (OrthoK)
You'd love to throw away your glasses, but Lasik (laser eye surgery) scares you? At last, there's an alternative - orthokeratology! OrthoK involves the wearing of special lenses at night, which gently correct the shape of your eyes while you sleep, so you can see perfectly without glasses when you’re awake.

Ortho-K is ideal for people who can't wear ordinary contact lenses, but don’t want to take the risk of Lasik surgery. People who can’t tolerate daytime contacts can usually wear Ortho-K lenses without any problems. Because you only wear the Ortho-K contacts at night with your eyes closed, there's no problem with dryness, and no risk of dust and pollution getting in your eye. And unlike soft lenses, the Ortho-K lenses don't absorb the soaking solution, which is a boon if your eyes are sensitive to the disinfecting chemicals.

I'm one of those people who have sensitive eyes, and I started OrthoK about nine months ago. Even on the very first day, I was able to do without my glasses for several hours. By the end of the week, I was completely free of glasses, and have been ever since. It still feels strange to walk around and see the world, clear as a bell, without any spectacles on my nose!
How does it work?
Short-sightedness occurs when the eyeball is too long or the cornea is too steep, causing light to focus short of the retina. The Ortho-K lenses flatten the front of the eye, so that the light hits the retina in the right place – and voila, you can see perfectly without spectacles or contact lenses! Because the reshaping is so gentle, it wears off gradually, so you have to wear the lenses several times a week to keep the eye in shape. How often you wear them depends on the individual - some people only need to wear them twice a week, others every night.
How does it feel?
I have to confess that when I started Ortho-K, I wondered if I'd made a big mistake. The small, hard lenses were tricky to put in my eye and horribly uncomfortable once they were in. When I tried them in the optometrist's office, I couldn't see a thing because my eyes were watering so much! But the optometrist told me to close my eyes and as soon as I did, I realised I could hardly feel the lenses. He also explained that because I would be wearing the lenses for several hours each night, my eyes would get used to them very quickly.

And he was right. The first couple of nights, I took several attempts to get the contacts in my eyes, then had to feel my way from bathroom to bedroom with my eyes closed because I couldn't bear the discomfort of opening them! And in the morning, my eyes were stuck together with gunk. But while I was lying in bed, it was easy to forgt about them and go to sleep - and within two or three days I could tolerate them enough to pop them in, then do other things such as brush my teeth or cleanse my face without wanting to scratch my eyes out.

Now. I'm so used to the lenses, I have even sat down and watched a late-night TV show while wearing them (I couldn't sleep that night!). That's not to say I'm not aware of them, but they're no longer uncomfortable with my eyes open. I now wear them on a two nights on / one night off schedule, and can even skip a night if I'm too drunk - er, I mean, tired.

You may wonder why I'm going to the trouble of wearing contacts every night when I could easily have Lasik surgery. I know several people who've had Lasik and loved it, but I also know someone who had complications and had to have a special implant put in his tear duct, which was enough to put me off the idea!

Of course, there are risks with Ortho-K too. As with anything you put in your eyes, there’s a risk of infection. However, it’s lower than the risk with daytime contact lenses, where you can pick up infections from contamination blowing into your eyes, from your fingers if you touch your eyes, or from make-up brushes or pencils. The only risky time with Ortho-K is when you insert and remove the lenses, and so long as you make sure your hands are clean and you use the right solutions, you shouldn’t have any problems.
Where can I get OrthoK lenses?
There are still very few practitioners, though the number is growing all the time. Adding to the confusion is that some lens manufacturers have different names for Ortho-K, so the optometrists who sell them may use that terminology:

Paragon Vision Sciences - CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy)

Bausch & Lomb - VST Process (Vision Shaping Treatment)

If Googling doesn't lead you to a practitioner in your area, it's worth trying the Optometry department at your local university as they a

go get eye contacts

Princess &lt;3
Honestly you should go for contacts, I had glasses since 5th grade and at the end of 8th grade i got contacts. Not only do glasses make it hard to do things (especially in P.E in school like when you have to run and play sports) and they can just be annoying, and yes they cause tan lines on your nose, and circles ande bags under your eyes, also(not saying glasses make u look bad, i wore them for almost 4 years) BUT i ended up looking a lot better without my glasses (no more tan, the bag under my eyes went away, and i just looked better and you could see my whole face, i wasn't hiding under my glasses anymore.)

IT IS EASY TO PUT ON CONTACTS, dont think you are "too young" for contacts, you can get the daily disposable ones, so they will always be clean and fresh, and yes it may take u a few times to get the hang of them, and they will b much easier,

There is no way to get rid of your glasses besides wearing contacts, for surgery you will have to wait a long time, and it may cost a lot too. I say go for the contacts.

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