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 ok do u think this is strange?
i can be doing anything and these poems just come to me like out of no where and usually there good.
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others think there rele good its nt just ...

 Nervous About Going Back to School...?
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 Will this effect me emotionaly??
Im in 7th grade and I ride the bus from school everyday.. but today was the worst day ever.. these 7th/8th grade guys call me bad names like (dumb ho.. a hor) and worse. I don't no what to say.....

 I always feel like crap when I wake up even with8 hrs. sleep. Is this normal?

 I think I have depression?
I'm 15 and I've been feeling depressed most of the time for over a year now. (I think even longer than that, actually.) I've had this issue with eating for over a year that's only ...

 How can I treat my depression without taking drugs?

 i'm so ugly!!!?
i have dark circles under my eyes that are hereditary and make me so ugly!!! i am 14 and already want plastic surgery! my bags under my eyes make me fell out of place compared to the pretty girls at ...

 I'm suicidal and have depression disorder......?
..i told my mom but she just doesnt beleive me.i tried over and over to tell her..but same results. i know i need help, because im about to slip off the edge. how do i get help with my mom not ...

 Whats wrong with me, i like being sad?
Most peopl feel a state of contentness and worryfree when there happy, but not me. I feel relaxed and te best when im sad, no matter what the resean for this is. The only time that im happy now is ...

 Why do I have thoughts about torture?
Sometimes - and let me just start off by saying I'm a huge cat fanatic - when one of my cats is sitting on the couch with me I get an urge to suddenly stab it. He will have done nothing, it'...

 I think I'm going to kill myself?
I'm failing my A-Levels, my dreams are never going to come true (being a published writer) as I need 2 Bs in A level to get into my uni course and its never gonna happen.
Im ugly and chubby ...

 I'm tired, should I go to sleep?
I'll stay up waiting for a few answers in the meantime....

 Why do we bother living?
When everything is ****, we have ultimately no control over anything what is the point
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Cheers for telling me to kill myself i just wanted some reassurance but thanks ...

 When you've hit rock bottom (emotionally) what brings you back?
How many times will that same stimulus, or strategey work?...

 What's the best way to de-stress from work?
What's the best way to de-stress from work? Or even what are some ways to de-stress in general....

 am i showing symptoms of anything?
my symptoms:
not sleeping right, waking up in middle of night
not eating right, not gettin my three meals a day
not doing hw, i feel like i cant even do one problem
keep looking ...

 If you had to be mentally ill what would you prefer?
Additional Details
i think i have ADD...

 How can i tell my parents that i think im depressed?
im enbarassed and i dont think they will believe me. how can i tell them? i promised the school nurse i would.( were pretty tight)...

 i want to kill myself?
life is very miserable, 2yrs ago i was in the same kind of misery and i had decided to live but nothing good came out of it i became more miserable then before. i was bullied as a child now whenever ...

 I need help...I think i'm going crazy?
This is a very fragile subject, but my whole life is crumbling around my ears. My family hates me, my mom wants me on the streets, and the only person who truly cares about what happens to me is my ...

what does a lack of sleep do too a person?
what does a lack of sleep do too a person

your body just shuts down after a week or so
but the side-effects before this happens are: hallucinations, not thinking right, moody, sleepy, eating disorders, blanking out what people are saying because your mind isn't working properly and hearing things!

Makes you extremely GROUCHY and Peed off!!! try sleeping when your over stressed and got a partner that snore....GOOD luck!!!

In my psychology class it is said that lack of sleep has the same effects as being drunk :D

Possibly make you gain or lose weight.

Make you irriated.

And if you don't sleep for for ___ number of days, you could possibly die. (I don't know the exact number of days, but I do know you could die from it)

Love can ☠ be ♥evoL♥
it makes them more and more tired in the morning, they'll be grumpy, and they'll be up every night all night and in the morning they'll be sleeping

makes them sleepy like duh! u stop focusing on what you do and you get more tired

bags under your eyes, pimples, stress, skin wrinkling, more aging, no energy, bad for kids.

The Wise Cat Named Binky
I used to work two jobs. 80 hours a week.. sleeping on Tuesday and Friday.

After two weeks to a month of this, the body will simply sleep for a day.. there is no real way to fight it, it is overworking. YES, you can for awhile.. but eventually 'Something has got to give.'

This is because we ARE only Human.

Zara A. Masaud
They get cranky, lose interest, being annoyed very easily.
Slighest things might set em off, and some people have the total opposite effect. One day without sleep, I become hyper. Three days without sleep, I become obnixious, anxious, annoyed, and a ticking time bomb. 72 hours, i'm a danger to be around. 24 hours, meeeeh, you'll love me if your an energetic, and highstrung person.

it gives you hallucinations and significantly slows down your metabolism

Make them grumpy and tired

your mind is slower, things that would normally be easy take a little longer to figure out.

not spell the word "to" right. heh.

Lower Bell
Their health will get worst and their immune system will get weaker and will make it very easy for them to get sick and ill. Also, it will give them bags under their eyes and make them every tired - that all they want to do is sleep and not do anything else.

No energy, lose of appetite, the need to eat will be changed (like eating dinner during midnight, eating breakfast in the afternoon, not eating at all, all day binges), body functions will be all screwed up, physical wear and tear.

you can barely keep your eyes open, you don't pay attention to anything or care about anything, you yawn a lot, your drowsy and sleepy.

I have chronic insomnia. It interferes with thinking, planning. You feel exhausted all the time. You are more likely to be depressed. You have increased pain during illness. You are ill more often as your immune system is suppressed some. Your threshold for tolerance is less (more potential to physically abuse a mate or a child). Increased blood pressure. Poorer vision. That is just what I have. I'm sure there is more.

Shaun J
you can't think straight

mustang 500
makes you really messed up get so sleep

Cutting Ties
become paranoid

for me i feel normal like i did sleep but after about 6 days or so wth no sleep i start to feel like im gunna go insane it can feel like torture cuz you cant sleep and its worse when sleeping pills dont work but i guess it just makes people feel like going insane messes up coordination and you start to think slower

believe me i know, hallucination, delusions, fatigue, exhaustion, being fired, failing tests, lack of concentration etc.

Its paves the way for more possible illnesses.

Makes the person crave sleep.

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