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 Dropped my contact lenses in the sink?
And I cleaned them twice with solution and I'm wearing them right now. they don't feel any different from before. Should I even be wearing them??...

 My contact tore. What to do?
I have trial contacts and am not going to order my new ones til monday. A few minutes ago i noticed that my contact felt weird. I went into the bathroom and noticed it was at the corner of my eye. I ...

 Is it bad to put your glasses on and off?
Okay I have prescribed glasses for my eyes. Is it bad to take it on and off? I mean, not everyday but like maybe once or twice a month. I usually wear them all the time, but like on special occasions ...

 can i keep my glasses lens?
i got new glasses a new months ago and my lil bro bent them can i keep the lens and just get new ...

 Can you take a pair of frames to your eyeglass provider and have them fit your lenses to them?
I want to buy some hand painted frames online. Would I be able to take them to an eyeglass provider and have them give me an eye exam, and fit the lenses to my frames?...

 Is it possible to change your eye color somehow?
Hiya, I have this problem, my right eye is blue (bright neon blue at that, like a windows error screen)

My left eye is brown... So it's really noticeable and I get a lot fo stares. :/ ...

 Is my contact lens still ok if I dropped it on the wood floor?
It was on the floor for awhile b/c I couldn't see it...and I didn't sweep for a few days lol...I cleaned it, will it still be ok tomorrow?...

 Can You Really Change Your Eye Color?
from dark brown to ...

 How do wearing glassess help your eye sight?
I have been wearing glasses since i was 7 and I am 13 now, i am short sighted but ever since i wore glasses my vision has not improved in fact i visited the opticians 3weeks ago and was told that my ...

 will not wearing glasses make my vision worse?
hears the thing.. i got astigmatism.. but only on my left eye! my right eye is totally fine.
so... if i look around with both eyes, i can still see normally, but i do get headaches after a ...

 Eye Doctor isn't Open!! And i need my glasses fixed!! HELP!! 5 points for whoever helps me!?
The lens part of my glasses or falling out. the the handle things are in the wrong way. and the nose things are also in the wrong way. and i've got to go to this orentation thing Monday. But the ...

 Why does my vision keep getting worse? Is this normal?
I'm 17 and my lenses are about a centimeter thick in the middle. I got them last year and i'm already needing new ones! Am i doing something wrong?? Is it because of the computer screen?? R...

 is not wearing glasses bad for your eyesight?
i sometimes wear my glasses and i sometimes dont. my eyes are 150 degrees and i only wear my glasses during class, when i cant see the blackboard, but normally, i dont wear it, and i was wondering, ...

 I'm going to the eye doctor in a week or so.....?
and I have Trichotillomania (Compulsive hair pulling) and I'm afraid that the doctor will adress me on having no Eyelashes. (I LITERALLY have 10 eyelashes per eye)
So, heres my question- W...

 Looking for a pair of eyeglasses DKNY 4508. I just broke mine and I can't find them anywhere!?
Looking for DKNY 4508 eyeglasses.

 I'm 20 & My eyesight...?
I began using glasses when I was in the third grade. I am now 20 (female). Every year, I feel that my eye sight is getting worse and worse. I use glasses because I can't see clearly objects/ ...

 I keep getting white flashes? Help!!!?
I have been getting white flares or flashes at side of left eye now, on and off for about 3-6months. They usually happen in the evening. I went to my optician and he gave me a leaflet saying ...

 Where can I get free/low cost glasses/contacts?
I live in Oregon, and I am unemployed and down to my last contacts. My vision without them is definitely not good enough to drive. Are there any programs that could help?...

 i keep seeing spots in my eyes. what is this?
i keep seeing little silver spots that float around and some times see black spots right in the corner of my eyes that make me look to see if there is something there. does anyone know what this ...

 How did you react when you found out you needed to wear glasses for EVERYTHING!?
I am 12-14 years old (range) and a female. I just found out I need to wear glasses for EVERYTHING! Ahhh. I hate attention and just cant see myself wearing glasses. Contacts arent an ...

Change eye color through meditation?
I have chocolate brown eyes, with chocolate brown hair. That makes me look... I don't know if plain is the word I'm going for, but... it doesn't make me look as fun-loving and exotic as I really am. I would like to change my eyes to something more exotic, like teal-blue, or something that really gives my face a look that says :Oh, she looks like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with.

People say that at a first look, I look like I would be really boring to hang out with, and very quiet. That is the opposite of who I really am!! So, could someone find a way for me to successfully change my eye color through meditation? -And please, no candles involves, I don't want to burn my house down on accident...

Thanks at least for reading this far down lol
Additional Details
Thanks, guys!

I was just wondering whether or not it was possible, and if it was, it would be cool!!! But thanks for your feedback =]

The chances of being able to this is about the same as being able to change your hair color with meditation. Save your time.

Horse Jumper
Lol, sorry, you are out of luck.

Meditation is not "magic", and you are stuck with your eye color, which is in fact permanent.

Meditation is for mind relaxation, not magic.

*memories for forever*
actually yes
my sister did a "spell" before and it changed her eye color for a day
it was amazing
and im not joking btw
good luck,and let me know how you did!

erm no huni, i'm afraid there only is coloured contact lenses. yours eye are a genetic/ heredity trait, no amount of meditation will ever change that

ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəls
My best friend had kind of blue/ gray eyes and his went bright blue but i think if yours are brown then it's not going to make a huge difference.

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