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why is communication important in a health and social care setting?

Better question, why would it not be?

Honestly, communication is important in almost all fields. Just think about it for a minute and you'll probably come up with multiple reasons why communication would be important in health/social care.

Are you talking specifically of patient-physician communication? Read this: http://www.acponline.org/about_acp/chapters/az/mtg06_gullen.pdf

of course you want to make the patient at ease when yer around

In health care it is absolutely vital. When people are sick they are afraid of not getting better. You have to let them know what is happening to their bodies and why they are losing control and what you are doing to give them back that control. Very ill people are afraid, communication is vital to reassure them.

The human mind is a very complex and powerful machine. A lot of our physical health derives from our mental health. The power of belief is 99% of the battle. A good example of this can be demonstrated when people are diagnosed with dihabilitating/terminal diseases and are told that they have X amount of time to live. Those that accept death and illness will quickly succomb to the affect of the disease and pass rather quickly. Those that believe they can overcome these inevitablities will outlive the timeline of termination, way beyond scientific analysis. Communicating is vital to this because when we speak, we are releasing our insecurities and bad energy out into the world. Our fears will dwindle and our souls release what it is that bogs us down. The best doctors I know are some of the most optimistic people I've ever encountered. Their patients feed off this energy and tend to recover/fight more effectively. It is really the power of love that allows us to fight. Those that have an open ear are open to and providing a form of love to those that need it most.

Daft One
You need to be able to make it clear what is going on around the person you are taking care of. If you are a nurse and you walk into someone's room and start taking off their clothes without saying a word, they might hit you or bite you cause they do not understand why you are undressing them. So you have to come in and announce yourself "Hello Mr. Smith, it's me Shelly, I'm here to give you a bath, is that alright with you?"

You know, you gotta have communication. Duh. lol


1.) you need to communicate to learn the needs of your client.
2.) The health care profession is not a one man team. You work with a number of other professional each with his/her own specialty and you need their help to deliver quality care, so you need to communicate with them.

Communication is important in health and social care setting because its vital to find out the care and needs best for each client. If u can't communicate with clients or staff. The needs of the client may change and their health will deteriorate, It's better to communicate to improve the clients health.

Christine M
Communication is VITAL in a healthcare and social care setting. The patient and the healthcare professional need to understand each other clearly in order for the patient to receive the best possible care. Provding care to a patient is next to impossible if the patient's needs cannot be clearly stated. Communication eases anxiety of the patient, eliminates more possibilities for mistakes, and lets each party know what is expected of them.

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