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unexpected lilly
how do i know if i'm having an emotional / nervous breakdown?
i suffer from depression , life's just getting worse how much can any human take & what are the signs of something more wrong than depression / stress

james m
you start talking to your self

the tv talks to you, when you see people talking you know they are talking about you, things like that.
you need to get a hobbie of writing or painting, that will keep your mind busy.

annette m
well you only know when you get so frustrated with your ownself and become very aggitative, upset, and you start to throw things and tearing things up, and punching other family members, punching holes in the wall, breaking windows out of your house, etc, etc.

You wouldn't be able to pose a question on here!

Get more Omega 3 in your diet! It will take about 2 weeks to kick in but once you are feeding your brain properly, it will start to perform better for you!

The most obvious sign is being so distressed that you're no longer able to function normally.I don't think you've reached that stage,as you're able to use your computer and ask this question.My guess is that you may be suffering from dysthymia,which is a form of (relatively) mild depression,yet is still quite disabling.

Do you feel out of control? If you think your going in a downward spiral talk to your doctor and get a professional opinion.

you cry all the time
you feel lonely

you look like my avatar

im just a flea bag
i feel like you to not nice, life just seems like a rollercoaster and one min its better then next its crap, everything seems like a huge challenge
you are not alone
++++hugs 2 you +++++

You must go and see your Dr at once, asking the question is enough to know there is something wrong. It could be reactive depression or full blown stress which needs treating. Sometimes the Dr will give you a questionnaire to fill in so they can assess just how bad you are and if you need counselling or medication.

Elizabeth D
If your depression has lasted more that 2 weeks and it interferes with your daily life (especially to the point of despair), see a doctor PRONTO. Start with your primary care doc, but ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. Don't be scared by the word "psychiatrist," they work with people every single day managing their medications and have a much deeper understanding of mental health issues.

Will you have to take medication forever????? Not if you don't want to. But today is all you can think about for yourself. You need help today. And you'll be SO GLAD you reached out.

PS--"nervous breakdown" isn't a clinical term and there is no definition!

With depression you are very fragile, silly things make you so upset you cry for a day (I made a mistake of watching Bambi & cried for a day, couldn't sleep and after falling asleap woke up crying). Also, you feel very tired and lethargic.

It starts going further if you really can't be bothered to get up or do anything. The house falls apart and you don't even notice. You get fixated on a single thing and worst of all, you doubt those around you and stop trusting people. You begin to feel as if you do not care whether you died that day.

If you are feeling any of these, get to a doctor fast. You need some medication to sort these symptoms out. It is not a case of getting a hobby or pulling yourself out of it, this sort of depression is often caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Also, even though its hard and you might not want to eat make sure you are getting your vitamins and minerals. The little you do eat, make healthy (OK, if you are like me you probably have a stock of mars bars and cheese & onion crisps already but try and ignore them).

If you are beginning to feel that things are going past depression they probably are. You will be the last person to know that your brain is playing tricks on you.

If your suffering from depression already it makes it alot harder to cope with things which can lead to them kind of seeming out of proportion almost.
I'm not sure what you do or anything hun, but you should try to find things to distract you almost. a busy job can help you keep occupied.
If your at the stage where you wake up and don't even want to get out of bed, then you should worry and push your doctor to find a psychiatrist so that you can start working things out and get help to cope.

I thought I'd had a few mental breakdowns in my life, that was until I really did have one last year, scary.
I don't remember much of it at all, only what my boyfriend and doctor told me.
Apparently I'd stopped doing any of the things I normally did. I hadn't played a computer game in a month or touched a keyboard, or sang, or spoke coherently that whole time.
My boyfriend told me I spent most of the time staring at the one spot, sleeping, crying, and unconsciously hurting myself. But most the time I was nearly comatose.
The only thing I remember is finding myself on the lounge floor with handfuls of my long hair in my hands and blood under my fingernails from where I'd tore long gashes down my arms. Then I went into shock and lost another 3 weeks.
I slowly came out of it, without any recollection but that one.
So in answer to your question based on my experience, I guess you just don't know when ur having one till it's over.
I've always been an incredible strong minded woman, never thought I'd lose it completely.
But everyone's different....Please get some help.
Depression has never been a problem for me, the anxiety was what dragged me down mentally.
I feel sad for u Lilly, my mother had chronic depression and the only thing that helped her was medication. It's a horrible thing to go thru and I sincerely hope you can get on top of this before it gets worse for you. xoxo

michelle G
hey you should go to the doctors sweetie , if you are on medication it could be that and need changing , remember everyday all the people who love you , and you are never alone go see your doctor good luck and lots of love x

Emma G
see a doctor to get professional advice.
i hope you can sort things out mate.

