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depressed is my life worth living?
i feel upet and depressed all the time. i cant enjoy life i feel empty all the time. all my friends have deserted me say im no fun when im depressed. i have no life and feel like wats the point of it all. I am always crying and feeling worthless, my family dont understand. I am so confused and have suicide thoughts frequently although i would never have the guts to try it.

Man up an sort your life up an stop feeling sorry for yourself

¸.•*¨*`•.¸ e m m a ¸.•*¨*`•.¸
get help =D

Trust ME if you took a day in my ****** UP Shoes then you would REALLY have something to cry about. :/

dont worry, be happy!

please get help.

talk about your feelings.

bring down this wall of sadness. you can do it. ppl love you and are proud of you. just do what makes u happy. think about it.

--good luck buddy--

your not alone hun im in exactly the same boat as you if you want to have a chat my emal addy is jaynenicholls@yahoo.com im frm the uk and i no exactly how you feel

Rt Hon Alfy G Returns
You're not alone theres plenty like us about. I can totally understand your thoughts and the fact that Life is a meaningless drudge and you feel like the world is happening and you're just watching and not talking part. Have a look here there may be some heldpul stuff to read


need someone to talk to just pm me! =D

It sounds like you are clinically depressed.

The best thing for you to do would be to talk to someone as soon as possible. Either a school guidance counselor, or a family doctor.

It is never healthy to be having suicidal thoughts. Please don't do anything to hurt yourself. Talk to someone instead, and be sure to tell them you have had thoughts of hurting yourself.

They will be able to get you some help for the way you are feeling. You don't have to live your life this way.

There is a good chance that you will be prescribed antidepressants. And sometimes it can take a few tries of different medications to find the one that will work with your body chemistry. But it will be worth it to find something that helps you to feel better.

yh im the same, i have just been diagnosed with anxiety tho?! n evrythin u just sed is the same wit me. no1 is happy here, not really, n we just hav 2 cope with that. all u can do is appreciate wat u do have, n 4get the p[eople around u bein negative, all those negative energies will make u worse, if they r frends they wont leav u wen u arnt happy they will stick by u n help out!! do it by urself 4 urself.. mayB counciling, it sounds stupid n embarassin, but i hav been thinkin bout it lately 4 myself.. answer my question.. http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ai9bF_xptX8o5.pkPKkozD0gBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090415153134AAaUFvI

' κaτie (:
i was like that, it gets better.
talk to someone about it, someone in person though.

my life is looking up now :)

Off course your life is worth living ! Think of all the people that would be upset if you did kill yourself. Go to the doctors and get referred to a physiologist. I did, and i feel great ! i'm so glad diddent do it. Think of how good your life will be once you get better. You only get one chance to live, why waste it when you can fix it. If you need to talk to someone, email me at eilidhl07@yahoo.co.uk

I feel like this a lot recently

my nan is in hospital and i loved her dearly and recently i've been so confused and angry and i've been taking it out on all my friends and i find myself crying for no reason, feeling sorry for myself and constantly being depressed

Talk to someone, it really does help, you are not alone there are so many people like you

but you only have one life and it would be selfish to end it because you will never be given another chance and think of the effects it would have on all the people that love you [no mattter how much you think "there is no one that loves me, there always will be"]

it's hard to say feel positive when it feels almost impossible but it's just a stage and your life WILL get better just be patient, you're just being tested just be strong.

you'll get through it and enjoy life some day just hang in there x

Dr. Maggie (Psychologist)
You need to hear me here: You are depressed, and you need help!

Depression does not go away on its own and often runs in families. Please, please tell your parents that you have suicidal thoughts and you need help from the professional community. If you do not get a response from them you contact your school counselor or you family physician.

Depression is life threatening and young people are at a higher risk more than any other time in our society. You must take action, and know the seriousness of this matter. If it is difficult sharing yourself with your parents show them this format, and let them know I am a Psychologist, so I know what I am talking about.

Your life and you are worth so much, even if you don't feel like it is right now

I truly care!

Let me know today that you have contacted help?

