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losing my mind
unable to work due to depression and being unable to go out?
I suffer with severe depression and panic attacks which makes it extremely difficult to leave the house. I left my normal job at the beginning of this year and became self employed. However now I am not self employed and not getting any income. I am unsure whether I can claim any benefits or not? I am not currently receiveing any medical attention due to these problems and I'm relying on savings and my partner to live. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have knowledge of the UK benefits systems and it sounds to me like you are entitled to some benefits. Depression is an illness and it is preventing you from working so you should go and put in a claim for DLA (Disability Living Allowance). You will have to have your condition verified by a Doctor. If you intend on looking for work and want to get back into work there are plenty of excellent schemes to help you but in the meantime put in a claim for JSA (Job Seekers Allowance). All the staff at the jobcentre will support you to find suitable work. Don't be scared to ask for help, it is out there and if your not sure where to turn to there's always the Citizens Advice Bureau. A useful link is www.direct.gov.uk
Good luck and keep fighting your depression x

Ember R
You should seek medical attention for your depression and panic disorder. Yes, you can claim benefits for it, but I strongly suggest it be on record with a physician first.

Ok I really understand this, and firstly I think, as you find it difficult to go out, Is there anyone you trust that would go with you to the doctors.
As everyone else has also suggested that going to see your GP would be your first step out.
Although I thik if it is more of an ordeal, try calling to make a phone appointment with him/her first. See if they would be able to get there mental health team out to visit you at home perhaps?
These may seem like small steps but, they will help you to make big leaps forward slowly.

I find sometimes lists help it can be as simple as saying,
1. GO to doctors then straight home
2. Call benifit office for advice
3. etc and so on. However I would suggest maybe you have someone with you as a back up, or maybe someone who could speak on your behalf in your presence for the days when you are not feeling so strong, as the benifit office can be somewhat stone hearted in understanding depression and panic attacks.
I think someone mentioned a benefit web address above, that would be a good help to see before you have to deal with them in person?

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful I do really feel for you, I understand completely and wish you all the best.

you can't survive like that, what you need to do is get yourself to a doctor and he can give you medication /therapy to help with the anxiety and depression, if you don't want to go out the ask for a doctor visit to your home, also go and check out this site www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk this will give you numbers to phone to claim benefits that you are entitled to, don't worry you don't have to go into the jobcentre anymore to claim as its all done on the phone

threes people out there that comes 2 Ur house x helps u fill the forms and can help u get help with Ur depression. try trazadone they work miracles they stop u from fealing down x worthless lve tryed uther tablets x these ones are exelent they take away the depression x make u feel human again and they dont drouse u outof it.

you should be getting medical help it is free go and see your doc and go to the social office

you must go to the doctors..tell them it all,everything..then you will recieve benefits....then,get help..asap..not fair to you,and your partner..life,,should be better..ie..benefits...and help..mentally problems...just,take care of yourself,and your partner...xmas time is an emotional time..when xmas time is over..start your life again..good luck,for the future..your heart and soul in to it...mary.c.

You need to get sickline from your doctor, go to the jobcentre or the council and try and get a claim for either income support or incapacity benefit! Dont tell them you have savings though because you might not be entitled to it!! If you are living with yuor partner and he/she is working you might not be entilted to it!! Also once you start claiming a benefit you should be entitled to housing and c/tax benefit!! You might be entilted to Disability living allowance if you really cant go about your day to day business! First things first though you need to get signed off sick by your gp!

Glitter on the Mattress
im on job seekers allowance and came down with severe depression a few months ago after something serious and life threatening happened to me. i went to the doctor who offered me a sick note, so i can still claim benifits but not have to stay on job seekers
so i reckon you can still get benifits, i've since recovered but i refused the note myself cos i think getting a job will make me better, maybe getting a job would help you?
good luck with it all, i know what youre going through and how scary it is!

As somebody who's in the same position as you, you need to get some medical help. They will be able to provide you with support and the paperwork you need to help you get Government benefits, if you are eligible for it.

Biene mit Milsh
Medications can help temporarily, but are not the answer and obviously aren't in the budget. Therapy is good for talking, but that's it, also not in budget.

Excercise, dance, do something that gets you sweating on a regular basis. Eat healthy. Go camping or a on a hike. Put some energy into making your surroundings a pleasant place to be.

Tell your lover to tickle you for 10 minutes everyday.

You ARE able to go out.

BREATHE. It's beautiful outside. You're beautiful, your partner is beautiful for taking care of you.

Remember you're alive.

Try thinking of things you're thankful for and thank them in your head or on a piece of paper.

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