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 Question about Effexor XR...?
Has anyone experienced the sensations that I am while lowering their dose on Effexor Xr? I went down to 112.5mg from 150mg this week and every once and awhile (usually 6 hours before my next dose) I ...

 How do i stay strong and confident?
Im a 17 and am a confident person ,trust me, but usually when someone targets me i quickly become offended and lose my stable condition is this cause im sensitive or wat?
its like i have two ...

 borderline personality, compulsive liar, bipolar, mental problem?
my bf's sister has moved in with us. At first she seemed very nice, loves chatting and can seem sweet at times. But as time go on, i been noticing the other side of her. She consistantly lies ...

 This should probably go in relationships...but for the last 2 mths this mentality has been making me sick.?
About two months ago...my mother said to me...my boyfriend and i are going to break up...he's going to break my heart.blah blah blah...before that i was so happy etc...since then i've been ...

 Every time I begin to get close to someone?
I start finding faults in them until I can't bear it any more and have to finish with them . Then I regret it and am back to feeling lonely and isolated.

I can't seem to ...

 I have a very weird way of percieving the world and I enjoy making fun of people in my head.. how can I change

 I have a daughter who is addicted to meth, how do I find local meetings for myself and my family?

 I am so scared, don't know what to do.....?
I feel I am at the lowest point I have ever been in my life. It takes so much effort just to get out of bed. The slightest things make me break down and cry. I feel so alone. I can’t tell my ...

 Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign Ideas?
i am involved in a class called TOPS (teens offering peer support), in my high school.
were trying to come up with different awareness campaigns so that our school can become more educated ...

 how can i stop thinking too deeply?

 preparing yourself socially for uni?
how can i prepare myself socially for uni?

- went to uni last sept but dropped out due to hospitalisation for mental health problems (depression, psychosis)
- went ...

 How to beat anxiety and depression without seeing a psychiatrist ?
I have been going through a lot my whole life and I finally have an appointment with a psychiatrist on Wednesday but it's really making me nervous. I am starting to have doubts on whether or not ...

I'm diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and have been for 3 years now. I feel like a lab rat considering all of the medications i've been put on (lamictal, abilify, seroquel, welbutrin, zoloft ...

 I'm always hyper around people, how do I stop being immature?
I'm a sophomore in high school (16), and ever since about 6th grade I get "hyper attacks", I guess? Where I get really hyper and say and do dumb things, then later I look back and ...

 Are people with adhd smart ?
i have adhd and i have some a's and b's and one c,i want to fix it what should i ...

 Every time I read war poetry I start to cry and grow mournful Why?
Hey. Every time I read war poetry, especially war poetry involving soldier's dying and touching war poetry, I begin to get very sad and mournful. I then start to cry.
But, I have a few ...

 Please answer I need help?
I have had 3dreams abour snakes
1-Snakes were in my couch everywhere
2-A very big snake in my house.
3-A snake in my bed. This time I thought it was real and was seeing things. I ...

 Is it psychologically damaging to believe you are evil by nature?
According to a responder to one of my previous questions:

"[It is] psychologically very damaging to grow up convinced that you are sinner and that you must not step out of line for a ...

 How do I get off my *** and do the work needing to be done?
I know i have loads of work to finish before school starts, and im sat at home but it just seems like i cant get myself to actually do it..
I think iv lost the motivation and dedication whithin ...

 Returning to work after panic attacks?
I have been off work since the beginning of December with very bad anxiety and panic attacks. I have been put on Citalopram, which I think is making me feel a bit happier, but I'm not sure if ...

why do i keep forgetting nouns?
i am having a rather frustrating problem at the moment that i seem to be unable to remember nouns a lot of the time, and instead often have to describe objects by their features. I also sometimes forget names, including those of people i've known for years and even occasionally my own. It doesn't happen all the time but it does quite a lot. I am 16, so its not Alzheimer's obviously. In other respects, my memory is ridiculously good and i am far above average intelligence, so why can i not remember nouns?

there is a facial recognition disorder where people can forget not only the names and faces of those around them but also their own. I would see your doctor ASAP-

Amber N
Deficient noun disease, or "DND" is the name for it when you forget nouns, especially proper nouns that you don't use all the time (such as names of people or maybe a specific restaurant). It is a subset of Aphasia, which is the inability to comprehend and/or produce language at will. Its can be caused by anything from a deficiency in diet, to medication, drug and alcohol use, or stress and anxiety. It also can be a symptom of a problem much more serious, such as a tumor, a neurological or psychological problem, early onset epilepsy, or trauma. It'd be a good idea to go talk to your doctor (preferably a neurologist) and write down any drugs you may have taken, any medication you're on (including multi-vitamins you're taking), any pre-existing health conditions you've got, and any "out of the norm" things you might think noteworthy (Such as being on an abnormal diet, such as Atkins or vegetarian/vegan).

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