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Can an optometrist get my lens strength without the origianl prescription?
Kind of a weird question, I know. But here's the deal:

I want to get a second pair of frames for variety, but I handed in my prescription about 6 months ago to a different frames store and when I called, they said they can't return it to me. I don't want to have to go through the eye exam all over again, especially because that prescription was good for another 1.5 years. Is there a way to have the optometrist get my prescription by just measuring or using my current lenses somehow?

♏ Dan
Yes, they can read your lenses and see the prescription they are but they cannot determine your new prescription from this as different patients' eye levels change at different speeds and amounts.

You will have to take another eye examination, especially if it's a while since your last examination and purchase of glasses.

Kandie Mc
i'm afraid you might have to get the eye exam.
i don't think it's possible for the optomitrist to know the lens strength with just the lens.
anyway your eyes might have changed just slightly so you can get a new perscription, which will last longer still =]

think of the positives f the situations i guess =/

Call the doctor who did your exam and ask to have your rx faxed to you or directly to the store you would like to shop at. It is a really common thing to make a request for a rx to be faxed, at least at our location.

I would be weary of people reading lenses to duplicate your rx. Some states don't require licenses for opticians, which means sometimes people have not been properly trained, and there is little room for error obviously. I also know that sometimes people use automated rather than manual lensometer's (what is used to measure lenses). The automated ones are forever close and never right. Might as well take the few minutes to get the copy and be sure it is exact.

I know from my personal experience that when it comes to glasses, I have different strengths in each eye; however, I wear the same strength contact lense in each eye.

Which is very convenient.

Soooo, I would say it would probably be best to just go through the exam. They might not be able to get your glasses strength just by knowing the strength of your contact lenses.

Randy B
Yes, any good optometrist should be able to read your prescription off of your current glasses.

Yes, that is no problem. We can read your lenses , it takes 2 minutes.

Any optician or optometrist can do that.

The place that won't return it is not right. They have to at least give you a copy if you ask for it.

If you go to an Optometrist though, they will probably want to do another exam instead. Go to an Optician.

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