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 how do deal with a death?
my mother died, about a year ago.
everyone of my family members seemed to have moved on.
but im the youngest of the family.
and it seems to affect me more then anyone.
even my dad....

 I don't want to live, I don't want to die. Where do I go? What do I do?
I'm lost without a direction to turn. I want nothing anymore. I don't want to live, but I don't want to die

Thanks for the help... if any...


 i think i have bipolar?
i recently heard about it after being active on this site and i researched it a bit and i think i might have it.

im only 14 years old and ive had thoughts and 3 attempts of/at suicide.im ...

 help me plz...?
hi , i'm 14, my family hate me (they say it to my face) i dunno what i did and they wont tell me i asked...its been like this for 1 1/2 years...i dunno what to do i feel so many emotions all at ...

 Why can't I accept myself?
I have depression pretty bad and I am really out of whack when I miss doses. However, I have body issues such as self harm, dieting although I'm slender, and basic physical things. Although I ...

Okay well i am 13 years old. Everything bugs the crap out of me. I hate my parents, my friends, school, and really just my life!!!!!!! I wan someone to talk to about it, but no one is ever there for ...

 how can i stop worrying???
i worry 24/7.
i worry about where the hell my life is headed.
i worry about losing loved ones.
i worry about death.
i even worry about the friends i have, and if im a good ...

 I want to end it all...?
Does anyone else feel like this?

I'm going crazy, no one is home and i want to end it all,

theres no way out for me, i can't be found this time, and when i am...it ...

 Do I have a mental health problem like bipolar??
Looking back over the past 2 years there have been times when I have been absolutely normal. There have been times when I have had the lowest lows imaginable, and times when I have been ecstatically ...

 If you are naturally born too emotionally sensitive, what can you do about it??
Like if you get bothered by many things in life that most people don't care about. Like for example, if someone treats you unfairly, or treats someone else unfairly. You notice it more than most ...

 if i go to get stitches can i be put in a hospital? (Plz no rude comments)?
i cut myself and may need stitches but im afrad they'll put me in a hospital if i go in? i'm 19, can they legally do that if i go?
Additional Details
thnx 4 the answers; yes i ...

 I am on medical leave for a month just found out that everybody thinks its a joke?
I am suffering from depression, and I work for a mental health facility is it against the law for them to post it on a breakroom white board, I only told my boss he told everyody else. I work for ...

 would you say this is mental illness?
My friend lives her entire life on her computer. She neglects her house, her children and her husband has left. She spents up to 16 hours a day living in a game where she has the perfect body, ...

 How do you reduce stress?
I feel like I'm constantly stressing about something and I don't know how to relax or calm down. People even my parents tell me i stress too much, yet i just don't know what i can ...

 Anxiety remedies?
I have been feeling slightly anxious recently. Its nothing serious I don't think.. I am taking my driving test soon and have just started a new job so I think thats to blame. Does anybody know ...

 Boyfriend of 9yrs is no longer happy in our relationship. I think it's my fault I suffer from depression.?
I suffer from depression, have so since the age of 16(now 25). I am on prozac but I always stop taking it never have i done the full course of medication.(i know I know) When I am depression I push ...

 help !! something weird (i think )?
me and mi bf were watching a movie in his room , i feel asleep and he said i looked so cute ,he had to take a pic , so he took a pic of me , everyone thinks its sweet and normal , but i think its ...

 which anti-deppressant is best for this type of deppression?
lack of interest in day-to-day lfe,
social problems,
lack of emotion,
feelings of worthlssness
not wishing to weven be in ...

 i feel so down and nothing is helping?
i try and help myself but i cant,its so much effort.

i cant be bothered with life atm,it just seems like some horrible race to be better then eachother....and im at the bottom.


 I`m addicted to jaffa cakes..are there any helplines.?

Additional Details
Emily Rose its a joke hun,lol....

its 5:30 i have school today but i havent slept at all?
because my stupid mom refuses to stop smoking in her room and the smell of her cigs. go through the vents to my room and i cant sleep with that smell. so now it wont go away and i havent slept at all because of it. if i go to sleep now i wont wake up for school tomorrow. what do i do?
Additional Details
i cant ditch school because ive done that for the past 2 days because of the same reason

dont go to school tommrow, or go sleep at the leaving room

if u still want to go school, drink a cup of coffee...if u just ignore to go school, take a nap...its quite ok if not always never slp...and ur mum side, u shud advise her not to smoke at least reduce it per day...it helps with u and ur family health!

Straight Cat
Well I guess I should have read this one first.....So you are using your mom as an exuse to not go to school.

Get over it and be a big girl and gooooo tooooo schooooolllll. At least your mom has a house for you to live in.

Just stay on yahoo or youtube then take a hot shower to wake you up a little. It wont be bad if you dont sleep. ive done it alot..

Interest capitalise
Ditch school and spend the rest of the day on Yahoo Answers!!

Biljana P
Take a cup of coffee and a long hot shower for now, and let your mother know what she did to you when she wakes up. I know how annoying this is, in my room it isnt allowed smoking to anybody, even the guests have to go out to the terrace if they want to smoke. Be strong and fight for your rights, if you have to then complain to other people about it (like your father, grandparents, mothers friends, neighbors etc) especially when you know that your mother can hear what are you talking about, because the public opinion about her parenthing is sth that affects every parent. This will make her feel that she is a bad mother in the eyes of other people. Go on, do everything that is in your power, because she wont stop volontiriously.
Its very important to show on every step how much are you suffering, like now for example to to the kitchen to make yourself a coffee, and make some noise too that she can hear that you are alredy/still waked up, and if she ask about it tell that you had a terrible night because of her and that you are sure that you wont be able to pay attention in the school also because of her falt.

Politically Incorrect
fake an illness and sleep in the morning!!

sleep in class

Sean L
just take the day off, and stay on yahoo answers all day

Take the day off or....

Buy pro plus, take that and eat lotsa apples...take a nap in the medical room at lunch (they might allow you, they actually used to allow me!)

Then go home, find another room to sleep in, and cover up the vent with something!

Easy... go tell your mum to stop smoking, go onto Youtube and search "port shorts winners pig boy" it works for me every time. then go too school, you only wag on Mondays.

Tell her you don't want to get cancer from 2nd hand cigarette smoke, and that you feel sick from the smoke today so you're staying home.

sexy muffin
sleep in

i now how you feel, my dad smokes in he's room, and some times near the kitchen and when ever i can smell it that i think i would die from the smell.

ok you can try asking her if she could smoke outside or tell her your problems

dont go to school!

oh you have school today coz its friday everywhere else in the world (except for australia) ha, well i think you need to tell your mum how her smoking is affecting you and if that doesn't help, talk to another family member or good friend about it.

strawberi soda
Tell her that if cigarettes are so important, then you will drop out of school and let her smoke until her heart's content. Tell her that you will even stay up all night and have a smoking party! Maybe she will get the point.

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