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 i got an injury in my right eye because of a soccer ball impact?should i go to a doctor?
i shot the ball but it came back hitting a defender.The defender was standing about 1 foot front of me,after the impact,i could see two layers of every objects.it stayed like this for about 10 to 15 ...

 Post Lasik question. Left eye really blurry in morning but clear after a few hours?
I had both eyes done with LASIK on dec 4th and things have been ok. I've had the usual dryness especially in the mornings but lately it's been getting easier an I've found I'm not ...

 My right eye hurts a lot! Help?
I woke up today and I didn't really feel anything but when I got to school my right eye started hurting a lot, and I noticed that it only happened with my right eye and only I looked to the far ...

 How long will it take until my glasses arrive ? ?
i have prescription glasses and my mom said that my glasses are going to take like 1 and 1/2 months for it to ready . Is this true? i ordered those common framespecially . if you could then please ...

 my husband white part of the eye is tan and it looks like is stretching and riping in the left eye?
his eye looks like he scraped the skin in the ...

 internal ophthalmoplegia ...?
can someone please help and tell me its causes, symptoms and ways of treatment? thank you....

 Grey or Green Contact Lenses?
If my skin tone is abit darker than a tanned skin what would suit me more? Green eye color contacts or Grey eye color contacts??/

thanks =]
Additional Details
Ooh yea, i ...

 Tobradex & corneal abrasion, 8 year old?
Just wondering how much stinging is "normal" and how much is over the top. My daugher has several corneal abrasions on her right eye and a few on her left from being head butted (her ...

 My soft contact lenses have the wrong B.C?
My Acuvue color lenses (w/ the wrong base curve) say BC: 8.3
but my normal acuvue lenses say BC: 8.4..
(btw, they're both soft lenses)

-Would it be harmful to my eye if i ...

 My eyes are messing up... How to stop?
Sometimes after looking at a computer screen, when I go away from the computer, this weird flickering space appears right by what I am looking at. I've noticed its in both eyes, and its freaking ...

 Why do i have to keep readjusting my eyes because they keep looking through the screen?
I have noticed an increasing amount just lately that when i am on my computer or even sometimes just reading something that my eyes just start to look straight through the screen as if i am trying to ...

 My Base Curve is 8.4. Will I be able to wear lenses with a Base Curve of 8.3?
I am also able to wear lenses with a base curve of 8.6 with no problems?

if you dont know the answer or think my legit question is "stupid" then dont answer. I dont need insults. ...

 I have floating black dots in my eyes when it's bright, 2 eye doctors have said my eyes are fine does any one?
Have this, it's mainly when looking a pale backgrounds,will they pass in time?
Additional Details
Else have them, will they pass? It's happens more when lookin at pale ...

 My Health Questions... Please help me haha?
1. What is a typical reason that a two-year-old should see a health care provider?

to be assessed for cancer
to receive an immunization
to have a Pap ...

 what do they?
what happens at an eye exam cause i have one on ...

 Contacts for Dry Eye AND Astigmatism!?
I have been wearing contacts for about 6 months and find that I only have problems with my right eye which has the astigmatism. I wear Air Optix(and Air Optix for Astigmatism) lenses and my left eye ...

 weird eye vision (eye doctors may answer this too)?
HELP!!! yesterday, i was reading a book with no lights on. and then, about 4 hours later, things looked blurry!!!
but then the blurriness is gone now.
now...when i want to look or read ...

 I just watched a 3d movie and when i took my glasses off, my eyes still see different colors. why is this?
I watched Bob's Big Break on blue ray with the 3d glasses, and i noticed that when I took the glasses of, I was still seeing things as if I had them on, but reversed (my roommate as well) it'...

 Contact question, help plz?
i have a medium borwn skin color because im mixed, but would light green or dark green contacts go better with my skin tone, cuz i really want ...

 My eye is twitching uncontrollably, what do i do?
So my eye is twitching rather oddly. Well, vibrating is a better way to put it but the movement causes me to twitch my eye or else my eyeball...tickles, and it's uncomfortable. my mom said that ...

New York :D
About how long does it take to receive glasses after ordered?
I ordered glasses from Costco.... they did not tell me about how long it it will take to get them. So out of your own experience about how long does it take?

mine was one week(:

Mine took about a week from my optometrist.

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