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 should i wear my glasses all the time?
They are

and are contacts annoying/painful
im 14 ...

 when i put my contacts in, why does it feel like there's hair on them?
I just got them 2 days ago. My left one feels fine, but my right one feels uncomfortable. I know they're not inside out, it just feels like hair is on them or something. What could this be?...

 I'm having trouble with my eye color?
I don't know what color my eyes are. People call them beautiful, big and golden, but in some cases they appear blueish- greenish. What's this color called?...

 do i need glasses with 20/30 vision?

 Do you think I have pink eye?
I just caught a cold, and have a high fever. Today my eye started to get irritated and itchy. It is bloodshot. (only one eye). It's been tearing up, and a mucus like substance has been coming ...

 Can looking the computer screen for too long make your eye-sight bad?
I keep finding after watching films on the laptop that my eyes are fussy =s

can it start to stay like that?...

 Hair dye in eye? HELP?
My friend has used "Brilliance dark purple permanent hair colour" hair dye and while she was washing it out, it got in her eye... She says it hurts a little bit and her vision is blurry... P...

 Is it bad to wear contact lenses inside out?
Hi, I know this is weird but I found out if I wear my contacts inside out it fits my eye and is comfortable! However if I wear it the right way with the edges curled in, my contacts keep sliding ...

 What verb is used for contact lenses? put in, put on-take off or apply-remove?
Hi I'm studying English. I'd like to learn that what verb is used for contact lenses?

for example :
I'm putting my contact lenses on....or
I'm applying my ...

 am i legally blind without my glasses?
i wear glasses and my presciption in both eyes is -4.00. am i legally blind?...

 Sick and tired of myopia?
I'm 17. I have bad vision. And this ruins my life since i hate wearing contacts or glasses and i would do any surgery that would give solid results. My parents say i can do the surgery when i ...

 Whenever I take my contacts out it hurts?
I admit that I don't take my contacts out like I should. Whenever I do it feels like there's something in my eye after I take them out. When I blink, it really does. Is this bad?...

 Just got new glasses...?
I'm used to wearing contact lenses pretty much 24/7 for the last 3 or 4 years so I figured it was finally time to get a new pair of glasses (since my old ones are ugly, even though I only wear ...

 Which contacts should I get?
1- http://02a5349.netsolstores.com/images/products/display/hellraiser_new.jpg

#2- http://02a5349.netsolstores.com/images/products/display/blind_eye_new.jpg

Get you own here: ...

 If a person was blindfolded for 7 days straight, will he/she become blind?
im learning that in my AP ...

 Does anybody here know what this disorder's called?
Sometimes when I read a piece of text, the paragraph and words become blurry, and words that are on the same page or aren’t even there replace words in the text.

Example: (this is the ...

 how does lasik work (laser eye correction)?
i am 23, with nearsightness, i cant see far clear, can i get lasik and is it safe and how about side effects? should i just get conctact lesnses they are hard to put in and take out . i want to ...

 who has eye color like this and if you do?
what color do you consider them...http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2593/4029843518_ae86aca2a0....

 One of my eyes has developed a smudge vision...?
I don't know how to explain it, but one day about a month ago, all I can see on on eye is a smudge, its like if I look at on coming traffic at night, with on eye, it's fine, but with the ...

 can you get color contacts as your prescription?
Is it possible to get contacts that change your eye color but they are also presciption?...

Mrs. Paul Wesley
Can I put hydrogen peroxide in my eyes?
I have a really bad stye on the inside of my eyelid and I was wondering if I could mix HP with water and make a gentle solution to clean out of eye. Will it be bad for my eye??

No. You'll get corneal abrasion. Buy some erythromcyin cream for the eye, this is an antibiotic.

Nothing serious will happen if you put HP in your eyes.
I spilled some in my little brothers eye at the beginning of the year and he's been fine, but that's because I flushed his eyes out before any real damage could happen.

kari t

Omg, don't do that, ok? This website has advice

fo'sho ;)

No!!! It will be bad for your eye and will do nothing for the sty. Try warm compresses instead.

Judy B
It will hurt a lot and will not help.

Treatment for a stye is using a warm compress over the eye for 5-10 minutes 5-6 times a day.

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