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 Why do I start blinking a lot when I wear my contact lenses?
People have told me that they notice that whenever I wear my contact lenses, I start to blink and squint and do weird things with my face. I do not do those things in my glasses. What could this be ...

 do eye excersizes actually work?

 Visine-A actually turns my eyes bright red; has anyone else had this happen?
Visine-A, not to be confused with Visine AC (both have green labels). Thanks.
Additional Details
I used it twice, total. First time, after opening it; second time was just to make sure ...

 What more damage this lazy eye can do to me now?
I'm kinda depressed... still. My doctor isnt sure about improvement and I know its not gonna improve anymore. He gave me exercises to do, but they are not working, he tells me to do more, still ...

 How do you improve your eyesight without LASIK in singapore?
How do you improve your eyesight from 280degrees to a degree where you don't need to wear spectacles without LASIK and in Singapore?
Additional Details
I mean i am myopic and - 2.8 ...

 Why does my eye do this?
I had three surgeries to re-attach my left retina(retinopathy of prematurity). I have some blindness in the periphery and the central vision was damaged as a result of the de-tachment, which causes ...

 Coloured toric contact lenses??
Hi all,

I have an astigmatism in one eye and am looking at getting contact lenses. Does anyone know of any retailer than serves UK that does coloured/tinted ones?


 a year ago i tried contact lenses but the opticain could not show me how to put them in. so i was stuck with?
the sales assistant who after a minute booked me in for another appointment because i was trying to put the lense in. so i just gave in anyone else had this problem, because i would love to try again....

 How long is too long to wear contacts each day?
Is 16 or 17 hours too long to wear frequency 55 contacts each day? I have glasses but I don't really like them so I don't ever where them. Is this going to hurt my eyes wearing them this ...

 Can people actually not have black eyes?
I was talking to my friend the other day and she said that no one can have black eyes. Is this true?...

 is laser eye surgery for eye sight correction risky?
is laser eye surgery for eye sight correction risky?
Does anybody have experience?...

 Referal after an eye test?
I went to the opticians for an eye test, he gave me a prescription for being long sighted, then he looked in my eyes and told me to scrap the prescription and that he was referring me to the eye ...

 Daily and Extended Wear Contact Lenses?

I've got both Acuvue Moist Dailies and Acuvue Oasys Extended Wear (2 weeks).

I find that most mornings when I wake up my eyes are really red, and a bit itchy.

 is this normal?
me and my twin sister ashlee both have two different colored eyes! one green and one blue. but latly my eyes have been darkening. if thats possible ..maybe somthings rong with me but you can see how ...

 Cornea hurts. can't put on contacts. help!?

I don't know what's going on. I sleep in my contacts, it may be to blame. Today I put in my contact and the cornea of my eye started to burn severly. Eye started watering a ...

 I look and I can see the things that I can see, but sometimes when I see some things, they sometimes bother me
Tell me, what should I do? What would you do? Is there anything anybody can do?...

 Why do your eyes get red when you're tired?

 I can't figure out the name of what is wrong with my eye! Do you know what's wrong with it?
I have a problem with my right eye. The distal side of the skin (the side furthest away from my nose) does not meet up with my eye. There is about a 4mm gap between my tear sac and my eyeball. My ...

 how much do contacts cost?
i need to know...could you just give me a price range please? thanks =]...

 To be blind for a week? Is it safe?
My friend has been blind since birth and since I want to understand her better we thought I could spend five days blind with her. With a blindfold or something... I really don't know how yet... ...

First day of wearing contact lenses... question!!!?
Two days ago I was given my pair of trial contact lenses, so today I was only supposed to wear them for 2 hours, 3 hours max. I was supposed to gradually add two hours of wearing them each day (i.e, the next day, 4 hours). Yesterday I lost track of time and forgot they were in there so I left the contacts in for 9 hours.
Is this a BIG problem or just no big deal?
How many hours do I wear them today/tomorrow?

It's not a big deal although it may have caused your eyes from irritation because they are not used to having contacts in. If you wore them today for nine hours then just reduce the time tomorrow for about five hours if you're concerned, or leaving them in all day. Contacts are meant to be worn all day and taken out at night. Just be sure to take them out before bed. Don't stress!

meh. no biggie. i don't even tell my patients to "build up" their wearing time anymore when they're wearing soft disposable lenses. thats old school. i only do the "build up wearing time" thing on specialty lenses like gas perms & hybrids.

if you're wearing soft, disposable lenses...you're fine.

Contact Lens King
Don't worry about what happened. Gradually increasing your contact lens wear is a very old method and one that is rarely used with soft contact lenses, and especially with the new lens materials that have come into the market in the last 5 years. Many years ago when semi-rigid lenses or even the older hard lenses were used they were manufactured using lens materials that did not allow oxygen to pass through easily. So the eye doctors had to get your eyes to get used to the lower oxygen levels and that had to be done gradually. Now all that is over. You should check with your eye doctor to get your answer on how many hours you can wear the lenses today or tomorrow but I suspect you will be able to use them for your waking hours without a problem.

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