See your doctor right away. Have your been diagnosed properly? Could you be Bi-polar? There are several types of Bi-Polar and often you can nosedive one hour and be happy and laughing the next.
There is help out there but believe me it can take up to 2 years for the medical community to try different meds and get the right combo for you.
Hang in there.

George P
I have what is called chronic clinical depression. I have probably had it all my life but it didn't start to effect my personal life really drastically until a few years ago. Depression is a TERRIBLE illness. Not only is it painful and debilitating but most of society doesn't understand that it is a problem with brain chemistry and can be treated as easily as diabetes or any other physical illness. There is a stigma attached with it (unfortunately). The only thing I can tell you is that there are medications that can drastically reduce your feelings of hopelessness and dread. When I first got professional help I refused to take the medication and got worse and worse. Finally, in desparation, I dediced to take the medication. I figured I would give one last try. Well, after a few months I was amazed at the difference it made. It takes a while to stabilize in your bloodstream. I have NO side effects and feel stronger than I have in years. Don't give up. Give yourself a chance to enjoy life. You can do it but it takes time and professional help. By the way...I really didn't get a lot of help from counseling or psychologists. I finally went to a Psycopharmacologist who believes that you treat with medications first and then (if necessary) follow up counseling.

Mainly it's the total inability to cope, not being able to think rationally and not being able to deal with any single thing, because everything seems to be one massive insurmountable hurdle... Depression is tough and I feel for you if you're going through it, I would recommend going to your doctor and explaining, it may just be temporary or you may need some help to get through it.

Most importantly don't listen to anyone telling you to cheer up or snap out it....that seems impossible when you feel like that...

Go and talk to someone and know that there are so many others who are going through the same thing, it doesn't make you any less of a person or weak in any way, just let someone help you take a step back so you can see a future.

Take care of yourself x

All humans can only take a certain amount of stress, physical or emotional, however everyone is different. I've have several mental breakdowns, and they way I know one is on the way is I will cry constantly for several hours, feel suicidal & just can't do anything except sleep, and I know I am at the point of breakdown once I can't cry no more, can't force myself to get out of bed, don't want to talk to anyone, do anything, and just feel 100% hopeless and alone. Lately I have them about once a month or ever couple months, and they last anywhere from several hours to a few days for how long I'm actually having a mental breakdown. Try getting professional help, but if your like me, the help you have seeked hasn't done no good, and can't seak anymore as you can't afford it & have no insurance. Goodluck & maybe you can have better luck than I have had. I honestly don't believe I'll ever find true happiness and be free of my mental probs.

There is no definitive answer for that. Technically speaking, nervous breakdowns don't medically exist. I believe I've had one though - even if it's not a medical thing, it's the only way to describe what happened! I was sick, I stopped eating and whenever I did eat, it wouldn't ever stay down. I'd wake up shaking, I'd sleep all the time, I had to take time off uni because I couldn't cope with any of it - it wasn't even like I had a lot of work to do!

One of the things is that you mustn't start blaming yourself for the situation you're in. People poo-poo mental illness and try to claim that it's not as bad as physical illness. That's simply not true. You need to see your doctor. ASAP. He or she will probably prescribe something and refer you to a psychologist. There might be a waiting list for the psychologist, but in the meantime the medication will help, and ask if there are any other services that can provide you with a few sessions, just to speak to someone and take a load off.

Don't try and deal with it on your own. It doesn't get much worse than a bleak depression. Surround yourself with silly things that make you feel comfortable. For me, it was my mum and dad's couch. I wouldn't stray from it for a few weeks. And my mum's cardigan too. Soon I began to watch re-runs of Friends, and Will & Grace, and they helped me feel better. It just gave my brain a chance to stop trying to work and then I was more able to review the situations that had caused me such stress in the first place. If you're overwhelmed, nothing will get solved.

Give yourself permission to stop and just waste some time. Watch your favourite film over and over, just try and remake your comfort zone, which has, at this point, vanished. I'd say ill health is one of the few occasions whereby your comfort zone can protect you as opposed to hold you back.

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