Dr. Maggie

things always get better and u may be depressed now but u never kno when tht could change it could be tomoro for all u kno. so dont give up just try to take ur problems one step at a time and sort them out but if u try and tackle the whole mountain of problems all at once its going to make things difficult for u. so just work on getting things together piece by piece and im positive things will look up soon. also try ur best to hav a good attitude it will help others wanna help u. having a hobby helps also like try working out and going to the gym it helps a ton it lets u feel better about urself and more confident and productive which will help u feel happier

please don't commit suicide, by committing suicide you give up, you surrender. you must never surrender, I feel like that as well some times, but i want to go totally crazy and become something i can be proud of , and its never too late for that. you shouldn't fight the depression but the cause of the depression , if you don't know what it is, than I can give you an advise, don't look into the future or even try through any means such as cards or magitions. don't play cards ever, cause they make you stressed. moving to another place like another town, or even country will help you dramatically, all of my friends abandoned me and i cant wait to get away from here.

diamond angel
why u feeling depressed the only way to solve this is to sort out ur life so ur not having these thoughts anymore killing urself is a waste of life also u should see ur gp and get some anti-depressants to help u get better and then u wont feel this way nomore dont kill urself live is worth living

Life is always worth living. Period. True friends stick together in tough times, so dont worry about them. Find a hobby you like to do and are enthusiastic about and you will find good friends there. The world has a place for everyone, and you just havent quite found it yet. There is nothing wrong about that, as it takes a long time for many people to find their place. All i can do is to tell you to get out there and just live life and i guarantee that you will feel better in no time. Everyone is a blessing for this world, and that means you too.

i know exactly what you mean! depression isnt some thing you just "snap out of". ive been dealing with it for about 15 years. there are alot of good medications to help you, without my medication i would be just like you, you dont have to suffer!!!!!! call your doctor and get started on meds right away!, the right meds will help soooo much with your depression, youll wonder why you waited so long to get help!. depression is real! people who arent depressed usually dont understand , depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, or you can inherit it.going to a counselor can help too mine was great!

Go to your Doctor of Medicine PDQ.

I've been there. I've had depression. It is bloody awful. I have come out the other side and am a stronger person for it.

I had to dump a lot of friends who proved worthless when I was in the ****; but I've made many better ones.

Don't harm yourself.Go to your Doctor, tell him/her exactly what is wrong. Ask for referral to a practitioner of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Your Doc will probably ask you to take pills either Paxil or Venlafaxine. Citalopram is a good alternative, especially when you move into the start of recovery.

Society and its pressures are nasty. Do not feel guilty about being depressed. Get yourself fixed, and sort out Society afterwards

it's ok to be upset about things in life, but you have to realize that once you end your life, there's no turning back, and your family will be very hurt by your act.

You have to learn to appreciate the things you have in life, you are healthy, intelligent individual, and there are people in other parts of the world in much worse shape than you, but still they can find the simplest things in life a joyful event.

Is there someone you can talk to? A family member perhaps?
Talking about things like this can really help.
It's worth going to your GP too, they might offer you some medication or put you in contact with a professional that you can talk to.

Just remember, every life is special including yours, don't give up hope x

Brown Eyed Bombshell
You need to start taking care of yourself!! Don't rely so much on friends and family. Don't talk yourself into being depressed! You only live once!
You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. Good Luck!

This Love Is Killing Me Inside ♥
OMG you're in exactly the same situation as me, except, i would kill myself if my friend did and things got to bad. i feel exactly how you're feeling and i suffer from depression. I was talking to my older sister about it today and its depression.
You should go and see a doctor about this because there isn't much anyone can recommend until you see a doctor and they see how bad your depression case is.
I feel down most of the time and yeah, someone can make me laugh for a second and then that's it back to feeling the way i always do. My friends have neglected me and think ive turned strange. I want to be normal again but i don't know how. Unless you get help theres no way out. Im going to get some counselling help at somewhere called Connections. I suggest you see your doctor and they can refer you to a counselling unit.
Depression is a horrable thing, when i come home from school i go upstairs and just sit there and cry or think or sulk.
Nothing can cheer you up for more than a few minutes right?
Maybe if you want more advice you could email me, im happy to talk to you about things, especially because you're in exactly the same position as me. It would help to talk.
Email me if you want x

Lisa x

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