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 Why Health Insurance don't cover Lasik? Why is it concider cosmetic?
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 Ok so I just got contacts...?
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 Can I go on the plane with contacts?
Is the air too dry? I forget and I'm going on a trip alone soon, so I need to know if I have to wear my glasses.

 I got a bit of Pringle in my eye...?
Please don't laugh!!

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 Pinkish tint of eyes due to contact lenses what could be the cause?
I have a little small pink isnt tint to my eye but it only occurs when i wear my contact lenses could it be irritation or anything? please and thank ...

 How do the optometrist test babies eyesight?

 what can happen if you wear contacts nonstop ?
if you had contacts that are not meant to be worn continuously for a month but you do anyway, what could happen to your eyes ?
Additional Details
the contacts i have are able to let ...

 are contacts better than glasses?
first person to awnser will get 10 points i ...

 What color are my eyes?
I know this is a weird question but my friend thinks there grey and I think they are more green. So what do you think? lol http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r142/mililypad/Photo921....

 Do I need to wear my glasses all the time if it is -1 ?
I only needed to look at the whiteboard at school, I usually take a seat at the front and use it if I need to. but my friend told me if I dont wear it I could be blind is it true?...

 Question about glasses...?
Have u got any tips for cleaning glasses? My glasses' cloth which comes in the case make my glasses worse. Thank ...

 What happens if you die with your contacts in?
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 Are my eyes grey or blue?
People normally tell me my eyes are blue, and never have i gotten they are grey. But I myself have seen in this pictures that they can be both. Never are they green.
So what would you say they ...

 Can I get a eyeglasses with frame even though I have perfect vision?
Ive ALWAYS wanted to have a eyeglasses with frame around it, I just LOVE the look and it looks SO good on me but I have a perfect vision. Do I have to take an exam to have a eyeglasses? Whats the ...

 What's the easiest way to take out contacts?
Yesterday, it took me 35 minutes to take out one contact in the eye doctors office, and at home I tried for at least 2 hours before giving up. People are calling me a "quitter" because of ...

Does wearing sunglasses protect your eyes while on the computer?
I look at the computer screen for very long periods of time and I wonder if sunglasses will help!

lmfao....sure..wear sunglasses 24/7 actually...

Unless your monitor emits harmful UVB or UVA rays, then no I cannot concur .

No. how in the world would waring sunglasses protect your eyes form the computer.

Linda M
No. Wearing sunglasses while you work on the computer will only make your eye strain worse. Try dimming the lights so you reduce the glare on the screen.

i dont believe so, you should just get reading glasses. if you stare at the computer for a long time everyday most optometrist would recommend it

No, there is no product to do that yet. The only things you can do is take little brakes from the computer and/or just close your eyes once and awhile for a short amout of time. Sunglasses are for you to wear outside. To protect your eyes from the uv rays for you eyes stay healthy. Just like you should wear sun screen to protect you skin from UV Rays.

-Hope This Helps ♥

You should get glasses that are specifically designed for long periods on the computer, these usually have an anti-glare coating.

As for sunglasses, thinking laterally, polarised sunglasses cut out sun glare so who knows! Different coloured lenses will affect the perception of colour, particularly the darkest ones. Blue lenses are best for driving in bright sun as they aid visual clarity etc. (see articles at http://www.qualitysunshades.com )

That said, if wearing your sunglasses on the computer stops your getting headaches and eye strain, who is to say you should stop! However, I would still advise a visit to the optician.

Best wishes

Nope not any differnce then wearing your contacts.. Your eyes do not dry out as bad as if you had your contacts in. I always tend to wear my glasses while online just because mye yes are dry in the first place. Well use to i dont wear conctacts anymore.

Definitely not! Sunglasses is only for the ray of the sun. but i think reading glasses can help to minimize the amount of the light from computer. there is an equipment used for the monitor for preventing excessive light but i don"t know what it call? That thing is a tinted glasses.

Hulk for Prez
uhh, no.

Dr. Bill
Wearing good quality sunglasses won't hurt and might help with glare. You'd be the best judge. If sunglasses make your eyes feel better at the end of the day then wear them by all means.

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