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 why is it that people cut themselves?
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 Notice how those in power want to take every opportunity to make you return to your depression?
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 Suffering from depression and it's effecting my job question?
Just to start out with, I'm going to the doctor to seek proffesional help for this this afternoon.

Every aspect of my life has been on a downward spiral from my depression. I've ...

 i feel worthless?
i just need to get this off of my chest or have some words of advice on how to get through this.
idk how i can but i just feel like i will never accomplish anything in my life.. or even find ...

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 If you could imagine you living a happy life what would that look like?
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 How have antidepressants helped you?
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 How do I find an inexpensive psychiatrist?
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 do you like your mental health team?
i really like my consultant but i just can't get on with my care worker i find him aloaf, cold and sometimes sarcastic.
i really miss the lady i used to see on a weekly basis she was so ...

 feeling someone's presence.. like really faintly ..can it be termed as hallucination..?
the person isn't an imaginary character.. or a dead person...

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 How do I get over having a horrible semester, I feel so down right now?
How do I get over having a horrible semester, I feel so down right now?
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 what are the mental and physical effects of underage drinking ?

i have too much emotional pain, what do i do?
I'm not actually suicidal but, I'm angry at people for misunderstanding me...I think society is scrwed and sometimes I feel like I can't handle everything. I am extremely lonely, down and just unhappy. I've taken up drinking but it only makes me feel worser than anything/ .

i understand how you feel, cause i feel exactly the same...

take a long long ride by your self

You may need depression pills . They do help.

my tractor
The pain of depression is real. The organs are slowed by the medulla. It will get worse as expectations are pressed on you.

yeah i have ADHD imagine how misunderstood i feel

do this:


it works and you will feel better

You have to release your pain. I know that's easier said than done. But you do have to do this. You can't do it through alcohol either. That's just a temporary relief and it has devastating effects. We do live in a day and time that few people care what you are going through. It's sad but true. This is where you have to look within and find the inner strength to pull yourself out of this. You can't rely on others. The reason I know is, I've had to live through this myself for over 10 years. Don't let life defeat you.

The way to beat it is by having a good attitude no matter what is going on in your life. A good attitude is the key. If your having a bad day, make it a good day. Do something good for someone, that will make you feel good about yourself and you've "helped" someone else at the same time. Also, I've found that Jesus Christ is the only answer to a lonely, unhappy heart. Surrender your heart and life to him and he will give you joy you've never known.

John, society is 'screwed up' for many reasons, but we all have to make it through somehow.
Life and daily stress can become overwhelming--and the anxiety can go through the roof sometimes.
I am sorry you are angry and lonely. can you think of the things that may be causing this? is it your home life? school? Work? friends? Family?
I have taken the motto of living 'One day at a time' and it has helped. life was just too overwhelming and by concentrating just on 'today'--and what I need to do to get through it, it has made life less stressful.
drinking is not the answer, as you wrote. it is a quick fix, that ends up making you feel more depressed and anxious.
You may be feeling depressed and need to see someone to get life in better perspective.
A psychiatrist can also prescribe medication if you are really anxious, depressed and unable to sleep.
best wishes

John, Please understand that you aren't alone. So many people, including myself, are in the same boat. If you actually believe in suicide, recognize that drinking is one of the steps to committing it. You're at greater risk if you're in your teens, or over 40; have had one or more recent life changes (good change or bad); but when you begin to formulate a plan, or find yourself giving away some of your prized possessions, get to the emergency department ASAP.
Drinking is the usual male 'out', women take pills. Both are depressants, even though you may feel happier for a short period of time. So drinking is actually making your depression worse.
You have to find someone to spill all your thoughts to. Do you go to church? They usually have a counselor or can put you in touch with one. If not, call your local mental health society.
Another suggestion that we should all listen to? Get off your computer!! You're isolating yourself every hour on this thing...get out among people. It's not easy when all you want is to be left alone with your misery, but it's the only way.
I've been where you're at for more than 3 years, and the only things that have saved me from suicide is a strong belief in God, knowing that there is a reason for this time (hopefully I'm learning some lesson I'm supposed to learn), medical help, & counseling.
Please remember that depression is sometimes situational, & will pass within 4-5 months. It may be chronic & you may end up on medication, but very often that will just be necessary long enough to get you over the bad time.
I wish I could give you a hug & tell you "this too shall pass". Please hang on, know that people do love you & care about you, & that what you are feeling may just be a chemical imbalance in your brain that you have no control over. There IS help, & I pray that you go in search of it. You will feel better, I promise.

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