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im scared of dying in my sleep. How likely is this at my age?
for quite a while now ive been worrying about dying (im 18 years old, female). I mainly worry about dying in my sleep. i get really upset about it and think im just going to fall asleep one night and never wake up again. could this happen to me at this age? i do worry alot aswell about other different things so could this be anxiety?

It could happen to any of us.

It could happen to ANYONE and you are pretty young it depends do you mental/health problems?

Your crazy lol. Chillax. Your not a prune yet.

I believe eating a lot before you go to bed can result this. So avoid doing it. :)

anxiety. your only eighteen. and think about it, when it happens, it happens. there is a very small percentage of people your age that die in their sleep for no reason. so dont worry.

hun you wont die in your sleep xx

Our Mutual Friend

no not if you dont drink or do drugs its probably just a weird phobia

jo jo
why would you be worried about something like dying in your sleep girl?? go ask your doctor! go enjoy life and sleeping. don't worry about things like that people don't usually just die in there sleep unless they are really sick or old!

Please see your doctor, I think you may be depressed or suffering from anxiety, as you say. I know it's easy to say think of other (positive) things... I'm sure your worries will fade in time. Take care

Urban Soulja
If you are in good health then highly unlikey. Don't worry. Live life to the full. Don't die with regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy.

dont think about stuff like that... it will make you go crazy!
ive never been their, but ive had it in my head, what if someone dies, and then you wake up under ground :S

Helen L
Hi - I worry about this too, Im 36, I went to my Drs and he said "you will one day though" yeah nice Dr!!! The Likely hood of you dying at your age in your sleep is very very very low, it sounds like you are suffering with anxiety, you must speak to a Dr/GP and learn to control your thinking. Good Luck hun xx

Bob Ross
its very very unlikely. dont worry about it

ryan p
i have the same things going aroumd my head and i am 19 dont worry get your self out more and enjoye life trust me it helped me and i think there isnt much chance of it at our age but dont worry try to not think about it hope it helps x

cool girl
I have the same problem! i just pray and snuggle a stuffed animal (i know its weird 4 a 16yr old) or i just think "its never happened b4, so why should it happen now?" if this dosent help talk to your parents OR think about all the people in the world and all the people you know and none of them have died!!!

hope i helped!!!!

Yoga J
ummm... the chances of you dieing while asleep are near impossible... you need to have a health reason for that worry... its like saying im afraid ill die sitting on my chair because its 2 feet high

Araceli F
That is normal sweety, I have 4 boys and they all went threw the same thing. Try praying every night. Trust me it will help you.

Matt B™
Are you under a lot of stress?

I used to think I would just stop breathing in my sleep when I was 16 17 exam time, my grandad died in his sleep he was in his 70s though.
I don't anymore though.

Chances are you arnt going to not just expire while in the land of nod. Maybe its just a passing phase of worrying aout something else and its expressing itself as an irrational fear and anxiety

It is perfectly normal to have fears. People have all sorts of thoughts which cause them great concern Assuming you do not have any serious health problems, it is highly unlikely that you will die in your sleep as you fear. Perhaps a talk with your doctor would help to put your mind to rest - or take steps to improve your level of activity or fitness so that you feel better.
It might also be a good idea not to watch scary films late at night, perhaps read until you feel sleepy or listen to your favourite music.
From what you say it may be that you are becoming a worrier - it would help if you tried to see things that happen as challenges to be faced and overcome - focusing on the solutions instead of allowing the concerns to become out of proportion and larger than life.
Everyone`s life brings challenges - try to learn to deal with them and move on, enjoy it while you can !

this has happened to people at 17-18, but only seriously anorexic people. Thats coz when your metabolism eats all your fat it goes to your muscles and your heart is a muscle. Unless your severely anorexic, then you have no problems regarding dying in your sleep

Dr Frank
Statistically the expected lifespan of a female in the UK is 82 years and 8 months, so the odds are in your favour.

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