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what's the word that means when you are pretend to be sick all the time for pity?
my ex boyfriend is somehow always sick, when we have a fight or break-up. I know there is a specific name for his condition.

Cha Cha

im sure its hypocondriact you poor thing just dont listen to him no more as its the attention he is after he is an attention seeker sorry hun




The word is " Hypochondriacs"


yes, a chump.. LOL.. no really its called a hypochondriac,


char g
He is a Hypochondriac that is the term for someone who always thinks that he is sick.

Martyr is a good one too...poor me poor me....

Lucas K
That would be the word:

Liar. :)

Hypocondriacs actually believe they are sick. I sounds like he has Munchausen syndrome.

a hypochondriac? a malcontent?

Attention - Getter :)

If he's your ex. kick that loser to the curb. He's pretending to be sick to get sympathy from you and/or get back together.

Vivian X
Pain ...

~Hypochondria~ The persistent conviction that one is or is likely to become ill, often involving symptoms when illness is neither present nor likely, and persisting despite reassurance and medical evidence to the contrary. Also called hypochondriasis

~Malingerer~ One who feigns illness or other incapacity in order to avoid duty or work.

Hope that was helpful!! ^_^

Well I think you are thinking about a hypochondriac it is someone that always thinks that they have some type of physical illness. Have you ever seen My Girl? The little girl in the movie was a hypochondriac. She always went to see the doctor because she thought she was dying from some disease.

However, there are other disorders or mental illness that people have that cause them to act as if they are sick. People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can wash their hands constantly and worry about germs everyday.

There could also be a actual medical condition. People with depression and axiety disorder can actually have physical pain when they get depressed or stressed out. You boyfriend could be telling you the truth. I get the same way. When I am really stressed out or feeling anxious, i get nausea and stomach aches.

So don't be too hard on your boyfriend, maybe his is in pain because he misses you so much.

Stress and emotional upset can often make people feel sick, so he might not be making it up.

In Munchausen's Syndrom, a patient will fake illness, or in many cases actually make themself sick by taking pills that mimic the symptoms of a real disease, to get attention, typically from doctors (but I think it could be from others as well). Although this is the most accurate term for what you described in your question, I doubt your boyfriend has this. For Munchausen's patients, it's not really a concious decision. They don't think "I'm going to make myself sick so so-and-so will feel bad for me and take me back." It's more of a compulsive thing without so much concious planning behind it.

Most likely, your ex is telling the truth, and he really doesn't feel well because of the stress of the fight/break-up. If he is lying, though, I'd say he's just being manipulative, rather than that he has an actual mental illness.

BTW, hypochondria refers to people who think they're sick even when they're not, and constantly worry that they're going to get sick. It's basically an anxiety disorder, and isn't at all like what you described.

C K Platypus
Munchausen Syndrome

a hypochondriac is someone who actually believes they are sick...someone who is pretending to be sick is a manipulator

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