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 Eye Drops for Dry eyes?
ok my eyes get really dry and sometimes red is there any non-prescription eye drops? which one is the best if so?...

 What color would you say my eyes are?
I am looking for opinions on what color my eyes currently are. Believe it or not they were dark brown when I was younger and they have been getting lighter every since. My father had dark brown eyes ...

 can you guess my eye color?
my mom has blue eyes, her mom has green eyes and her dad has blue eyes. my dad has green eyes, i think his mom has blue eyes and his dad has brown eyes, his brother and two sisters have blue eyes and ...

 Whats wrong with my eye?!?
my right eye keeps pulsating under my bottom lid, what does that mean?...

 Something's wrong with my eyes.?
Whenever i am on the computer for a long time, My eyes start to burn very much. Can anyone tell me what's wrong?...

 i can't read from further away. ex: when driving i can't read signs. what is this called??
i can read up close though, like for example a book....

 My eyes hurt when I read?
Can anyone tell me why my eyes hurt when I read? I can see clearly, but they hurt....

 Contacts? are they good or bad?
Okay so I wear contacts for sight because I hate glasses and im 16, Is this really bad for my eyes?...

 I have this red dot in my eye right next to my iris. It doesn't hurt, its just there...what could it be?
The red dot sort of budges into my iris a little looking as though it is pushing over the "color", but it doesn't hurt, and it is very very small...Is it a broken blood vessel or ...

 Size of Eyeglass Frames depends on Prescription ?
Having a Prescription of -9.50 -11.00 what are the ideal Eyeglass Frames for this prescription ? Does a certain size REALLY matter ?Are contacts better for this Prescription ?

I can see ...

 I had a problem with contacts?
I tried on my mom's contacts just to see if I could get them in and I could. However, I couldn't get them out. I know that contacts have to be sized and I was wondering if her's just ...

 I wear glasses and I would like to try contacts but I'm so scared of touching my eye I can't put on eye-liner!?
Please help! What should I do? Should I just keep my glasses or should I face my fear? If so how would I overcome my fear? Many thanks....

 I have had the stye for a week now, and there's no end in sight!?
I've had this stye inside my eyelid for about a week now, and a white dot, or the place where the gooey stuff is supposed to come out still hasn't formed yet. The first 3-4 days it was ...

 Wearing colored contacts over regular contacts?
I was thinking about doing a cosplay in which the character has green eyes, and my pupils are naturally brown in pigment.

I currently wear contacts for distances, otherwise my vision is ...

 i think i lost my contact in my eye?
Okay so i had my contacts on from 10:00 am - 8:00 p.m (i was taking them off) the half of the day i was at the salon getting my hair dyed i don't know if the chemicals has anything to do with it ...

 Do glasses change the way you look?
when I wear my eye glasses for a long time I think that I look different with them off, like my eyes become narrow. and when I don't wear them for a long time its like my eyes become wider. So ...

 Why would my vision go black for 15 mins?
I woke up recently and was reading the newspaper when my central vision went gradually blacker until I could not see. As I scrambled around in a panic for 15 mins I had just a little peripheral ...

 glasses... contacts?
ok so yesterday i bought glasses and today i think that they're SO UGLY... and that i need contacts so bad before school starts august 1. and i need contacts so baddddd,where can i get cheap ...

 How does one go blind?
I am paranoid about going blind. What are the causes? Can you go blind if you stare at the computer screen too
much, or if your eyes feel realy tired?...

 does quitting smoking improve your eye sight?

Can I soak my contacts in water instead of solution?
I forgot my case and solution at my dad's and am at my mom's for the night. Can I just soak in water for then night? Or should I sleep in them?

I've put mine in water before when I didn't have a case and did just fine.

I've done it before too, if you leave contacts in it isn't the most comfortable thing taking them out in the morning (they stick to your eye and can irritate them), but they won't fuse to your eyes or anything.
What i usually do is put them in a plastic baggie filled with water, (be careful though) and then take them out in the morning right when I get up.

You should soak them in water.

Absolutely do not soak the contacts in water. Common tap water carries infectious organisms such as Acanthamoeba keratitis. If the contacts get infected with them, saline solution may later kill the protozoa, but won't destroy the cysts they leave behind. These ameoba can cause ulcers on your cornea, leading to severe pain and possibly even blindness. It's better to risk sleeping in them, but I would get a new bottle of solution and a new case.

fosho!! oh puLease! =]
although water isnt the best... better than sleeping in them, where they dry up and get stuck under youre eyelid,

don't do it it could scratch your cornea by not being soaked in the proper solution

Nathan R
Well, one time, I left them in water, when I put them in the next day, I went blind and if I opened my eyes a laser shot out of them.....

....so, you tell me

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