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 In my eyes, my irisis are brown with yellow, is that normal?
It's like this Pupil(black duh) Then Dark brown around the pupil, then it's yellow around the dark brown part...

really weird

No! I DON"T drink lol!...

 Why is my vision more precise with glasses than contact lenses?
If I wear the same strength glasses to my contacts my vision is a little bit better. why is this?...

 my wife's left eye is a lazy eye and i have normal eyes, if we were to have a child, will our child get it? ?

 Is it okay to wear contacts in the shower?
Usually I'll take a shower at night, and after wards I'll wrap myself in a robe and watch a little TV before I go to bed.

I really hate putting in and taking out my contacts, ...

 how long does it take for you to go blind if you rub your eyes alot?
i rub my eyes alot, and i cant help it. and i hate eye drops. and i reallyyyy dont wanna go blind :/
Additional Details
i dont rub extremely hard. and i wear ...

 Eye doctor problems??? Plz help?
this might sound confusing but please bear with me. I have a lazy left eye. No one really knows if I was born with it or not. I started wearing glasses in kidnergarten.

I did the ...

 It feels as though there is something in my eye but not sure there is?
I can feel something there. Two weeks ago I thought I put my contacts in but the minute I stood up I realised its not there because of the blur. Could it still be in there? And if it is, will it ...

 Should i go back to wearing glasses?
I have contact lenses at the minute, daily ones , which im only supposed to wear 6 days a week, but i dont stick to that and wear them the whole 7 days. I often get sore eyes when wearing them , and ...

 My contact ripped....help?
I have no insurance and can't afford a new pair of contacts and im depending on these ones i have had forever..

anyways one ripped today..but just a little piece is torn. I have a ...

 My vision is deteriorating and I need help?
My vision started to go bad when I was 18. Now at 21 my vision is 20/200 and getting worst by the minute. I've tried eye excercises, not wearing my glasses for too long and basically everything ...

its just that my mom is like u sould get contact lenses tat r like all time use but she says u have to deal with them often and buy this thing to put them in. right? but wat bout the one day contacts....

 How rare are bi-colored eyes, and what do they mean?
My eyes are so weird. One is green, and the other one is half green and half brown, literally straight down the middle. My mom has green eyes and my dad has brown....

 i got my eyes checked Saturday, i need glasses. when will they come in?
im getting really impatientt. when should they come in?...

 Going under the laser for Lasik... what is your opinion on the procedure?
I am having Lasik surgery on my eyes tomorrow afternoon so I'm wondering what people think about the procedure. Would you do it knowing the risks of what may happen even though the risks are VERY...

 What eye color do I have?
I am constantly asked what eye color I have, and I'm never sure how to answer. Can anyone tell me what I'd call my eye color?


 Is there a way to improve eye sight?
I was just wondering is there a way to improve your eye sight without laser surgery or anything like that, just like maybe some kind of training for your eyes.

And, i would also like to ...

 Should I get contacts?
I have glasses but they are so anoying but I hear that contacts can be too. So Im just wondering what all of you guys think. If you think I should then what brand of contacs should I get?...

 Is wearing only one contact bad for your eyes?
I got contacts two weeks ago-- my doctor gave me a pair of temporary contacts to wear for a month until my order of contact lenses came in.
One of my contacts ripped and is unusable (I don'...

 What if I cut off my eye lids? Will my eyes be ok?
I hate having to blink and some animals don't have eyelids so I don't want there either I hate blinking it takes a lot out of your ...

 my baby has one eye with a big pupil and one with a small. Should i be worried?
My little boy is 5 months and my husband mentioned today that he had noticed our sons eyes were different. One has a small black pupil and the other a large one.
Should i be worried?Does this ...

Contact lens doesn't come off my finger easily. Why?
I have recently started wearing contact lens. I have to keep trying over and over to get it to leave my finger. I think I have got it in, then i find it is on my finger. Any tips?

wet your index finger a little

Well, to make it easier for you to understand i will say it like this...

if you ever used glue and it all ways gets stuck to your finger right, well one day my hands were "WET" and it didn't stick to my finger to well you can try to wet your finger a bit to leave your finger

if this doesn't hep i am sorry, but i am sure it will! :)

Dr. Bill
To put on the lens:

#1. first wash and dry your hands.

#2. Place the lens on the index finger tip like a saucer with none of the lens edges touching the finger.

#3. What is probably happening is that you aren't getting the lids opened wide enough to clear the lens so the edge of the lens is hitting the lid and causing the lens edge to fold back against the finger.

#4..pull the lens edges away from the finger and try again.

Brett L
The most common reason that contacts stick to your finger, is that your finger is wet. Contacts are designed to stick to a moist surfaces, like your eyes. Pick up the contact with one finger, then transfer the contact to a dry finger, and place the contact on your eye.

It's because your finger is wet from the solution.
Try rinsing your contact in one hand and then place it on a dry finger of your other. I blow my finger a little to help.
Because if your finger is wet your contact will stick to it and you will kind of be senselessly poking your eye.

That same thing happened to me when i first started wearing mine. All you need to do is dry your finger off a little before putting the contact on it, because the contact is going to stick to the wetter surface between your eye and finger, and if your fingers wetter than your eye is then it'll stay there. So once the contacts in your hands put the lens in the hand you don't use, dry off the finger you do, then put it in.
Hope this helps. It'll get easier, promise. Hah:p

Do not wet your finger. You need to make sure your finger is dry, but the lens is still moist. This way the lens will stick to your eye which is moist, rather than come back out with your finger.

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