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"color contacts aren't good ...

Can you wear monthly disposable contacts for over a month (say two months)?
IS it bad for your eye if I do? Or can I really wear them for as long as they'll last?
Additional Details
will eventually if I wear monthly disposable contacts for like two months, after the month will I begin to see less clearly or somethin?

I've been using 1-month disposable contacts for a while, and I generally use them for 2-3 months. It's my experience that the longer you use a single pair, the more uncomfortable they become, but that's the only problem I've ever had.

I don't think so. I have contacts and have to pay for them myself so I make them last as long as they can! :) I wear my "one month" contacts for two months if I can stretch them that long. My personal opinion is that they just want more money out of it. If you keep them clean, I don't see why not! I do it and haven't had any problem whatsoever.

i say it's a realllyy bad idea. My friend has contacts and she said you can't wear them for more than a month; very likely to get an eye infection and it's possible for the contact to get stuck to your eye and taking it off will rip off some of your eye ball.

Please do not leave them in the whole time!

I have monthlies and I actually take them out every night and soak them in Clear Care. I can make them last 2 months by doing this, but if you leave them in your eyes for 2 months without cleaning them the proteins and bacteria will compromise your vision with the lenses. And especially during the WInter months you'll be much more likely to catch cold because of all the bacteria build up in the mucous membranes of your eyes.

Please clean them often.

Kat W
you can, but you are more prone to eye infections, styes, and etc. i have worn my two week ones for a month before

Don't hurt your eyes, just to cut costs.

Asked my ophthalmologist that exact question the other day. He told me he wouldn't. Apparently, you can get microbes build up on the lens if you wear it over the alloted time and eventually catch an eye infection (I saw the graphic representations of the eye infections, and trust me, they are horrifying) So how about you follow the instructions and dispose of them contacts after a month?

Your second question. Supposedly, as protein builds up on the lens you start seeing less clearly and more blurry. Personally, I have always found that, for some reason, I see much better towards the end of the month with my contacts, as if my eyes were finally getting used to them.

it's not too good to do that.

0_o <3
well it depends if you have sensitive eyes.if you do then it is best that you dont if you dont then i guess you can wear them for another half a month then after that i recomend you to get new ones.

Yeah I wear mine for much longer than one month and have been doing so for a while, and there is nothing wrong with my eyes yet...

You probably shouldn't because its "monthly". It might get irritating or won't work as well..

ew no

This is the deal............

the eye has no blood vessels of their own in which to take in oxygen. When you wear contacts beyond their particular recommendations, you are in fact, "starving" your eyeball for oxygen. When you continually do this ( over a period of time, not just over night), you are "forcing" the eyeball to "create" a source of oxygen. You are inviting the body's natural response of creating a supply where none exits. You are opening the eye up for the creation of blood vessels, where none should exist.

What you are risking is deformity to the eyeball.............

You may "get away" with it from time to time, but YOU ARE doing so at risk to your eyeball.........it is not so much that your eyesight will suffer, but your eye itself will.

I just endured this lecture from my own optometrist.

anita m
it depends on how often you wear them i only wear mine once or twice a week. so i keep them for about two or three months. if you wear them everyday then you need to throw them away. after you have worn them 30 times they start to feel like there dirty and it bothers your vision. also there not sanitary any more they just need to be thrown away or they can cause an eye infection.

It's not bad for my eye if you do, but it's definitely bad for your eyes. Monthly lenses can be worn safely for one month; that is why they are called monthly. Overwear of lenses leads to dry eye, serious infections, giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal neovascularization, corneal ulcers and abrasions, the need for a corneal transplant, not being able to wear contacts ever again, and blindness.

Non-compliance is a big issue in the eye care profession. It causes a lot of unnecessary eye infections, vision losss, and corneal damages, which could have been otherwise easily avoided. You paid your doctor not just for the prescriptions, but also for the knowledge and the advices that they gave you in the exam room. If you are smart, follow the instructions. You can chose to do whatever with the contacts, but when it comes to the eye problems, it is your eyes that being affected. If i were you, i would rather be safe than sorry. Please make a good decision.

Liza G
You increase your risk of eye infections which can lead to really serious things like corneal ulcers that can cause scarring or even blindness if you don't get them treated right away.

After a month, contacts have acquired quite a bit of protein on them as well (that's why contacts that last longer than a month have to be "cooked" with a special treatment to remove protein deposits), which adds to your risk of infection and can make your lenses kind of blurry.

And your contacts deteriorate over time, so after a month they're pretty worn out.

Also, if you have a high prescription (like me), it makes all of these risks 10 times worse.

My advice is switch to a longer-lasting brand if you want to keep them longer. You're supposed to throw your lenses out after a month for a reason.

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