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 What does Boderline T Abnormalities, Inferior Leads means on a EKG?
My EKG States Boderline. Does that mean high risk for a stroke....

 cardiac arrest in a 12 year old?
im 12 and the doctor said im border line cardiac arrest iv had one before when i was a newborn and they shocked my heart and now i find out im border line cardiac arrest help?...

 I've read that metoprolol and verapmil can cause severe heart problems.? Can this cause cardiomyopathy.?

 If someone has a BP of 170/90?
Do they have to put them on medication at that point if it's chronic?

Or is it something that a lifestyle change (weight loss/exercise/diet) can improve still?


 i had a pancreatitis atack jan 2 2008
i was in the hospital 8 days.newer herd of this before, im 43 and drank 20 years. i have pain all the time. its worse later on in the day.i need to find out what i should eat. ...

 FRUSTRATED AND SCARED- NINE doctors and cardiologists later and still no diagnosis... please help?
I really need help, I'm scared and I haven't been able to get any answers.

I've had problems for years. It started when I was 14, I passed out waiting for the school bus. T...

 What is cardiac arrest?
I know what it means a little but I need more details....

 what is a normal blood pressure for a 14 year old female?
is 69/45 too low?...

 69yr old mum told she only has 13% heart working?
does anyone know if you can live with heart failure and a maximum capacity of 13%........My beautiful mum was told this news yesterday and is now very, very scared as are we. She just had a quadruple ...

 actually this occurs when I'm tired or stress!!! its hard for me to breath well?
and my heart feels like vibrating inside,, that also let me weak,, and hard for me to breath!!! I noticed this when I was so tired , especially yesterday that I attended my training on martial arts....

 Is my heart beating too fast?
It's beating like 12 times in 10 seconds I think, is this normal??...

 Why does sodium worsen/create high blood pressure?
I know what it does in the body as in water retaining and constricting of capillaries, but in a somewhat chemistry way, why does it do that in the body?...

 Coconut and Palm oil are saturated fats from plant sources but do not raise LDL cholesterol?
levels like animals (part of the question)

is this true?...

 i need help with meds. (beta blockers)?
i am seeing that beta blockers can interfere with the absorption of the dessicated thyroid. do you know of any alternatives such as natural or herbs,or prescriptions that can aid in controlling the ...

 Can a person with a pacemaker on on the Lemon cleanse?
My husband and I wanted to go on the popular Lemon and cayenne pepper cleanse, however, my husband (22) has a pacemaker so was wondering if that would have any negative effects on him.


 If a person performs a more streneous work without any health complications then is he out of risk?
I am experiencing rapid and heavy heart beats (palpitations) which lasts for around 20 or 30 seconds and then dies down the beats are so intense that my hand tremble in accordance with the rythem foe ...

 Did i just have a Heart attack?
Hi, I'm a 18 year old male and in very good shape. Just over an hour ago as i was jogging,i suddenly felt really out of breath and had to stop. I could fell my pulse in the back of my throat, ...

 what heart disease could this be?
i have this problem but not sure. when i run say 100m sprint i run for about 50m but suddenly i lose control of my body and i need to stop, i thought it had something to do with my heart not pumping ...

 why does my heart pump so slow.?
for the past few days, ive been going to sleep and my heart is pumping very slow. It feels like if I go to sleep im not going to wake back up. So now im afraid to sleep. Because I dont want to die. W...

 should i goto the docter for heart problems?
well lately i have been feeling my heart beat i did it randomly because i saw a heart disease ad on tv, and some times my heart beats really fast or sometimes i can barley feel my heart. sometimes ...

At what elevation does it make your heart work harder?
I heard stories of people getting off a planes in Denver having heart attacks. Also I have a preexisting heart condition and had a cardiac arrest in Denver once.

at 36000 k.m from earth surface.

This issue has two sides to it. One, your sitting for a long period of time in one place without moving, it can cause blood clots in 80% of the people with cardiac problems like COPED and embolisms. And, the higher elevations have a thinner air (oxygene) and, therefore you breathe harder, making your heart work harder. You do, in time become say, acclimatized or used to the elevation and your heart becomes normal again. Your blood cells grow or reduce themselves according to the amount of oxygene you need. A colder temperature, you need more oxygene and warmer air so, your blood cells acclimatize and get fatter, you could say.
My former Lab Instructor a former octologist, stated she could tell what part of the country you were from according to your blood and, after months of blood study, we all understood what she meant.

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