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 eye color changement?
i hate my eye color!
its dark brown and when i say dark i mean DARK! lol
i wanna know if there is anything that i could do to change it to maybe a hazel or anything like that. is it ...

 contacts give me your oppinion:?
i entered a contest again and i posted a question about it earlier but it got removed somehow? any way

i entered a music contest heres my entry:


 Is it normal for eye color to change?
My eyes used to be just dark blue. However, over the past few years, starting in my mid-teens, they have gradually become grayish-blue and now have a bit of green in them. Is this normal? What ...

 Is it normal for the pupil of your one eye to be larger than the other?
The pupil of my right eye is larger than the one of my left eye.It's been like this since I can remember.I don't wear glasses or contacts.
There's nothing wrong, I don't have ...

 Besides surgery, how else can you improve your eye vision?
LASIk isn;t the only possible way to improve eye vision. And I don't have to be an eye doctor to say that....

 contacts dried out for about 10 minutes?
one of my contacts fliped off why i was putting it on. i found it after about 10 minutes (it's was kinda dried out) and put it back in the Solution.
do you thin i can still use it?...

 if my eyesight isn't clear anymore, is their still a chance for it to go back in the clear state?
im just worried because my parents would get mad if my vision will start to blur please help me....

 My CONTACTS have turned READ, what is THIS madness?
I was looking at my contacts, and I AM SORRY to say this BUT they were red! I HAVE TO go to the doctor, unless my appointment gets REMOVE again. So here is my question for YOU ALL. My contacts have ...

 Do you ever feel sorry for contacts at level one and want to throw a few BAs their way?

Additional Details
Ugh. I have no answers left. I ran out of stars at 11:00 AM. This is tough....

 Blurry vision in one eye...?
About a week ago, I got poked in the eye during a basketball practice. Since then, my vision has been blurry in my left eye when I wear my contacts. I changed my contacts, so it couldn't have ...

 Should I wear my glasses all the time?
Should I wear my glasses all the time? OR should I just wear my glasses when I need them, such as taking notes in school etc. Reason I am asking this is because I was wondering that if i wear my ...

 Can two blue eyes make a brown eye?
Can a couple who both have blue eys can they make a brown eyed baby boy?

I have two diffrent colored eyes. Why are my eyes two diffrent colors? I have one green eye, on blue eye. My ...

 How long did take you to get used to progressive bifocals?
I got them today, and at first it was a little weird, but I am getting a lot better already. I should be a natural by tomorrow. lol
Additional Details
Yeah, that's because my eyes ...

 first person who responds and stars this will get 5 stars as a best answer:)?

 Back in the mid to late 70's they were selling these glasses with hundreds of tiny holes to improve vision...
Would anyone be kind enough to tell me what they were called, and where I might get a pair. Thank You for your time!
Additional Details
OK, I found out what they are called,
Pinhole ...

 Is it possible to be unburdened with specs ?
Is it practically possible? Do laser surgery work ? I really wanted to be glasses-free, cmon eyes also need to breathe!!...

 Can being in front of a computer screen too much contribute to the development of cataracts?

 What eye problems/diseases can i get prescription marijuana for?
I was recently diagnosed with keratoconus, and i'm wondering, if I should invest in a sack of weed because of this....

 Do blind people see their dreams? And do colour blind folks see their dreams in black and white?

 I got contacts and now it seems I can't see a damn thing..is this normal?
First day and my vision seems spotty/blurry.
Is this a normal thing with first time contact wearers?
Additional Details
Am I supposed to wear them all day like this or gradually ...

Has anyone ever had bifocals cause nausea?
I got them last night and have been wearing them primarily for reading purposes, but I'm getting a slight headache and feel somewhat nauseous as well.

Is that normal ?

I do start to feel better when they are off and I know it takes time to adjust to them.
Additional Details
suspension notice: It's time to get busy...maybe if you sent me some pictures I could focus on instead.

♫™!eM O' LiL tsuJ♥
YES this happened to me I had to give them up

sometimes it happens- most people take time to adjust to them

Robo Sexual
Well, I don't know jack squat about bifocals, but I will share my glasses story, maybe it will help.
I have had contacts since I was 15 (I have horrible vision). I got into the habit of sleeping with my contacts in, which is bad I guess. So, for years the doctor would yell at me for doing that. I have to watch TV to fall asleep, and I can't see anything without my contacts in. So, eventually I got some glasses to wear at night, and when I woke up. They made me so dizzy and nauseous, finally I was like F it.
So, I'm thinking its normal

Absolutely. I remember when I was younger and my mom got them (when she turned 40!) she had the same problem. Where is God? You need to talk to God...he does that for a living and could probably help you or give you some ideas.

Edit: ROFLMAO I guess God is here.

I do think this is possible. I don't have bifocals, but I wear contacts and have regular glasses. I have very bad vision. So I have to have both since I take my contacts out at night. Like Robo, I have to watch T.V. to go to sleep, so I alternate between contacts during the day and glasses at night. Anyway, my glasses prescription is a little stronger than my contacts prescription so I get a little nauseated sometimes when I change back and forth from glasses to contacts.

Whew. Hope you got all that.

Meppa's been violated again
Um this is a little off point but it should answer your question.

I get migraines, and my vision goes wonky and I get nauseas.

You need to make sure those are the right glasses for you because it sounds like you brain and eyes are having to make other adjustments and causing nausea (it can be common with eye problems). It could take time to get used to them.

Bet you look Hot and what's with all the answers missing? Did some people get violated, and it is so early for that here, lol

Hi baby Boy Toy!
It is entirely possible for bi focals to cause nausea. It works on the same principle as motion sickness or car sickness.(dual levels) Your eyes are having to re-adjust with the up and down motion of your head as you are reading, looking up, looking back down etc... The Rx of the glasses may need to be adjusted or you may simply need to get used to them.

Welcome to the world of bifocals!! (Well, mine are actually "progressive lenses"....)

It took me about a week to get used to them...and I have to wear them all the time! They told me it takes some adjustment, too.....

Keep at 'em....you'll get used to them before you realize it....it's just WHILE you're realizing they're on is the hard part! (LOL)

but skratchuh: the STD bear
yup, I swallowed 2 pair once, puked my guts out

Rigor Mortis Hypno
I apologize Walt, looks like my Tatas cause blindness in some...but relax even if you can't see em anymore, I'll let you play Tune in Tokyo with em. You won't suffer from nausea after that.

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