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 i have a red dot in the white of my eye. should i be worried?
i have this dot on my eye. it has been there for 2 days. my eye sort of burns and gets a little blurry sometimes. is this bad? or will it go away soon?...

 Is this eye doctor doing it right ?
Hi, I went to see an eye doctor, to ask to find out my base curve and diameter so I can buy contacts online. She charged me $90 for the fitting seesion, but told me she cannot tell me what my base ...

 What does a blind man 'see'?
People assume that blind people only see pitch black, which I feel is likely, but I was wondering maybe they don't see anything at all? I know that it seems like the same thing but I mean if ...

 How to reduce a little redness of the eye?
I don't think it's an infection but I have a little bit of red eye going on and it might be because of a scratched contact. I put in eye drops but that doesn't seem to take down ...

 what are the symptoms of blindness?
I'm 14 years old and I have been wearing glasses nearly all of my life! I have astigmatism in and both eyes, meaning that I cant seen the TV clearly , its all blurry and I am really scared that ...

 I have short sight problem should i wear my glasses all time?
iam wearing only at the time of reading or watching tv..
what are the important things i should be aware of???

 Contacts that makes eyes different colour?
I want different colour eyes an so I was wondering how much they are to get them and where to get them.. I don't need glasses, so I'm not sure if that is required or not to have them??? Any ...

 how can i make my eyes change color ?
am really sad
coz all my relatives and my family have light eyes or colored eyes
and am the only ` that have dark eyes ( not black )...

 What is double vision?
I have double vision, but I don't see double. I just get bad headaches, so I have glasses to wear to stop the headaches. So what exactly is double vision?...

 Round Black Spots in Both eyes when...?
Whenever I look up with both my eyes and tilt my head down , these two dark round spots always appear. It's in the central part of the vision. Note it only does this when I am looking up and ...

 what's wrong with my contacts lenses?
I just got my contacts lenses and there colored and there prescription ones too. I got them in the middle of August. I just started putting them on every day and sometimes my left eye starts watering ...

 What would cause eyesight to worsen?
I'm just wondering..

When I went to the optometrist for the first time, I was 14, and my eyesight was not perfect, but not horrible. Every time I have gone since, my eyes have been ...

 A couple questions about colored contacts...?
Okay, I have darkish brown eyes. and it's not that i hate them, but theyre not very exciting. they are just kinda there. they arent "beautiful" or "mysterious" like most eyes ...

 I wear Freshlook Colorblends Blue-because I have brown eyes.?
They feel great on, but most of the time it seems like I am partially seeing through the colored part. It makes my vision comparable to if my eyes were watery-lights kind of glow & sometimes ...

 Urrgh, why aren't boots opticians delivering my lenses...?
Anyway I wear the monthly contacts and they get delivered to me every 3 months and for some reason my recent ones haven't been delivered for over a month, I've been calling them and they ...

 does anybody know how to stop eye-twitching?? its driving me bonkers! please!!!! thanks.?

 What r the side effects of eye laser surgery , which is done to improve ur eyesight?

Additional Details
Thanks for ur answers. I'm feelin' confused. Dunno what to do yet......

 can kids have eye surgery to correct far sighted vision?
My 3yr old has been prescribed +5 glasses for far sight. I have been told this will never go away and Im wondering if laser eye surgery is an option for him. I did not think at the time to ask ...

 Lasik eye surgery, who did it?
I have been thinking for well over 2 years now about Lasik eye surgery. I am scared of any type of surgery (as most people are!) and I cannot manage pain so well. I live in Canada (if that makes any ...

 Diet To Improve Eyesight - Which Are The Top Foods That Improve Eyesight?

I need glasses but have no money to pay?
I had progressive lenses, mypuppy chewed them up. Contacts are actually cheaper but I am awaiting disability and have no job, no income and I have no glasses or contacts. I know the prescription I need for contacts but I cannot afford them NOR the eye exam. Someone told me St. Vincent DePaul has some kind of eye exam and glasses program. I have to wear two pair of dollar store glasses to see up close, one pair to see far and still, I don't see that well. I have no money for an exam OR glasses. I could use some help for sure

tooo bad

find a rich husband/boyfriend.....

Blue Haired Old Lady
That's how it is for a lot of people. Just do without until you get some money. And when you get new ones - don't let the puppy chew them.

Get a monocle, they're half the cost.

You're just going to have to wait. I'm wearing my old glasses because the new ones I had my dog chewed them. So I'm basicly screwed and have to wait till I can get money again and get the new rx ones again.

Saint Bn Laden is Innocent
No money! No Glasses!
it's bad begging in Y!A.
don't fall to a cheat.

I got 2 pair of readers @ Dollar store,1 pair @ Walgreens. They work just fine.

Ask you parents, family, or friends for help. Be sure to pay them back in full though.
Find a job. even two if one is not enough.

check http://www.neweyesfortheneedy.org/us/freeexams.html on the web for a start. Then in your area get on the phone and call eye docs and ER's You may get blown off a few places but there are going to be some people who will give you local information also. I know of a program here in Arkansas but you need one locally. Never hurts to just ask. There are a huge amount of resources that go unused because people just don't ask for them.

Emily K
Yes, St. Vincent De Paul does have eye glasses programs. So do the Lion's Club.
Since I don't know where you live, I can't find you specific resources, but I can point you in the right direction. To find where you can get free eye exam and eye glasses, go to www.211.org to find an information and referral service in your area. The service will find what places will be able to help you in your city. You can call 211 from your home phone or go to that website to find your local call center's direct number (if you're calling from a cell phone). Most 211's are 24 hours, all are free and confidential and will be able to find you some resources that may be able to get you some glasses. I don't know about contacts, but maybe you could ask.

Lorinda P
You can also try the Lion Club they have a glasses program.

see if your area has a free clinic or set up a payment plan with your store

Call the Lions Club in your area and ask about their Vision program.

Go to this link. Down the left side of the page, choose LOCATOR for local contact info.


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