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 Could i go blind from looking into the sun?
There was dust in the sky today and it was easy to look into the sun, so i did for about 20 seconds, not realizing the danger.

Now my eyes feel realy tired. I don't think i'm ...

 What brand of color contacts should I get?
I have darker hazel eyes and want blue eyes, which brand of contacts will give me the most dramatic effect without having to buy the expensive specialty halloween ones?Help!!...

 can you rinse soft contact lens with tap water?
i have acuvue contacts and is it ok to rinse protein off with tap water first, then disinfect it?...

 do u like glasses er contacts better?
and why?...

 My friend was fixing a cement wall and got concrete in his eye and it is almost swollen shut...what do we do?

 my eyes changed color on it's own?
i was in my room one night, after which, i think i fell asleep, i think... anyway, when i got back to my senses, i went to the bathroom and looked in to the mirror, at first glance i could see that ...

 my eye power is minus1.i don't want to wear glass help me?

 18 years old and long distance eyesight is terrible. Help?
It must be almost 2 years now, I have had really bad eyesight for long distant things. In fact, I struggle to read a registration plate that is no more than 15 feet in front of me. I do not struggle ...

 how do u put contacts in ur eyes?
i keep trying and the contact wont stick 2 mi eye or will bend back help sooo frustrating!!!
Additional Details
but like i m touching my eye with it and it is not sticking :(...

 Whats your glasses Rx?
What's your glasses prescription, and age? I'm 25 and rock a -4.50 OD and -5 OS....

 Clip On Sunglasses?
My daughter and I are going to the beach soon and both wear prescription glasses. I don't have the money for prescription sunglasses. Do they have sunglasses that clip on over regular glasses ...

 I have a small yellow streak in my right eye...?
So I've known about my little streak since I was about 5. But now, because I'm older, I did some digging, and found out that it was called "Heterochromia". But the description ...

 What degree means you need to wear glasses all the time?
What degree of nearsightedness is it recommended that someone should wear their glasses all the time? Is there a specific level?...

 how do i get my contacts out of my eyes?
i cant get it out without being ...

 is it painful when undergo LASIK?
heard and saw alot of articles where 1 part they will cut your cornea. I mean isnt that hell of a pain? even just a dust in your eye is already like a huge rock hit your eye....

 How do you get rid of red eye really fast?
I left my contacts in last night on accident and my eyes are blood red. I need to get rid of this before work tomorrow. Any ideas?
Additional Details
visine isn't working :(...

 how do i make myself need glasses?
i really want glasses and i DO NOT just want to wear plain lenses, i want to hav to wear them for medical reasons . my friends wears them, and she has just got a new pair, would wearing her old ...

 Where can I get colored contacts if I don't need glasses?
Oh and btw i want them to be a trial or very very cheap (under $20)
I have 20/20 vision but am tired of my boring brown eyes

 i have a bump showing on my eyelid. Its not on my eyelid but i dont know if it is on my eyeball or under my?
eyelid. What coud this be and how can i get rid of it. Thanks.
Additional Details
i dont put on eyeliner and i dont have pimples....

 Is it dangerous to wear a ripped contact lens?
I just ripped a tiny part of the edge of it.
Can I wear it or should I throw it away?...

Can wearing your glasses/lenses less STRENGTHEN your vision?
My sister wears glasses and since she started wearing them less, her vision has actually strengthened. i would definitely try doing this but the problem is that im so bloody blind! (-5.25 & -5.00) I would love to be able to eventually walk out the house without my lenses.

What do you guys think of this? Would my vision strengthen if I wore them less, like taking them off after school and wear my glasses around the house only for studying etc.?
Additional Details
Jayde & Barragan L. You two are the most rudest ppl I've come across on this. If you didn't understand what I said Jayde, then I'm sorry I think you fail @ wording sentences. That did not answer my question at all.
Barragan L, I KNOW that people would be doing that. Sheesh, I just asked if it was possible! What if people didn't know huh? And I'm so sorry that you are 'sceptical' just because you weren't there in the room with my optometrist.

my tractor
it seems so but I read okay in the sunlight and need glasses in the darker

All American American Barragan
If wearing glasses less could improve vision everyone would be doing it.
And no way you could improve a -5.25 prescription enough to walk around without glasses. I have a -3.25 prescription and I'm blind, you'd be way worse so don't raise your hopes.
Studies show that wearing glasses full time, part time, or not at all doesn't make a difference. Frankly I'm sceptical and your sister's improvement in eyesight.

Dr. Bill
I don't know why you think Barragan is rude because he makes sense unlike Sasuke.

Whether you wear your glasses or not has nothing to do with making your vision stronger. Your eye condition is genetic plain and simple.

If not wearing glasses made your eyes stronger then how did you become dependent on glasses when initially you didn't even have glasses to wear? Your eyes went bad all by themselves.

It's all mute anyway because if you want to see where you are going you will need your glasses despite what Sasuke said.

MJ Obsession

I dont know, but youre really cute :) Maybe ask an eye doctor?



"First of all let me tell you that wearing glasses can only either maintain your weak eyesight or can increase your prescription"

this and most of what sasuke wrote is incorrect

Dear friend as for that prescription I'll tell you later. First of all let me tell you that wearing glasses can only either maintain your weak eyesight or can increase your prescription. As for lenses they can only give headaches. They don't play a role in increasing your prescription or curing it. Yes you are right not wearing glasses can strengthen your vision. Want to know why because when your eyes get used to their vision then when the vision gets stable it goes towards getting better. That is if you take real good care of them but for you the chances are slim. Sorry your prescription is too much. Do you know why I am saying to you sorry because you must be wonderi ng to get your vision back in 6 months or so but that is a little bit possible for your sister but for you it might take you 4 years at least to get your vision back with extra normal care. I know you get jealous when you see everyone without glasses. The most effective eye exercise is as follows.
Close your eyes and feel the sun with close eyes. Then put your palms on your eyes. Remember only palms only only palms because they have a heeling effect. A slight mistake could be the reason for the wrong result. This should be done for 1 hour at least.

Honestly speaking I have a prescription of -1.5. Though I have the chance to cure it with that same exercise but I don't either have time or guts.
There is one thing I can assure you continue this exercise you will feel change in your vision. And you know that the upper exercise can also be used to release strain from your eyes. If you do it for 19 minutes or so in the room ( without the sun) your eyes will be refreshed throwing all the strain from your eyes. This can cure headaches and even if you make extravagent use of your eyes, it can put you back on track.
You can improve your vision, if you follow every single bit of information with heart. I know it's a difficult journey but good luck. Remember if you feel your vision ( after all what i told and after the result) oscillating around -4.75 and -5.00 then go to the doctor at once and don't wear those spectacles. Get new ones just as you feel some change. It may sound silly but if you don't you might even forget about the journey. Ok best of luck. Best best of luck.

ya it helps a little, but will also give you headaches when you have to strain your eyes
if you hate glasses so much you could get laser surgery if you have the money, but make sure its guaranteed cause it doesn't always work perfect first time

Yes it actually could strengthen your vision but since your prescription is high it wouldn't be such a good idea for you go to around without your glasses.

Maybe you could go to your eye doctor and ask for a pair of weaker glasses that are anywhere from 0.5 to -1.5 diopters less than your actual prescription and just wear those. This way you can be strengthening your vision and still be able to see just like your sisters vision.

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