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Koko B
After a new eye test I had different prescription, do I need new glasses?
3 years ago I had an eye test with the following prescription details: RIGHT EYE SPH=+0.50 CYL=-0.25 AXIS=160 VA DIST=6/6 UNAIDED VISION=6/6 and LEFT EYE SPH=+2.00 CYL=0 AXIS=0 VA DIST=6/6 UNAIDED VISION=6/7.5. I ordered my frame and lenses in Vision Express and paid a good amount of money :)

Recently I took a new eye test at D&A and the prescription was fairly similar to me but not exactly the same as the previous one, as the specialist advised me I have to go for a bit lower diopters (he did not know my previous prescription details) and here are my new readings: RIGHT EYE SPH=0 CYL=-0.25 AXIS=155 and LEFT EYE SPH=+1.75 CYL=-0.50 AXIS=70 I think he decreased some of the readings.

Please can you advice me on what really is the difference, and how serious it is if I keep old ones or definitely have to order new glasses? Also there are some missing details in my new prescription such as VA DIST and UNAIDED vision are they important?

As a doctor, I would be interested in the reason for the new examination. If you had no complaint with vision with the old. Evidently there is no real purpose in reducing your plus. It is amazing tht the Dr. does not know what you were wearing.
You can go ahead and wear the old glasses.

I guess that Adam and donna and xxx and footprint cannot help you.

I am an optician.

RIGHT EYE SPH=+0.50 CYL=-0.25 AXIS=160

RIGHT EYE SPH=0 CYL=-0.25 AXIS=155 and
LEFT EYE SPH=+1.75 CYL=-0.50 AXIS=70 I think

See the right eye went from SPH +.50 to SPH 0? This means your eyesite improved. You now just have a SLIGHT astigmatism in that eye. That eye is close to 20/20

Left eye got better too.

ya probably

Adam T
Try listening to your optician - he/she would have told what it means. Plus I don't think anyone in here can really help you.

Cheshire Cat
I cannot tell you all I can say you might need new Lenses but not new frames. because I was born with what is termed a lazy Eye (My Left) I go see my Eye Doctor on a yearly Bases To make sure my Both eyes are OK. eyesight is too Precious to full around to loose . see Your Eye Doctor at least
once a year. then they can detect any Eye Problem a lot sooner. and if you do not need a change in lenses at least you know your Eyes are OK.

If you can see the "3" in the group then you dont need new glasses "888888888888888888888888888888888888888…

*♥* donna *♥*
Your eyes can change between tests and if it was three years since your last one then its even more likely. Don't forget if you are happy with the frames you have you can always just have new lenses in the old frames.

cynthia m
I would say that the difference is enough to warrant a change in your lenses, as you are currently over-corrected. The new prescription should be more comfortable.
It is not usual to put the visual acuities on a prescription, so don't worry about that not being included.
If you are worried about cost, do you qualify for an NHS voucher towards the cost?
Do shop around. Vision express will probably try to sell you thinner lenses which are not necessary for your prescription.
Do have a look at Asda opticians prices.

Well, your new prescription isn't quite as strong as the old one , but there is an added astigmatism correction for the left eye that you didn't have before.

Overall, it is a fairly minor change but would probably give you a bit sharper vision .

It's up to you if you are happy with the old prescription , then don't change until you feel they are bothering you.

Margaret A
when i go for eye test the optical normally advise you if he feels that the difference is likely make much difference to your vision. if he says there is no need to change the lenses/glasses and you are happy with the ones you have, then leave it. apart from an optician answering your question i doubt most people would know the technicalities of the prescription.

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