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 Help I feel so hopeless!?
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 How to stop being friendly?
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Much thanks....

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 Anxiety and Depression?
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 Bi polar or what.?
Okay here is the scoop.

I am what you say clinically depressed the lexapro 20 mg isnt working and I have highs and lows. It is not extreme. I have had suicidal thoughts and next be happy ...

 how do you build self confidence?

 what am i supposed to do when i get stressed out?
when i get stressed out, i have tried releasing it, by hitting stuff, and i get told 'next time you get stressed, go and sit somewhere quiet, and calm down', but when i try that, i get told ...

 help! cutting myself to feel human!?
i am an empty void. soulless no happiness but no misery either. cutting makes me feel human. you bleed just to know you're alive......

 What are the signs that my mom's Alzheimer's is getting worse?
She rarely calls me by my right name and spends no time sleeping. Even the sleeping pills her doctor perscribles does not work. Is this normal for those that suffer from this condition? She will ...

 why is this ?
i feel at times that im ugly but everyone says i aint but i cant seem to listen to them so ive started to cut myself how can i stop i dont wanna do it put somethings forcing me what shall i do plz ...

 Anxiety disorder?
I'm 14, and I've been studying GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).
I fit and have fit many of the symptoms most of my life, such as worrying constantly about small problems and letting ...

 I know I'm depressed, irritable more like it, which med is the best?
I've been on Lexapro for years, then weaned myself off of them, and was getting really irritable and people/family telling me I needed to get back on them, even called my dr. who put me on them, ...

 if i suspect ocd is there a way i can change my behaviour without assistance from others?
i think i have ocd, if you want the full story go to my profile. ok well basically i don't feel comfortable in telling my parents the problem, even though my mum mentioned it before but as a ...

 2 people with mental problems under 1 roof??
my partner has depression and i have anxiety/panic problems, when im having a good day he's not and brings me down and vice versa, were both just making each other worse, do you think its wise ...

 crack cocaine adiction, rehab, relapse, now using pain medicines?
Hello, My husband's sister was in rehab for crack cocaine aprox 3 years ago. She was clean for a while, abused pain meds for a time, then went back to crack.This was before I married her brother....

 Instant Anger Management solutions?
I'm 21 years old and I'm usually very calm and laid back with my everyday experiences. However, I have been known to get almost uncontrollably angry when I think I'm being ripped off, ...

 is this normal?
i rationalize things and feel guilty most of the time
is it due to chemical imbalance in the brain, so there's no way to overcome it by myself?
i keep posting tuns of questions on ...

 severely depressed people only?
Seeing that I'm severely depressed person and have not gone to the Doc in over a year... Do you think the help is out there or are we to live in pain for the rest of our days? If you are like me ...

i keep losing my train of thought?
for about 3 weeks now, i'll be in the middle of a sentance and just totally forget what im about to say. it is happening like 3 or 4 times a day. for example i was telling my friend something that happened with work that day and it was important. i had told the story several times already that day to many other people, so i knew the story very well. when i was telling him i just completely forgot the most important part of the story, i couldnt mentally retreive what i wanted to say for at least an hour. im not getting side tracked or having trouble focusing i just keep losing my train of thought. im only 24 and do not do any drugs. has any one had this happen frequently and then got a diagnoses?

Sarah M
I would let your doctor know what is going on and he may prescribe something for you.

Yip, i have these symptoms and have been diagnosed. Its called ADD.
But its not something someone can get as an adult, you have to be born with it. (but of course symptoms arn't apparent till toddler years)
So I have no idea if this is your problem as well.
It could be just stress, which affects your thought process.

If you were old, I'd tell you to go get an MRI, but you're only 24. Perhaps you are very stressed out or are trying to take on too many things at once. If you have no other neurological symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, numbness or weakness anywhere in your body, I'd guess it's just the aforementioned. Maybe you are lacking in sleep, too. That's a biggie.

No...my mum does that all the time though.

It happens to us all at times. It's due to either not paying attention to the conversation, or having so much on your mind. Or both.

Perhaps you are over worked or don't get enough sleep which at your age is easy to do ! LOL
Do you eat regularly , watch your diet and especially take some breaks during the day .
On weekends don't burn the candle on both ends , say NO to your friends and get some rest . I think for the moment not to worry too much. Just watch it and write down when it occurs . For instance : at the end of the day when you ar stressed etc.,
Now, in a few weeks if it bothers you still and interferes with your image at work go and see a doctor . No harm in getting a blood test and find out if you are deficient in Vitamins B,C, or perhaps anemic .
A young and healthy person like yourself should not have that conditiion .

its normal...

Tom F
Happens to everybody, might be the cause of something in your mind

its fun to try to get back to it though:)

please don't get a prescription or an MRI. your mind is exploring different tracks. it's perfectly normal. i sort of feel sad for people who can't get their thoughts off a single subject. yes, i guess this is a little right-to-life or Christian bashing. why can't you people talk about anything else? and now it's ADD or ADHD, jeez, can't anyone cope with society anymore. get out and get a life already.

...what was the question again?

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