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*if your recovering from anorexia,or bulimia or anything like that then stay away...
you have been warned..

 Information about staging an intervention?
I need to find info on how to stage an intervention for an alcoholic.

General information, how to find a mediator, tips on what to say to the person, things like that.

Any ...

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Peter P
i need to get on disability! how can i go about this. btw ,im crazy!?

Go to your local social security administration.

cristelle R
You will have to see a psychiatrist that can write you up an order/letter saying you are disabled and then call social security and make an appt. They will ask for your bank statements, check stubs etc. then it will take them 1-2 months to determine if youu areeligiblee for benefits

You will need a good lawyer .You need to go to the doctor he says and do everything the doctor says .then it may take YEARS to get it.with the economy the way its going if you are not seriously handy caped your not getting it for a little crazy or A.D.D bull sh*t

You'll most likely need to get evaluated by doctors, psychiatrists ect. do get a diagnosis. After that call the social security administration and they will mail you an application. They will interview you and investigate your claim then approve you or don't depending on what they find. This can take up to 6 months.

Nurse Joker
why do u need to get on disability?

i dont believe ur crazy, either. i think you're a waste of time.

Call Social Security and get an appointment. No matter what you will get turned down the first couple times but you have to keep going back. Everyone gets turned down at first so don't be discouraged. If you seriously have something wrong with you and can't work you will eventually get it if you are just lazy then I hope you don't get it!

go to social security website and file.
it will take years and you will probably be declined
and there is strict guidelines for what illness even qualifies.

It definitely helps to be crazy. You have to fill out an application from Social Security. List all your doctors and get your doctor to write a statement that you are disabled. Without that, you can't win. Make sure Social Security gets a copy of all your medical records.

im going with the guy under me

phat woman #1 MILF
maim yourself. falling backwards off a roof would ensure a nice sized check.

Sameera L
I wish you would have told us more.

Unlike others on here, I got my ssi very easily. No turn down, no wait.

I'm Bipolar 2, with no delusions or hallucinations. I also have GAD- anxiety/some panic. But that wasn't even put on the application, just the BP2.

Your psychiatrist will fill out the forms to take to Social Security.
When I went there, they wanted me to fill out several forms,and I refused, I was too nervous. Well, haha, they intake worker just asked me the questions, and filled it out, no problem.

I soon got a letter telling me I needed to see one of their Dr.s.
I went and it was over in like 30 mins.

I have a hard time believing that anyone would want to live on this income, it's not easy, but if you really cannot work or hold a job, because of your disability, then go for it.

The best thing is having complete medical- vision, dental, medical, pychiatric. No cost at all. And you choose your Dr'.s.

And no cost for any perscriptions.

most crazy people work....lazy useless people get on disbility

If you were crazy, you wouldn't think or believe this of yourself. You might have problems like the rest of us, but you still have to work.

If you are employed, see your HR benefits,for soc sec benefits, you have to be on short term disability or out of work for 6 months, not one day earlier. If you have STD from work, you will need med documentation from a doc about your disability to apply for long term disability. Some STD plans only pay 40, 50 60, or 70% of your salary. If your company employees more than 50 people, they are subject to federal law. That means your job position and benefits/health etc are protected for 90 days of family medical leave act.FMLA. after 90 days in ANY 36 month period/ or 3 years you are responsible for your own health care. so this means, can you afford to pay for your living expenses and full cost of health care under COBRA for 18-29months while waiting for soc sec? That means, rent, car, food, medical etc.
Soc Sec ALWAYS denies on the first application, so,then you have to get an attorney,that Soc Sec pays for, yeah, they pay the attorney's fee , can you believe that? Well, the attorney will decide to take your case while you apply for bankruptcy to reduce your debts. so you can live on your reduced salary. If you have enough credits, 30 with soc sec, you will most likely get the max,if not, well, unless you have long term disability benefits from your job, soc sec pays a portion of that, but only what your job % is, ie, 60 or 70%. You need good documentation for your disability/illness. Go to social security.gov and look up disabilities and see where you fit. You will need original documentation of your birth certificate, military dd214 if you have one, can now get it online. and see what other forms they need, You can apply on line, but it has a timer, and is frustrating. I took my paperwork to Soc Sec at 5" to closing, then I only waited 30" for them to make copies, they assign a counselor to review paperwork via phone interview, which basically you agree to what you submitted, then they send you the denial letter and you make another appt. Don't reapply, just agree to the administrative hearing and have all your paperwork ready for the attorney who will tell you he can get your case on the docket in 18-24 months.... so, see a pattern here? They try to discourage you, and you do get less if you are disabled at a younger age. Soc Sec will tell you, after approval, they will allow you to work up to 36 months, to make as much as you can, and after that time, you can continue or refuse their payment, I'm sure most people don't because of all the waiting time involved. If you have an illness, apply for disability supplemental insurance asap with the new work enrollment period or get outside policy. if you apply at work, it will trigger them and they will look at your record/ and your boss may try to get rid of you if they think you are attempting to get disability. Usually, the HR rep approaches you about long term disability, if you have a good rep. It's not well known information. I've been working 30 years and was not aware, even though I think I know most everything or have access to info. So, it was surprising to me that's how the system works. It's for severe illnesses, trauma/head injuries, drug abuse, mental illnesses, etc... Good luck, sorry to be long winded, but, you have to have clear info up front, takes a bit to work through it all, but, I did it.... .

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