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why do people (adult men) with bipolar get so angry?
is it normal for when a bipolar male hits a depressed stage that they get angry? and what can you do when they shout, blame and insult you but STILL think it's all you that's wrong and why is there never any reasoning with these people? Is it normal that when trying to reason with them when they are like this, that it just makes them worse and even more angry? what's with that???!

There is no Bi polar its called anger pure and simple..

Ummm well if hes not on pills that may be why. If he has therapy it may not help as much but still should. They do this because when bipolar people hit a low they see everything as against them and wrong, its hard to trust others. Im sure he feels bad about it afterwards trust me. He really needs people to be there for him with what he's going through. It's not easy throwing a fit and not knowing why, it's really frustrating. hope i helped. good luck in the future :)

jean d
i would say I really don't know. I am having the same exact problem with my husband right now. His attitude and anger has gotten so bad, it's put ME...instead of him...in therapy. He blames EVERYbody for everything in the world. He even told me our sons teachers were conspiring with each other for it to snow. (The TEACHERS controll the weather?).
He insults me at Everything.
He gets worse and worse.
He's even to the point where if I agree with him to oshut him up, he'll Still argue with me that I'M in the wrong...when I just agreed with him.

I have bipolar and have had it all my life. That is just one thing that goes along with it. I know I can be really mean sometimes. And he sounds like a abuser too. Abusers turn everything around to where it is their counter person's fault. Everything is the other person's fault. I have been through that so very many times. We are not bad people, we have a chemical imbalance in our brain. People make fun of us and people who doesn't suffer from this do not understand. Even we don't understand. We want everything to be normal and it isn't. Lots of phobias usually goes along with bipolar. I know me and the people I know it does. Just be patient. If you can't handle it. I suggest you find a new boyfriend. We can get very very mean. Best of luck to you. And if both of you have a disorder it is even worse. The other one brings out the worse in each other. Having this disorder is hell. It eats at me I know. I have physically hurt people before. Bad! Just don't be too aggressive to a bipolar person, we will win. I have thought lots of times that people were conspiring against me. It is a terrible way to feel. I know it is hard on the people around them. But, it is worse for us. It can't be controlled or dealt with without medication. Your mind never stops, sleep is awful, I have got to sleep 6 hours in 3 days. I lay in bed and I think of everything, like a million people running around in my head. And any little thing will trigger the madness. I can't get anything done unless my manic state takes control. And then I go from one thing to another and don't have anything done at the end of the episode. And then depression sets in, there is no happy medium. Go to counseling yourself to learn more about bipolar. If you are serious about learning about it.

Maria Sweatfield
unfortunately, it isnt just adult men that have this problem... my sister is bipolar, and gets angry at the drop of a hat. what you describe sounds just like her... what you can do when they shout and bluster is let it go in one ear and out the other... ignore everything they're saying because it isnt them talking, its the depression and anger. if you cant ignore it just leave their vicinity. yes, my sister would get even madder when someone tried to talk to her at all, especially using reason

Charlene S
Bipolar people are dealing with a mental illness, and everyone around them is profoundly affected by it. Bipolar people are often suicidal, if anecdotal evidence of people hanging from their balconies or shooting themselves in the head is any indicator. Get help immediately, if you are compelled to live with or be in a relationship with anyone who is bipolar. You are in a very dangerous position, emotionally and maybe even physically.

What don't you understand about the term "Mental Illness".

Mental Illness, in general, is when your brain can't regulate emotion...

It means that this guy needs to try a different combo of meds so he can get control over his mental illness...

"Is it normal?" Um... Each person reacts slightly differently than another to the same mental illness and the anger, depression, etc. etc. etc. are all just the products of a brain that is not working as it should.

I'm angry all the time thanks to extreme abuse in childhood leading to Borderline Personality Disorder... I follow an EXTREMELY predictable pattern of behavior... Yet I have some characteristics that are not common in a Borderline... Specifically, I isolate myself while "Common" Borderlines tend to strive to latch on to people so as to "Never be alone".

A diagnosis is what COMMONLY happens in the throws of mental illness... A person can have only 5 of 10 criteria and still be diagnosed as that pathology because the 5 they have are so intense that it doesn't matter that they don't have "All 10" characteristics.

It's not just adult men who have bipolar. Their emotions can flip-flop from extremes very quickly. (ie- fromg being very hyper and happy to all of a sudden sobbing and sad, or to a rage like you described here)

Unfortunately in my experience yes, it is normal. My ex was bipolar and once he got angry there was no reasoning with him or changing his mind. They do not always think logicly. The only thing that helped him was medication.

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