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 What is bi-polar disorder?
I'm a little confused. I thought bi-polar was one illness, but I've been seeing it related to depression lately. Can anyone clear that up for me? And if you know anything else about bi-...

 Question for people who self harm?
Why do you do it, do you know why you do it? Wether it be burning or cutting, or whatever form you use.

I've been a cutter off and on for 14 yrs and I don't remember why or how ...

 Has a person ever hurt you so badly that you...?
imagine hurting them like ignoring them and not seeming interested in them b/c they rejected your friendship?
What is that called? What to do? Will they get the message? Will they hurt? Will ...

 I have panic disorder.im wondering if other ppl that have this feel like i do?
I mostly feel weird or like im gonna go mental or crazy or am gonna die .things like that.its so hard to deal with.I'm always asking my husband if he thinks im ok.no1 can tell i have this ...

 Can you share something with your therapist and then say you don't want talk about it?
Is it okay to share something but not actually want feedback on it right at that moment? Is that reasonable?...

 when u have a panic attack do u feel time goes really slowly? why could this be?
also how do you treat it?
Additional Details
Lili bist du Sudtirolerin?...

 How did you SUCCESSFULLY help your bipolar spouse/loved one?
I want to hear from people who have successfully helped a loved one to realize they were bipolar. How did you do it?
My fiance is bipolar but is only on anti depressants as that's what they ...

 I think I have depersonalization disorder??
I started noticing it when I was pre-teen, like 10 or 11, I knew everything was real and that it was happening but I didn't feel like I was experiencing it like I used to. I felt like it was a ...

 Depression medication without prescription?
Are there any types of medications that you know of that you can take without going to the doctor, getting a prescription, and seeing a therapist? I don't have a lot of money (or time) and can&#...

 Anyone missed out on many life experiences?
I spent most of my time in a high school that didn't have much opportunity. No one came to the football games (or any games for that matter) the graduation rate was the lowest in the state, the ...

 Why do people treat teenagers as sub-humans?
Why are we always discriminated against because of our age? Some people tend to always condemn our generation for listening to The Jonas Brothers, reading Twilight and being rude. I personally know ...

 Addiction- drug deaths or stories?
Need some help with my addiction issues- feel that personal stories or death statistics might help me out.
All answers welcome- I'm pretty desperate.
Yes, I go to meetings.

 Do I have social anxiety?
I am recovering from depression and am on medicine. I am also in therapy. I have been hurt many times, and have had suicide attempts and thoughts. I figured that would be worth mentioning because it ...

 Megan Fox has schizophrenia?!?
Just read this morning that Megan Fox believes she has suffered with mild bouts of schizophrenia since childhood..... I should add that she has never sought medical help or even been diagnosed by a ...

 How to tell people I self-harm?
Firstly I would like to ask you NOT to include in your answer that I need help or that self-injuring is dangerous or that I should stop because I a already know and b it won't help.

I ...

 Worried about my daughter?
My daughter is 16 and I don't know whats happening to her. Her and her brother were both abused when they were little (her brothers 18). I adopted them when she was 7 and her brother 9. 2 ...

 What does it mean when you can't stop dreaming about him?
For the past year i have been dreaming about a guy who i have never ever met before. I dream of him every night no matter what the dream is he is there and he is right by my side. i really want to ...

 Do you think I'm stupid?
Everybody I've talked to treats me like I'm stupid. Clinically stupid. I saw doctors quite regularly as a kid and they didn't seem to notice so it must be a recent thing. My diet and ...

 Horrifying dreams. I wake up unable to move, or speak. I'm in physical pain and I have a hard time breathing.?
My most recent dream I was laying in my bed and I looked in the mirror parallele to my bed and my T.V. was on. There was a figure of a face I could hardly make out and it was talking, and I don'...

 I forgot how to type!!!!?
What's wrong with my brain? How could I forget such an important motor skill? I just woke up this morning and couldn't type!...

nina m
how to NOT complicate things by over-thinking?
Some things should be that direct. But why do I always over-think and over-complicate things? in the end, i am so confused by my thoughts and the possibilities that I end up making hte wrong decisions or delay too much

ask others what they would do. You'll realize that you're smarter than the average person and you need to dumb things down a bit. You probably also have high standards if you're not a perfectionist. Sometimes, you just have to tell yourself that you're over thinking it and it really isn't that hard. I have received the same feedback from relationships to work, and it really is just a matter of realizing that you're putting too much brain power in it...say it outloud, break it down, and tackle it in steps.

"All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one." <-----Ockham's Razor

i have learned to ask myself this simple question, "Is this true, or am i making it up?" this way i either need to go to the source and get a direct answer or make the decision that it may all be in my mind and let go of it. sometimes we need to just let go, otherwise we can become obsessed with fixing something or trying to get it perfect, or working so hard to find the right answer that the initial question/concern becomes lost or twisted. i have ADD and over-think things and make things more complicated than necessary. i have been given much advice, but i found it helpful not only to ask myself the above stated question, but also to take a mental step back and check in with myself. ask myself how important is this topic? will i die if i can't find the perfect answer? more than likely, no, you won't die. the anxiety we cause ourselves by over-thinking things can give us more stress than the situation affords. try taking a mental step back and re-assessing each situation before plunging into over-thinking. this is what i have found to help me. Good luck! :)

Analyze your priorities, make a list of goals that are sustainable (reachable). Don't panic or worry about things you have no or little control over. As for making wrong decisions, we all do it and have done it and will do so in the future. That's called a learning curve. That's how we learn from our errors. Don't fret. Again, just worry about things you can control, and don't expect perfection. You'll be fine.

focus on the situation

if it helps write down your ideas so you wont over think. list the pros and cons in a table and compare them. erase unnecessary ideas.

Havana Brown
I do that myself. It's a sign of intelligence through experience.
It's annoying, but it's part of our structure. We would go nuts playing "Deal or No Deal".


Chi Guy
Experienced based instincts can go a long way for you. What works for me is asking myself am I ready to live with the results of my decision versus stressing over the decision itself. If you can accept the consequences of the choice, then make it and let the chips fall where they may. Some things in life are impossible to know (new job, how will the manager be) and so forth. I try not to assume the worst and prepare myself (mentally) to accept the consequences. I hope this helps.

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